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Lost 2 Quest mirrors

General Discussion 22 Mar 2019
Been around for a minute again, but just recently lost 2 mirrors. I had one mirror returned to me by the automail system. Normally I get mailed all three mirrors every reboot....however this time...only one mirror was sent back....I typically have one mirror in my New Rigel house....one mirror at...
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Clan Mass Mail

Feature Discussion 20 Mar 2019
So I will make it short and sweet:   Would like to see a security that would allow clan leaders/owners to mass mail all clan members in said clan.   I know we have chatlog, etc but I think the mass mail could be tied into the email system for mm email function (if enabled) somehow. Coul...
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Looking for a clan?

Clan Discussion 27 Feb 2019
Clan 154, (previously 132) is recruiting active members!   Rooting is NOT a requirement at this point but is much appreciated!   I make trips to the proving grounds myself occasionally to root for the clan, and can arrange rooting trips for those interested.    All levels are...
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Blog Post - 2/16/19 - Gender, Creeping Lag, Old Clans, Re...

Announcements 16 Feb 2019
2019 thus far: We're 10% of the way through the year, and it's already been an action-packed 2019. I spent a large chunk of autumn traveling around the UK, visiting castles and museums before Brexit. In between, I spent a lot of time writing code in train stations and airports. It's been too long...
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Weird 0 minutes quests

Quest Discussion 31 Dec 2018
Hi, how are you guys? I don't play this game since 2017, and today I decided to give it a try again. But I have a butch of uncompleted 0 minutes quests. The quests are the following:   Quest #3098: Training in the Forest (4/6 goals complete).   Time Remaining: 0 Alyrian minute. Quest #4...
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