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What do you guys think of doubling the size of the curren...

Feature Discussion 27 Apr 2022
 So I was previously thinking about if it would be possible to make the game maps 4 times the size of the current map that would add 4 map rooms for every room in game but this would be to disruptive.   So was looking at the game world map and realized the current Materiamagica world ma...
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What is your donation dollar limit threshold?

General Discussion 01 Dec 2021
Greetings all, I am wondering what amount of donation dollar threshold is for other players? Personally I tend to like paying around $30 for an item because I live in Canada and the exchange rate is pretty bad. Been thinking about it for a bit and am wondering what other players limits are. Looki...
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How about tweaking Druid with a regeneration like spell?

Feature Discussion 07 Oct 2021
I have been playing around with Druid as a fist class and am wondering about adding some abilities that are useful for a playing druid as a first class and am wondering if it may be possible for a new invocation that either acts similar to Paladins Sanctify as a evocation or a invocation that wor...
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New affects spell that works with skill like commands.

Feature Discussion 22 Jun 2021
 So thinking it might be interesting to develop a new type of spell skill like ability where an affect spell is cast on self with an affect and duration similar to shield and armor etc. When this is in affect it allows the player to use skill commands so for example if a Psion casts the ESP...
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Psionic telekinetic infused whip skill - spell that requi...

Feature Discussion 21 Jun 2021
 What do you guys think of a psionic spell-skill that telekinetically infuses a whip attack for added spell skill like attack for Psionics. This would require a duration spell as well as needing to have a whip equip to initiate this attack for a period of time and may be triggered by using t...
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