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Blog Post - 2/16/19 - Gender, Creeping Lag, Old Clans, Re...

Announcements Today, 10:28 PM
2019 thus far: We're 10% of the way through the year, and it's already been an action-packed 2019. I spent a large chunk of autumn traveling around the UK, visiting castles and museums before Brexit. In between, I spent a lot of time writing code in train stations and airports. It's been too long...
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Weird 0 minutes quests

Quest Discussion 31 Dec 2018
Hi, how are you guys? I don't play this game since 2017, and today I decided to give it a try again. But I have a butch of uncompleted 0 minutes quests. The quests are the following:   Quest #3098: Training in the Forest (4/6 goals complete).   Time Remaining: 0 Alyrian minute. Quest #4...
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Blog Post - 12/18/18 - Quests, Clans, PK, Ships

Announcements 19 Dec 2018
You'll get more news soon about the Yuletide global. We plan to have a reboot between now and then, which will add a host of new things. Reunion day is the afternoon of the 19th, 6pm-midnight system (CST) time. All category 5 bosses killed during Reunion nights will drop an action figure of a cur...
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Summon Elemental cost and duration compared to other summ...

General Discussion 13 Dec 2018
Summon Elemental *Default affect duration: 2   + 1/90  caster levels     [For you: 4 minutes] [Max: 255 minutes] *Default affect modifier: 9   + 1/1   caster levels     [For you: +250] *Consumes 1 air reagent, 1 water reag...
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An Alyrian All Spirits Eve

Announcements 26 Oct 2018
Greetings, fellow Alyrians!   As the world of Alyria enters the dark half of the year, join the denizens of Sepharia, Beltane, Auryn, and Avros late afternoon on Friday, October 26th as they celebrate the cycling of the seasons...  See the Druids of Xaventry as they allow their ceremoni...
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