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Is it possible to write a parse program to mod quest prac...

General Discussion 26 Jan 2023
 Just thought of something interesting but not sure if it could be make to work in game? Gennerally thinking of someone writing a file parsing program that parses quest files that runs with and modifies the individual quest files and takes into account various options to modify the practices...
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How about some tweaks to the Meditation skill?

Feature Discussion 25 Jan 2023
 So I was playing around with a mage class as a firs class character and noticed a lot of the time I use spells to kill normal around my level mobiles. I also noticed that a lot of the time my hp was not low but used a lot of spell points. So now I was thinking it might be interested to have...
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Psion skill idea for enhancing a Psion's whip skill?

Feature Discussion 24 Jan 2023
Been thinking of something interesting for the psionic class pertaining to there preferred weapon type which seems to be whip. Generally so far found that whip is very sucky compared to Dagger or Scythe. However it might be useful to add a new skill Prof for Psionic called whip mastery or whip co...
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Requesting new attributes look up page command for stats?

Feature Discussion 20 Jan 2023
Would it be possible to make a new look up command for attributes to see a characters attributes for Str Agil etc and also HP SP St? This would make a report similar to aff and skill prof etc that shows  a list of attributes.  The attributes command would show a list of players current...
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Do we need to rebalance racial starting stats?

Feature Discussion 02 Oct 2022
 So playing around with starting characters and the races starting stats got me wondering if we should balance the starting stats pertaining to Races. Minotaur looks good as they start with 14 strength however looking at Elf and Drow I think should start with a higher racial agility as they...
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