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New affects spell that works with skill like commands.

Feature Discussion 22 Jun 2021
 So thinking it might be interesting to develop a new type of spell skill like ability where an affect spell is cast on self with an affect and duration similar to shield and armor etc. When this is in affect it allows the player to use skill commands so for example if a Psion casts the ESP...
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Psionic telekinetic infused whip skill - spell that requi...

Feature Discussion 21 Jun 2021
 What do you guys think of a psionic spell-skill that telekinetically infuses a whip attack for added spell skill like attack for Psionics. This would require a duration spell as well as needing to have a whip equip to initiate this attack for a period of time and may be triggered by using t...
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Dolphins as a new land and water based Race

Feature Discussion 21 Jun 2021
 So thinking about adding a hybrid dolphin humanoid race to MateriaMagica based on either a magical created or a hybrid dolphin humanoid race with various traits that fit into the MateriaMagica fantasy setting. So the main things will be that the dolphin "?" race will be able to breath on la...
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Populating the game

General Discussion 13 Aug 2020
For those of us still hanging on, we really need to try recruiting fresh blood into the game, and for that matter, if you're friends with an old timer who's since quit, convince em to return. There's still a lot to love about MM but with the way things are I dunno how much longer it can last, des...
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General Discussion 22 May 2020
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