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News Post - April PK Tournament

Announcements 26 Mar 2020
We're almost to April and so we wanted to share with you our thoughts and plans on the PK tournament!  A quick summary of the tournament rules and structure is included at the bottom of the post.   Behind the scenes there have been many discussions covering how this tournament should go...
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Blog Post - 1/31/20 - PK Tourney, Equipment Database, and...

Announcements 01 Feb 2020
Changes get posted in the changelog, and they're all sequential parts of the game, and for the recent past and future they will all be part of the 5.0 rollout.    But changes are also mentally grouped by the roles they play in their respective parts of the game's indefinitely long arc....
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Blog Post - 12/30/19 - 2019, 2020

Announcements 03 Jan 2020
It's definitely been a year.  2019 continued the Alyrian trend of taking existing content and systems and making them a little bit friendlier, a little bit more usable, a little bit more responsive.  We're all adults and we're here to have a good time, and removing and polishing the par...
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Social Clan

Feature Discussion 21 Nov 2019
***SOCIAL CLANS AND POSSIBLE CHANGES***   So...I understand the gist of it, however.....I feel that it could be improvised.....   I am very appreciative of how clans have been allowed to be brought back...(deleted clans), especially after the whole: get rid of taxes...bring taxes back t...
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Notify list

Feature Discussion 21 Nov 2019
Going to keep it simple:    Would like to see a date with the reason on notification for players, when it is set. Just for reference.    Thanks
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