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Blog Post 9/20/19 - 5.0 Changes & Quests

Announcements 20 Sep 2019
Plans for 5.0 are shaping up.  Most of the weapon changes detailed in News #354 have been added for next reboot.  Threat/tanking changes should be coming after that, as well as more involved formation mechanics.  WEAPONS   Some of the weapon changes ended up being more signifi...
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Fantasy writing game skills for Psion.

Feature Discussion 18 Aug 2019
I am wondering if coming up with some fantasy ideas for Psion might prove interesting and desirable for the Materiamagca  theme. So been thinking of this for a long time pertaining to psion. Thinking of adding a new psion skill or spell based on ESP and mind over matter. Esp can be various m...
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Latest Reboot Bugs

Feature Discussion 09 Aug 2019
So heres the thread to compile a list of bugs from the latest reboot.    So Far:   Buffs peeling from both PC and NPC, including those perm casted by items. (seems to be caused by a new duff fading)   Skill power stacking to obscene lvls on NPCs (see https://imgur.com/a/g...
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Clan tax pardon (donation item)

Feature Discussion 08 Aug 2019
Would be nice to see a donation feature that would pardon clan taxes for those of us that can't be on for a while   I don't want to lose my clan...and just started it back up again a few months ago. Things came up and whatnot....but would still like to get back into the game when I can.......
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Blog Post 7/22/19 - Sporefolk & The Sigil Underground

Announcements 22 Jul 2019
SPOREFOLK The sporefolk are clawing their way to the surface after millennia belowground, and the denizens of Alyria are starting to take notice.   The sporefolk are somewhat alien to Alyria- they historically eschew Adventuring and making a big fuss, instead preferring to live quietly in co...
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