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Reboot Changelog - 5/25/18

Announcements 27 May 2018
We've rebooted! This reboot isn't a major revision (no MM 4.7 yet), but it might as well be. In the past 6 months, we've added a ton of new stuff, summarized as follows:AreasRoadsigns: In-game speedwalks are finally here, and they're awesome. Roadsigns are located at the entrances of most areas;...
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Blog Post - 5/19/18 - 2 new category 7 bosses & conte...

Announcements 19 May 2018
First things first: reboot approaches early next week. We need to do a bunch of maintenance work to prepare the player database for these changes, so the reboot will be preceded by a few hours of downtime. To keep updated with the reboot, we'll be posting updates on https://www.facebook.../materi...
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5/12/18 Blog Post - Daily Quest Changes & the Joint M...

Announcements 12 May 2018
All systems which grant rewards need oversight and limits. In the standard set of conflicts, man vs. society is channels, man vs. self is your problem to deal with, man vs. nature is what I typically set up for you to consume as content, and man vs. man may or may not provide some intrinsic rewar...
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Blog Post - Duende - 4/4/18 - Inspirations & Origins

Announcements 03 May 2018
 Recently I was asked what the inspiration for some content was.  I've been an imm for 15+ years, so it turns out the answer is "everything, everywhere".  Surprisingly little of the game content reflects my tastes, but I have come to consume a lot of media and third-party content t...
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Searching for historic clan tags

General Discussion 02 Apr 2018
Ahoy. If anyone has screen shots e.g. historic who output -  or color coded strings for historic clan tags, it would be cool to create a sticky with the list. Its a long shot....but. Example below, please upload if you have some, would be awesome!  
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