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Social Clan

Feature Discussion 21 Nov 2019
***SOCIAL CLANS AND POSSIBLE CHANGES***   So...I understand the gist of it, however.....I feel that it could be improvised.....   I am very appreciative of how clans have been allowed to be brought back...(deleted clans), especially after the whole: get rid of taxes...bring taxes back t...
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Notify list

Feature Discussion 21 Nov 2019
Going to keep it simple:    Would like to see a date with the reason on notification for players, when it is set. Just for reference.    Thanks
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Blog Post - 11/7/19 - v4.999 - New Imms, PK changes &...

Announcements 10 Nov 2019
Reboot is approaching, and 4.999 should be here within the next week.  NEW IMMORTALS   For most of the past 5 years, the immortal staff has pretty lean, consisting primarily of Iyara, Rowan, and myself.  Vassago was around for about a year at the beginning, and Slackie has been our...
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Blog Post 9/20/19 - 5.0 Changes & Quests

Announcements 20 Sep 2019
Plans for 5.0 are shaping up.  Most of the weapon changes detailed in News #354 have been added for next reboot.  Threat/tanking changes should be coming after that, as well as more involved formation mechanics.  WEAPONS   Some of the weapon changes ended up being more signifi...
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Fantasy writing game skills for Psion.

Feature Discussion 18 Aug 2019
I am wondering if coming up with some fantasy ideas for Psion might prove interesting and desirable for the Materiamagca  theme. So been thinking of this for a long time pertaining to psion. Thinking of adding a new psion skill or spell based on ESP and mind over matter. Esp can be various m...
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