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Blog Post - Duende - 10/17/18 - Halloween, Bosses, Quests...

Announcements Yesterday, 11:43 AM
Halloween Autumn is well upon us, and like Hannibal in the winter, that inevitably means the defeat of the Demon Armies backdropped by fall colors. Divusmors will be a boss this year, meaning your boss-damage equipment can harm him and you can receive Boss credit for killing him. This year, the C...
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An Alyrian All Spirits' Eve Approaches!

Announcements 14 Oct 2018
As the world of Alyria enters the dark half of the year, join the denizens of Sepharia, Beltane, Auryn, and Avros after mid-day on Friday, October 26th as they celebrate the cycling of the seasons... See the Druids of Xaventry as they allow their ceremonial solstice ritual to be viewed by outsid...
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Blog Post - Imms For A Day

Announcements 08 Oct 2018
In the past 10 months, we've had 5 mortals participate in Immortal For A Day.  For various legal and technical reasons, they don't receive 242s, but get added to a channel on our MM Slack and get a personal, direct channel to have a conversation with me for a day.  This is a 'fun thing'...
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Blog Post - 9/14/18 - PK, CTF & Trunks

Announcements 14 Sep 2018
As the population of the game fluctuates over the years, we're always on the lookout for things that need to be balanced, or ideally, automatically scale to the number of players around.  Over the past several years, our numbers have slowly contracted, and in the past year, increased by a fe...
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Not the same without Vassago

General Discussion 26 Aug 2018
Title says it all. This isn't even MM anymore. I mean when Moongate became MM, it was still Moongate, refreshed a little, but it was familiar. I don't know what you'd call the current state, but it shouldn't even have the MM name.
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