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Classified Advertisements Yesterday, 05:42 AM
5 Strength 6 Know 4 Wis 6 Pers 2 Vit 6 Cour 7 Sanity   Lemme know here or ingame.
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container help please...

General Discussion 24 Mar 2017
So I had this slight problem. I had 2 leather backpack, and I am wondering, how do I access the second one?   sorry for the super noob question. X.X
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Ranger Travels - class quest phase

Quest Discussion 17 Mar 2017
This quest [32175] is called 'Ranger Travels', for Adventurers levels 25 to 250. This is a METAPHASE quest. Complete it to finish METAQUEST phases. Lord Vendredi is the master in charge of this quest. A RANGER can move fluidly through nature.  Not only are they stealthy and have a higher end...
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Blog Post - Duende - 3/7/2017

Announcements 07 Mar 2017
Hello friends! we're hard at work ramping up for v4.6, which we anticipate will be the reboot after next. On the horizon we have a number of accessibility changes which will benefit novices, mobile players and the VI alike, such as 'where is', which will function like 'vendor where', but will pro...
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General Discussion 02 Mar 2017
I've found this link about sound: http://www.materiama...mushclient.html   But it seems this information is a bit outdated. There is no "mm_msp.xml" plugin anymore.   After some exploring I found msp_lua plugin, which is enabled by default.   "msp display" show correct path: C:/Pro...
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