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Blog Post - Duende - 2/5/18

Announcements 05 Feb 2018
If the theme of September's big 4.6 reboot was "we're going to make the system way better", the theme of the upcoming reboot is "we're going to make the system way better for you". Iyara and I talk on the phone a few hours a week, going over recent additions and figuring out the best way to test...
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Blog Post - Duende - 1/23/18 - Spell Damage Caps

Announcements 30 Jan 2018
Posted:     Tue Jan 23 16:38:06 2018 We recently completed one of the Immortal for a Day days, which was productive and enlightening, and will be the topic of a later blog post. However, one of the topics that arose centered around some observed damage not matching the speculated...
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Connectoin Issues

Announcements 25 Jan 2018
I've been trying for months to play, however i can not connect with mushclient, cmud, or the mm web client, or budlet. just will not connect to server
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Blog Post - Duende - 1/5/18

Announcements 06 Jan 2018
Happy New Year, Alyrians! We had a relatively uneventful December, more full of traveling and family (and so many new babies) than a lot of new code- but it's a fresh, cold January, and we're back with a featureset full of vengeance. In one of our last communications, we noted that Umlaut had bee...
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Blog Post - Duende - 11/19/17 - NFB Silicon Valley &...

Announcements 20 Nov 2017
Happy rapid onset of fall and getting dark at 5pm and wintry depression! We're rapidly cruising into the holidays, and while that has historically been the time where we attempt to wrap up a bunch of projects before we travel and spend time with family, this year is a bit different. At the beginn...
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