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Blog Post - Duende - 11/19/17 - NFB Silicon Valley &...

Announcements 20 Nov 2017
Happy rapid onset of fall and getting dark at 5pm and wintry depression! We're rapidly cruising into the holidays, and while that has historically been the time where we attempt to wrap up a bunch of projects before we travel and spend time with family, this year is a bit different. At the beginn...
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Blog Post - Duende - 11/7/17

Announcements 09 Nov 2017
It's November, and for whatever reason, that means it's the season for announcing announcements.  We don't normally do this sort of thing- we typically embargo changes until they've passed QA and are ready to launch, pending a reboot.  This avoids mismanaging expectations- we'd much rat...
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Assorted Notes On Costumes

Announcements 28 Oct 2017
Autumn and its discontents are upon us again, and that can only mean the Demon Army is marching on Alyria. We wish to bring to your attention 3 new things, 2 of which are related to the Global. As all of the living band together to stave off demons and the undead, even the lowly hobgoblins are ch...
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Trading ring of spell turning for BoT

Classified Advertisements 22 Oct 2017
Wanna trade a ring of spell turning (11000qp) for a bag of tricks (10000qp) mail me if interested...
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Blog Post - Duende - 10/13/17

Announcements 13 Oct 2017
This started out as a very different blog post, announcing some different things. But in the course of writing it, while doing due diligence, I discovered the subject i was going to change not only was a subject nobody knew anything about, but that nobody would know about it because it never work...
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