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Regen & Mapper Changes

Announcements 19 Aug 2018
During this reboot, two significant changes are being made, which involve how regen behaves and how your client constructs maps.     Passive Regen Currently, Adventurers regenerate their vital statistics once per Alyrian minute, on the minute.  After reboot, regen will occur e...
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Updating your updater

Announcements 16 Aug 2018
Updating your updater (for the MM MUSHclient package)   Because of the changes to room ID's and some other changes to plugins in the MM MUSHclient package, if you have not recently updated your plugins you probably have a version too old to be updated without manual intervention.  To up...
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Blog Post - 8/16/18 - New Changes: Welcome Back, Artifici...

Announcements 16 Aug 2018
Reboot o'clock is upon us for the first time in 2 months, and there's a lot to look forward to. We have some new stuff to announce, but first, the old stuff: VI changes, check subcommands, ship functionality, and guaranteed newbie level betters! Welcome back renewal tokens   We've had a larg...
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Blog Post - 8/3/18 - New changes: Ships, Patrons & Ch...

Announcements 03 Aug 2018
We've been hard at work for the past 2 months, working on new quality-of-life changes and exhibiting at two conferences on the East Coast.   Ship Improvements The first wave of ship improvements is coming in, and focuses on accessibility and convenience. Two new shipwright-specific commands...
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Reboot Changelog - 5/25/18

Announcements 27 May 2018
We've rebooted! This reboot isn't a major revision (no MM 4.7 yet), but it might as well be. In the past 6 months, we've added a ton of new stuff, summarized as follows:AreasRoadsigns: In-game speedwalks are finally here, and they're awesome. Roadsigns are located at the entrances of most areas;...
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