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Materia Magica v4.6 Reboot Changelog

Announcements 14 Sep 2017
Welcome to Materia Magica 4.6!  This reboot's been 9 months coming, and this is the biggest reboot since 4.0, nearly 20 years ago.  What's changed in Alyria?     ARCHON CLASSES Archons now specialize into Archon Classes, with 3 currently available.  The honorable Magekni...
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Blog Post - Duende - 8/27/17

Announcements 30 Aug 2017
  Hi!  It's been a while since the last blog post, and that's mostly because we've been busy making changes and QAing them.  We recently ran the stats, and since last reboot, we've made and QAed 316(!)  Things.     According to our changelogs, we've changed 1505 item...
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quest item recommendations?

Quest Discussion 27 Aug 2017
I am a 36 level sidhe priest with about 283 quest points.  Could anyone recommend an appropriate quest item to buy or to save for?
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Character stuck in old area?

General Discussion 20 Aug 2017
I tried to play today after a long time of no activity.   Apparently, the area I logged out is no longer an active area.   I'm stuck in the old bazaar area with no way out.   halp?
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some marks require 100 people be in a specific location a...

Quest Discussion 10 Aug 2017
Some marks require 100 people be in a specific location at the same time, as described at http://www.orderofch..._-_Game_Version .  An example is the Mark of Hordes at the Runic Temple in Rune.     Might we arrange such an event of one hundred or more people standing in one pl...
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