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Death in the Family

Announcements Yesterday, 03:31 PM
i wanted to announce that our friend Fieldy passed away last Saturday.  I don't have any details, nor do i know if he was still plugging into materia magica. But for those who remember the little guy he was survived by his 3 boys and wife.
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Blog Post - Duende - 5/11/17

Announcements 11 May 2017
We're getting closer to 4.6 and a decent chunk of changes have made their way through QA, which means we finally get to talk about them.     BETTERS   Betters are neither going away nor changing in 4.6.  You will continue getting betters at the same rates, and the same goes fo...
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Blog Post - Duende - 4/22/17

Announcements 22 Apr 2017
As we slowly work our way through the QA queue, we're uncovering some great new 4.6 additions that we get to share with you guys.     Bosses can now leverage some additional data, which is how frequently they're killed relative to other bosses.  Broken into quartiles, bosses which...
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Blog Post - Duende - 4/1/17

Announcements 01 Apr 2017
One of the significant challenges we face when building out new features in a game with a rich storyline and a (very) long history is managing expectations.     Some additions need to be telegraphed in advance; the release of Archon Hunters in 1999, for example, would have made no sense...
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Buying Manuals

Classified Advertisements 29 Mar 2017
5 Strength 6 Know 4 Wis 6 Pers 2 Vit 6 Cour 7 Sanity   Lemme know here or ingame.
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