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What if? New multiclass balancing for Monk and some what...

Feature Discussion 14 May 2019
I do not know how the new multiclass groups work but this has been nagging me for a while. I would like to mention if not suggest about some changes to how class multiclass work by tweeking some of the classes in game. For a non combat class such as Ranger, monk, knave as a replacement for a comb...
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Patron Subscriptions

Announcements 11 May 2019
Last year we introduced the Patron program, which rewards players who donate for several months in a row.  After donating at least $15 for 4 successive months, you receive access to Patron Perks.  More information on the Patron program can be found in HELP PATRON in-game.  ...
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Blog Post - 4/24/19 - 5.0 Introductions

General Discussion 24 Apr 2019
The Trajectory and Velocity of 5.0 We're deep into the planning process for 5.0, which will be the most significant version of the game since 4.0's release, nearly 20 years ago. Planning out a set of changes of this size and scope involves examining all of our existing systems, thousands of chang...
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Lost 2 Quest mirrors

General Discussion 22 Mar 2019
Been around for a minute again, but just recently lost 2 mirrors. I had one mirror returned to me by the automail system. Normally I get mailed all three mirrors every reboot....however this time...only one mirror was sent back....I typically have one mirror in my New Rigel house....one mirror at...
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Clan Mass Mail

Feature Discussion 20 Mar 2019
So I will make it short and sweet:   Would like to see a security that would allow clan leaders/owners to mass mail all clan members in said clan.   I know we have chatlog, etc but I think the mass mail could be tied into the email system for mm email function (if enabled) somehow. Coul...
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