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Populating the game

General Discussion 13 Aug 2020
For those of us still hanging on, we really need to try recruiting fresh blood into the game, and for that matter, if you're friends with an old timer who's since quit, convince em to return. There's still a lot to love about MM but with the way things are I dunno how much longer it can last, des...
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General Discussion 22 May 2020
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Collectible containers

Feature Discussion 12 May 2020
I know already that once the containers are full they are save location, however....I think it would be cool for home owners to be able to store the unfinished containers in their home..... Home-save-location (safe room only)   would be another perk to players having homes Nvm. Was informed...
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Silk bags

Feature Discussion 10 May 2020
Short and simple:      Lets get an ru item that allows weight-reducer on ethe/gem silk bags. The ability to upgrade the bags to capacity is nice, but limits flimsy armed halflings such as myself.   Something aside the gum for 3,500 qp...it doesn't last forever....3 months....
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who staff

Feature Discussion 02 May 2020
This command would allow players to see Immortals and guides all in the same place via Who staff
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