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Buying QP

Classified Advertisements 17 Dec 2016
As the title states, I am looking for QP. Going rate seems to be about 500-600 gp per, so that's what I'll be paying. Contact me in game if you're looking to sell.   - Demovibutler
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I'm new

General Discussion 16 Dec 2016
Hello, I'm super new to the game (and it's actually older than me). I was just wondering if in the 20 (I believe) years it's been around, are there any things that have not yet been discovered by anyone? Or has it all been said and done?
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Swirling Red Orb

Quest Discussion 16 Dec 2016
Hello   I did something very dumb. I was reading the description on the swirling red orb and it said something about there being an attack you might not know how to do. I thought that maybe I needed somebody to tell me how to use that attack and so I went to Ganor the trainer and gave him th...
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General Discussion 24 Nov 2016
Seems to me the game has been crashing frequently as of late. Any reason known for this yet?
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He of the Revolving Constellation's targetting is a b...

Feature Discussion 24 Nov 2016
I'm a level 55 dracon psionic right now, so I'm still rather squishy and usually need to team up with a good tank in order to fight these boss mobs. However, I keep getting killed when fighting He of the Revolving Constellation in the abandoned village. This is because for some reason it keeps...
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