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A tattered, fading piece of parchment

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#1 Cyrell


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Posted 06 May 2003 - 04:09 PM

Recently, while digging through piles of ancient texts in the Great Library of Xaventry, I came across a tattered, fading piece of parchment. It was so old that it was practically crumbling, so I decided I would help the Library a bit and copy it out. As I copied, I suddenly noticed that the ink dried up from each letter as it was transferred to the new page! Focusing all my attention onto the task, which was now impossible to stop as an unseen hand guided my own shaky one, I managed to copy it out. Here I show it for all to see, and wonder at this mystery.


Back in the days before things began to be written down and the only way things were remembered was by father passing them onto son, who would pass it onto his own son when he came of age, legend speaks of a stone that stood in the center of a forest. No-one really knew what the stone was, or what it did, because nobody was around to see it. But this is a legend after all, and in legends, there doesn't have to be a witness. One day, the stone did something it never did before. It started to hum and wiggle, and then slowly, ever so gently shake itself loose from the dirt holding it in place and it began to hover about two feet from the ground. It ever so slowly began to spin - blue ethereal sparks cracked off it and slammed into the ground around it, burning the grass as they struck. The stone suddenly stopped, and there was a blinding flash of light, and a tearing sound as if the wall between two universes that had for millenia sat peacefully side by side suddenly tore. A foot stepped through the gaping rent where the stone once stood, and tentatively set itself onto the ground. Apparently deciding that it was solid, and not an illusion, the other foot and then the rest of the body came through the rent. It was a shortish creature, about 4'7" tall, with long, flowing black hair and pointed ears. It looked around curiously and carefully with it's almond shaped eyes, scanning the edge of the clearing for movement, and then deciding all was in order, turned back to the rent to pull out a second creature by hand. This one's features were less harshly defined, her skin was softer and her lips a fuller red. Her hair was a brilliant auburn-chestnut. They both wore white robes that covered their bodies from neck to toe. Together, they reached back into the rent and pulled out a third figure, who was an older creature. His graying hair starting to curl around his temples. He had a similar white robe. As the male and female creature began to help others through the rent, the old man set to work. He pulled out a small trowel and a blue velvet bag, taking an acorn from it and burying it carefully in the place where the stone once stood. He began to sing a song of the ether and called upon the radiance of the evening and the morning star to bless the seed. The man and the woman embraced and a single tear came from each of their eyes, to fall onto the place where the little seed was buried. Soon, a small shoot appeared from the ground, pushing its way up firmly into the sky, reaching for the moonlight of the twin moons that beamed down upon it on this hoary night.

By now, the clearing was full of the creatures. Scouts began to move out into the forest, bows nocked and ready. Some of the creatures began to form in small clusters around the edges of the clearing, one cluster at all the four cardinal directions. The old one in the white robe moved to each group, starting with the eastern one first and chanting a melody to the rising sun and the spring that would come from the earth, he planted another acorn. The group who stood around him began to wave their hands and chant, the tiny shoot that pushed its way up from the ground responded to their magical coaxing and tender words, and began to grow just as they wished. The old one moved then to the group at the western edge, and chanting a song to the setting sun and the autumn leaves fluttering through the air, he repeated the process. Going to the south, he chanted a song of fire to the summer heat, and then finally sang a song of ice to the winter in the north.

Turning back to the central place, he approached with awe and reverence. The soft, supple tendrils of the oak tree had wrapped themselves around the pair embracing, and now they were encased as the vines and shoots began to grow about them, twisting and turning. Small tendrils from each of the plants that sprang from the magical acorn pierced their skin, moving under the topmost layer and slowly heading towards their hearts and minds. The old one fell to his knees, and said:

"From the seed you have come, and now to the seed you shall return. You who have saved us from destruction now give us new life. We are eternally thankful, yet unable to express thanks adequately."

By now, the group of mages who had moved to each of the cardinal directions could not be seen for the plants digging into their skins. They all continued to chant, perhaps tears could be seen welling up from their eyes as they gave up their living bodies to the plants. The earth shuddered as this new, alien life entered into it, plunging its magically fused roots deeper and deeper underground. The magic revitalised the earth, and the five elements: ethereal starlight, earth, air, fire and water poured into them from the bodies and spirits of the mages and clerics chanting and singing still. The pair could not be seen now, but their spirits embraced for all eternity. As long as the Great Tree stood, they would live on inside it.


The parchment perhaps tells of how the elves came to Alyria, but doesn't really give a clear account of how they were created and where they came from. It goes on to say that just as the last of the elves were leaving the portal they had created, a great red light and an enormous heatwave could be seen approaching the portal from the other universe. The druid who planted the seeds got to his feet and stepped back through the portal to the other side, from the only place where it could be closed. The supernova that destroyed their star system incinerated him, but not before he was able to close the portal. It is said that at the last possible moment, he threw his staff through the closing gap, and that it resides somewhere in the lost city of the elves, waiting for the one who is worthy of wielding it when this star is destroyed and the elves must move to another star system.

Eternal sorrow, in the form of immortality are the ways of the elf. They live to see the destruction of star systems and must always move on. All they see is eternal entropy, the slow decay of everything in every universe, until there is nothing left but fully decayed particles. Even then, the elves hope they will still live on, or perhaps at this point they will decide to close their eyes when there is nowhere else left to run.

#2 Snowleaf


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Posted 07 May 2003 - 11:15 PM

Yay! Elves! *claps*

#3 Scrooge


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Posted 07 May 2003 - 11:18 PM

Oi! Did I hear mention of the King? Ah *sighing* t'was just those pesky elvish folk again.

#4 Guest_sydoc_*

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Posted 10 May 2003 - 12:55 AM

Bah..if it werent for the Drows...the Elves would crumble like the parchment... :twisted:

We live only to die

#5 Evighetens


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Posted 01 December 2007 - 03:04 AM

You all will crumble before the might of the Fey.

Your days are numbered.

#6 Minotorious


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Posted 04 December 2007 - 05:52 PM

*grabs paper*
*crumples up
*chews on paper*
*throws spitwad at evighetens*

#7 Perem


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Posted 05 December 2007 - 04:13 AM

boomerwang comes, slays all

#8 Primus


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Posted 08 December 2007 - 02:15 PM

Pleased with his venture, boomerwang naps restlessly sneaking up on yet another day.

#9 Yrenai



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Posted 15 December 2007 - 11:24 AM

It's a nice story, but I don't really believe it actually happened.
And if this was discovered earlier, maybe more people would believe that it did happen.

Why haven't anyone else given attention to this document before?
Because it is highly doubtable that it actually happened.

I go with the odds.

(This is my first reply in the hall since I arrived. Please be nice! :twisted: )