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#26 Calum


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Posted 13 April 2005 - 06:30 AM

An Alyrian Story: 1

The clerk swam wearily home after a hard day at the bank. Disinterestedly, he noticed several foreigners were fighting in the streets again, and tried not to show his disgust at their barbaric ways. Foreigners, he thought. Ff.

Reaching home, he opened the door, and swam in. No sooner had he nestled himself into a nice bubble bath than there was a knock at the door. Dripping wet, clad only in a scanty towel, he warily opened the door a crack, and peered through. It was another sodding salesman. Hastily he slammed the door before the intrusive fellow could get his tail in, and swam gloomily back to his bath. Could a man not have a moment's privacy in his own home ? Yeesh. He climbed in, and was once again soon blissfully soaking away his day's troubles.

Awaking with a start, he realised he had drifted off. The water had gone chill, and he could see the results if his day's labours forming a grimy ring about the otherwise spotless tub. Drying himself off, he swam into the loungeroom, and sat down, perched and looking forward to his favourite book, "The tales of Ursula the Ungulant." He liked to read about life above the waves, and sometimes dreamed of visiting those fantastic lands. Alas, he was a water breather, and not really designed for locomotion on land, so barring a serendipitous visit by a mighty wizard who could transmogrify him into, well, something else at least, he was stuck with his pulp novels and his dreams. He immersed himself in his book, surfacing occasionally to snare the odd passing fish.

The whisper of something near his door alerted him. Sunk as he had been in an obviously fallacious story about some sort of giant quadruped who drunk through her nose, he nevertheless remained almost preternaturally aware of his surroundings. This, if he ever thought about it, he attributed to reading the self-same book surreptitiously at work whilst keeping half an ear out for that walrus-tusked grumpy supervisor, who would surely cut short his pension on the spot if he ever caught him at it, as well as possibly some other things. His curiosity aroused, he glided out of his easy chair, and swam over to the door. Surely that pesky salesman was not bothering him again ? His suspicions were heightened when he saw some sort of flier stuck under the door. Grasping it with one of his forelimbs, he began to read:

"Whilst the King, He Who Is the Great Triton VII, Long May His Mercy Reign Supreme,..." .. he skipped through all the guff, and got to the interesting bit. It seemed the King, long live yada yada and all that, had despaired of producing an heir, and was throwing open applications from interested bodies to be the next ruler of the mighty realm of Atlantis! If that didn't send shivers all the way down past his piscine tail. He let himself dream for a bit. Holding the mighty sceptre, he bestowed largesse on all those that paid him court. Fair maidens and greedy supplicants vied for his attention. Mighty wizards sought his counsel and patronage. Oh yes, he thought, that's for me. He read on.

It seemed there were several tests the mighty King, long live and all that, wished of his aspirants. The first was a written application, no doubt to weed out any who might be, well, literately challenged he supposed would be one way to put it, from the selection process. No problem there, he thought; he had been tutored by the mighty wizard Waterboy himself, and spoke seven languages in addition to the burbly dialect favoured by his watery brethren. The bank had been favourably impressed with this and it had probably turned the tide on that occasion so many moons ago when he had begun there, still wet behind the ears. He read on.

It seemed that those who were invited for an audience, and favourably impressed His Majesty, and so on and so forth, would be granted the opportunity (he wondered about the phrasing there) to prove themselves in arms against their contemporaries. Hmm, well, he thought, maybe he could get past that bit.

Finally, it seemed, a select few would be chosen (no doubt the survivors) for the next part of the challenge. Reading on he began to wonder. What under the seven seas was an archmage of fire ? Or a Deepspawn ? Deep in thought, he glided back to his bubble bag, the book lying forgotten. He enjoyed a challenge. Pondering deep into the night, the casual observer the next day at work could observe a change in the young clerk's demeanour. The office was alive with chatter about the King's proclamation; long may he reign, but not forever it seemed. The young clerk kept his own counsel, and listened with more than casual interest to the passing conversations. The coffee, as usual, was lousy.

#27 Talina



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Posted 19 April 2005 - 12:33 PM

New Adventure

Materia Magica

#28 Steveon


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Posted 19 April 2005 - 10:11 PM

Well he is my try at story telling.

Warrior of the hill

By steveon

On a dark night, just like this night, there was a warrior came into the village of Rom. This warrior was like no other, for he has saw many battles and won many wars. No one know this warrior, just by face as The warrior from the hill of hex. They just call him Hex for short. Anyway, the story begin in the village of Rom.

Hex enter the local pub, to order a ale, when a old man dress in rags walks up to him and says, "You will curse us all, you good for nothing fake a with a axe."

Hex just turn to look at the man and then look back at the bar waiting for his ale. From the background noise you can hear of whispers of how the old man is crazy. After a few mins., The barterer come with the ale and demands payment of the warrior. Hex could not offer payment in gold, but could offer to pay in stories.

The bartender thought for a sec, and said, "If you have a story to tell, then this drink is on the house, and if the story is good enough then you can drink all you want."

Hex in replied in responds, " Fair deal, now let me tell of the story of the loss of my best friend."

" I was in the Forest of A Thousand Deaths with my best friend, Cold Eye, look for the beast called the Un-Know One. It was rumor that this beast could take control of any man living or dead. Any ways where was I, we were walking in the forest, when we saw pile of dirt of dirt everywhere and the smell of rotting corpses. That is where we saw the beast, the Un-Know One. It was nothing more of a person shadow and dark red eyes that could make any man kill himself, well almost anyone, for Cold Eye and me look at the beast and demand that the body of the people the beast had slained be return to their kins. The beast just laughed and said, " I do not return what is mine, and you shall be my next victims!!" The rage my friend and I went though could easy killed a thousand men. So we ready are battle axe and strike the beast with as much for as we could. But our axes just went though the beast!! The beast laugh some more and said, " Your weapons are no match for me, for I am an immortal!! Prepare to die!!"

Cold Eye look me in the eyes and yelled, "Run, Run, this beast too powerful for us, I will hold him off. Now Run, Or This Beast Will Kill Us Both!!!" What choose did I have, I had to run. As I near the edge of the forest, I heard the scream of my friend yelling to me, "Revenge my deaaaaath!!" That was the last time I have heard of him. So now I take my life in my own hands to slay the beast."

The people in the bar were stun, no one tryed to take on the Un-Know One and live. So from that night on, he was toasted and toasted. But he could not toast because he was too tired from the village of Nog. All he want to do was sleep, so the bartender got him room and board for the night in Dragon's Heart Inn. When he got to his room, all he want to do was to sleep on the straw mat and forget his worries.

At the middle of the night, there was loud bang at the door, so the warrior quick got from bed and reach for his battle axe, then he open the door. It was the old man within inches of Hex's battle axe. He shouted at the old man, " What do you want? I am trying to sleep!!!" The old man respond in a smooth voice and said, "Nothing, but to give a warring, the longer you stay in this village the more and more, your foe will get strong, you have been warned."

Then in a flash of blinding smoke, the old man vanishes. In place of the old man, was a paper with strange runes and the shape of hexagon. How strange. Hex when to his bed and went to sleep.

When the sun rose in the east, Hex got up and went to look for the local sage. He went to the lobby of the inn and ask for the whereabouts of the local sage. The huch-back clerk said nothing, just point to a old man dressed in robes and hexagon necklace around his neck.

Hex walked up to the old man and ask, " What does this mean, old man?" The old man took one look at the paper and his face turned pale red.

The old man spoke, " It is a warning from the Un-Know One, It says ' Stop this foolish quest or died from the same fate as Cold Eye."

Hex was stunned, none of his former foes had never gave him a warning, they just did what they did. He ask the old man, " Is there a way to kill this beast, last time I tried to kill him, my battle axe went though him."

The old man said " There is only one way to kill the monster, you must trap him in this gem by throwing it at him," and handed Hex the gem. The gem was a white diamond that seem to glow. It also had the word 'light' on it. Hex look at the gem and thought to himself, "Finnaly after all this searching, a way to kill the Un-Know One."
A few seconds pass, then he had to asked where was the Un-Know One.

The old man said, " I can do better then tell you where he is, I can take you to him" Then he rubs his necklace and says a few words, and then the necklace flashes, blinding him for a few second. Next thing he knows, he is no longer in the bar with the old man, he is the Forest of a Thousands Deaths!!

He knew where he had to go. Then he when back to the same place where he had meet the Un-Know One, back to the same pile of dirt and smell of rotting courses. Hex yelled out, " Un-Know One, Come Out and Show Yourself!!!"

In a sec, the Un-Know One came out of one of the pile of dirt and showed himself. Hex look at the Un-Know One, and was shocked, it was his best friend, Cold Eye. What could he do he did not want to kill his friend, but he had a blood oath to his friend that this beast would die. What would he to do?

The Un-Know One said in a rage voice, " I had told you not to come, but no you had to come, now because of that, you will die, just like Cold Eye!!" The beast took his battle axe and swing at Hex, but it had missed. Hex knew he had to kill this beast, even if it was his friend. He took the gem from his pouch and throw it at the beast. The gem race though the air and land right on the beast. The gem turn into a green flashing vortex and the shadow that took control of Cold Eye when with it.As the vortex was closing, the Un-Know One warned that he would return to get his revenge, and then the vortex close.

After the battle, he ran to his friend to give him a hug and said " After all these years, I have found you. How have you been!!!"

All Cold Eye could say was, " Fine, except for this headache." They both laugh and walk into the sunset. From a distance, the old man with the necklace said, "Live long, Cold Eye and Hex, for you have greater things yet to come." Then he flash in a blink of light and he was gone.

The End.

#29 Futile


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Posted 19 April 2005 - 10:56 PM

Is anyone recieving Ru for this? Wasn't this one of the things you could do for Ru? I mean wouldn't it make sense to email it in for Ru instead?

#30 Asorewen


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Posted 20 April 2005 - 08:24 AM

I'm not sure if the immortals actually got to putting those books in the game... Maybe they wait for more stories...

#31 Asorewen


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Posted 20 April 2005 - 09:04 AM

"A song in the night" Part 3. Finally got over my laziness. :D

Eowerath was dazed. Fragments of thoughts scrambled to assemble in a coherent thought, yet the exhaustion of the last few days and the battle, not to mention the sedatives he was given were not helping him. All he wanted was to sleep. He could barely remember fighting the wolfriders, then his companion fell, then... a sharp blow to the back of the head. He barely remembered the days of torture or maybe months that he experienced. It seemed all so far away and all he just wanted to sleep...
"So... you're the little spies that posed so many trouble for my soldiers to capture!"
The drow lifted his head to meet the gaze of a tall muscular manthat seemingly appeared in his cell. There was something odd about him however. His facial traits were somewhat blurry, but the drow dismissed that thought as what he thought was a side-effect of the drugs he'd been fed.
"Tell me! Who sent you? What does he want? I might guarantee you a swift and painless death if you cooperate."
"We..... don't ... didn't work for anyone... we're simple... don't know.... meaning..." the drow stammered as he attempted to erase a foreign presence in his head.
"Oh look... the little ranger tries his hand at the psionic's game. Fine we'll just beat the answer out of you! Now one last time... what were you doing here and who sent you?"
"We're ... free men.... We hunt travellers and convince... to give up posessions. You want... share... let go... we work for you?"
"You say you're brigands then? Lies! Your equipment is too rare and well-crafted to belong to any robber. Maybe your companion will be less thick skulled. Fine! Be that way. Keep your loyalty and your lies. It will do little good in your grave."
The man suddenly disspered in a brilliant flash of light. Eowerath collapsed on the foor in his wake. Thankful his wits provided the necessary lies, he was horrified at the thought that his companion would give in to the sorcerer's threats. For no doubt that was the sorcerer in person that visited him. At least he did him one favour: confirm that his companion is alive! He might have not intended to do that, but the result was that the drow paused to collect his thoughts and decided to try to escape. After all what else waited for him in these forsaken dungeons?
Not being aware of this at first, the thought grew into consciousness quickly. It wasn't the kind the sorcerer used either. He could almost taste the foulness of the sorcerer's magic. This one was deffinetly different. He sprang up, and began some simple incantations that would reveal the origins of the etheric disturbance.
Someone was working magic, and it wasn't the evil sorcerer.

#32 Perem


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Posted 28 February 2007 - 08:21 AM

once upon a time, there was a fey who casted a cool spell :bpotion: in rune to make it so feys could ride in the worm..his name was :santa: santa

#33 Primus


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Posted 03 March 2007 - 04:43 AM

I thought it was Vandaminkler?

#34 Yuffie


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Posted 03 March 2007 - 10:05 PM

Heh reminds me of morrowind, the books in that was a good read :D

#35 Rakaryth


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Posted 04 March 2007 - 06:28 PM

A poem entitled "CPK"

You looked so glamorous.
You had me spellbound.


The Void.

... and you even took my heart shaped amulet.

#36 Vassago


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Posted 05 March 2007 - 09:03 AM

Just FYI, this offer still stands for people who want to submit their book content!

#37 Primus


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Posted 05 March 2007 - 10:46 PM

I've got ideas and a plan, but I just can't muster the energy to actually write anything. -_-

#38 Jandir


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Posted 20 March 2007 - 01:15 PM

This is something I wrote for Ysadore but if it gets added as a book and I get RU...then hurrah! If not, ah well. It's a good story (IMHO) all the same.

Bi-Curious George & The Male Younglings

  Bicurious George wandered the streets of Tellerium in search of a friend. He
was a young minotaur boy whose mother only let him go out during the late 
morning and early evening hours. He frequented the fountain in the town
square and walked around near Lord Telleri's chambers, his half-Uncle.

  It was during one of his late morning walks that he was approached by an
adventurous youngling. The youngling promised him friendship and began
to kiss him on the lips. George spurred the youngling's advances and was
cast aside by the adventurer. His heart was torn asunder and he wept until
another adventurous youngling approached him with the same promise. Alas
the youngling tried the same thing with him and again he was cast aside.

  Once during his outings, a young female gave him the same offer of friendship
but he rejected her; not wanting to be a mere friend of any girl. He wanted to 
be more than a friend but his future wasn't looking too bright thus far. He was
a scrawny fellow and not much to look at when compared to the minotaur
combat students that roamed the streets but still he was determined to find
love or die in the process.

  It would take another five years before George discovered that the adventurous
male younglings had gotten him a reputation for being a good kisser.
Unfortunately by that time, George was confused about which gender he really
preferred. He still enjoyed the young adventuresses that crossed his path but
he also liked having youngling "friends" that also seemed to find him whenever
he was allowed to run about.

Want to hear more about Bi-Curious George? Send i-mails to Jandir asking
about the next story in the series.

#39 Evighetens


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Posted 21 March 2007 - 02:10 AM

That's just wrong, perverting curious george. :(.

#40 Jandir


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Posted 21 March 2007 - 08:38 PM

Blame it on poor conversation ideas. There was a conversation about "children stories never written" and "modernizing children stories for today's society" during a form I was in.

#41 Rorthron


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Posted 25 March 2007 - 02:15 PM

Modernizing childrens stories, eh?

The Three Alyrian Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf.

Once upon a time there were three little pigs, and they were part of a big clan. One day the clan leader came up and said unto the piggies "Dudez, you n00bs suck ass, get out of my clan and get some skillz, then I might let you back in. Oh, and you've been L30 for like a week, why dun you n00bs hit 60 and mutli or something"

And so the pigs were cast out into the big wide world with nothing but the contents of their pixie bags.

"Damn, that blows" said the first little pig. "I'm gonna go to Rune Forest and get Sombar drunk on Dragons Blood, then kick that damn duck's butt and sac his eq."

"Lolz, I'm gonna go to Xav and hit up the Vandy followers, I heard their eq sac's for some good gold" said the 2nd pig. "What you gonna do, numero three?"

"Well, slice me thin and call me bacon, but I heard questing is THE way to go, so I'm gonna go to Rune and quest level, then work out which class will be best to multi into."

"Lol, dude, you're like so ghey. N00b." said One and Two, and headed off to fulfill their destinies!!!!!!111111

A few weeks passed.

The first little pig had finally reached L60 by killing the Samurai Duck over and over and over. He was an idiot, but thought he rocked.
One day, whilst walking around Winterborn Mansion (he'd always wondered what was up in those red rooms, he met a big bad Wolf.
"Yo, newbie, gimme all your shiz or I'm gonna huff and puff and trick you in CPK and take it all anyway."

"Nightshade?" said the pig.

"Huh?" said the wolf.

"Nvm, and you're not having my stuff." said el Piggo.

"Your loss n00b" said the Wolf, and promptly threw a flash bomb at the pig, then laughed out loud (with a little bit of rolling on the floor laughing) as the poor piggy stumbled blindly into CPK.
A brief battle ensued as the Wolf mercilessly slaughtered the pig and took all his gear, before waiting at recall to sac it in front of him.

A few more weeks passed.

The second little pig had reached L60 some time ago by killing Vandy followers in Xav over and over. He had also become quite rich, and was geared out in some pretty nice stuff. Dude even had a White Marble Amulet, yo. He'd spent the remaining time at L60 questing and killing some more, and was feeling pretty special.
He'd spent the past fews weeks helping out poor little pig number one get some more gear, and both were trailing around Winterborn looking to score one of those uber Wizards Cloaks when they met a big bad Wolf.
"Yo, newbies, gimme all your shiz or I'm gonna huff and puff and trick you in CPK and take it all anyway."

"Hah" said the second little pig, "there's two of us, come and get it!"
"No!!! WAI..." began the first little pig, but it was too late. A blinding flash filled the room, and the Wolf was left rolling on the floor in laughter, with a small amount of his derriere falling off with the hilarity, as the second pig stumbled blindly into CPK, the first little piggy being dragged unwittingly behind him.
A brief battle ensued as the Wolf mercilessly slaughtered the pigs and took all their gear, before waiting at recall to sac it in front of them like the azzhole he was. He also made sure to tell everyone that he'd pwnded them both 2v1!!!111

A few more weeks passed.

The third little pig had reached L60 a while back through hard work and questing his ass off. He'd done some research, multiclassed after a bit more questing, and through more hard work had reached the dizzy heights of L120.
He'd also taken both pig number one and pig number two under his wing and helped them get more gear.
Once again the intrepid little piggies found themselves in Winterborn Mansion searching for the legendary Wizard's Cloaks to finish of their eq.
And sure enough, once more the big bad Wolf appeared.

"Yo, newbies, gimme all your shiz or I'm gonna huff and puff and trick you in CPK and take it all anyway."

"OMG!!! We're fubared, he's gonna get all our shiz again" said pig one and pig two, before crying and quitting out, despite it only being NPK.

"Hah, teh nubs have gone, your gear is all mine piggy" said the Wolf. "Shall I huff and puff, or are you gonna hand it over?"

But the third little pig was clever. He'd heard the story of the big bad Wolf from the other two pigs, and figured that if he huffs and puffs, he must be a Druid (Air Evo FTW!!), so had multiclassed into a Bard.
He'd also quested his ass off and bought two ST rings, so when the Wolf threw the flash bomb, the little pig just laughed as he resisted it.
The smart-ass pig stabbed the Wolf in the back and fled into the CPK. The Wolf, laughing at his good fortune, followed the pig in where he was promptly hindered and blinded before being slaughtered mercilessley and having all his gear taken.
The final humiliation came when the pig spammed him over and over for hours calling him a n00b and refused to give his gear back.

The end.

#42 Kingspade


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Posted 10 April 2007 - 07:56 PM

One day some kids went and made a game. This game was really popular and attracted alot of cool people. It also attracted alot of intelligant people. Alot of these intelligant people had issues in real life, and based themselves around work. These people donated alot of money to this game. This game slowly got worse, because of it's general ignorance. It has recovered and gone back down several times since this creation. But it's main problem is the fact that dispite his claims, a certain owner of this game discriminates against people who do not donate. Then he got an a few other powerhungry immortals who hide their actions from him quite well. they justify themselves, while the players they punish are ignored and thrown to the side. Unless of course, they have donated money. Then one day it clicked to him, he shouldn't be a sellout. And people like Evi who destroy the game and purposly log on to make it less fun, were removed from the game. At least their voice was heard less. We all lived happily ever after. Good idea's were implimented. bad people were punished. They eventually quit playing, and the game became more capable of expanding because the in-game play was alot more fun.

(Money Talks.) :(

#43 Evighetens


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Posted 10 April 2007 - 08:31 PM

Hah, I do nothing to destroy the game and make it less fun, you zarking ignorant piece of poo.

#44 Keegan


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Posted 26 April 2007 - 05:10 PM

One day a strong hero of old gathered up a few new adventurers to the land and he took them out to gain fast fame and fortune. Before everyone knew it, the sky opened up and dropped before them stood the Almighty Power Raja. The littlest adventurer let out a sniggle at the sight, causing the Almighty power to let loose a can of humor himself, and the little adventurer went to sleep that night writhing from the plague. Nobody knows exactly what became of that little adventurer, but there are tales of caution whispered ever so quietly. Tales that if you laugh at a Power, you might have to watch out for flying fish; a sure sign that the Gods are watching.

by the way, whatever happened to eros? or macabre.........or or or :D

#45 Ratpounder



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Posted 27 April 2007 - 11:53 AM

This story was written by my half-twin. He was a mino and he is dead now:

A Tale Of The Tower Of Aroxa As Told By My Half-Twin of Tellerium Entitled: A Noveau King Next Door. Episode #1. That Is All.

Allow me to regale you all with stories related to my might and cunning. I do not expect, nor ask for your comments. I know very well that I am a loved leader.

A Noveau King Next Door

It isn't always easy being the Emperor, Lord, and Supreme Generallisimo of Tellerium. The many peasants and knaves that infest my town make it difficult for me to rule over them peacefully. My incredible leadership skills always prevail in the end however and they accept me for what I am, their leader. Oh, don't get me wrong, they like to pretend like they abhor me, but like skulking children speaking ill towards their parents, I know their true love for me deep inside their rotten hearts.

It was one such day, when my peons were acting up, that I decided to take a walk around the wilds northeast of Tellerium rather than wash the streets clean with the blood of the infidels. I left the town in the semi-capable hands of my assistant Telleri and struck out on the back of a Unicorn. Heading towards the castle of my nearest foe I noticed a strange plume of smoke emanating from the top floor of his tower. With a sense of dread I spurred my steed and galloped the short distance to the tower.

Upon arriving I ran immediately towards the front gates of the Tower of Aroxa only to find that they had been magically locked! I then attempted to walk around the moat, looking for a breach that I could cross when I came across Laniolas the elven ranger, tis then that he asked me that ill-fated question: "Ratpounder? Are you here to rescue the princess?" Being the bravest in all of Alyria there was no doubt in my incredibly intelligent mind that I was capable of it. The question was, did I want to lower myself to saving a damsel in distress.

My magnanimous nature got the better of me and I agreed to assist him. He gave me a key and filled me in on the problem. Apparently, the great Dragon Ragzul had kidnapped the princess and locked her away at the top of the tower. He was originally attracted to the tuning fork she loved to play with for hours on end. I asked him where her father, King Aroxa was to which he sadly shook his head. Knowing Aroxa to be a foolish coward, I needed no further explanation, he was probably hiding in the privy. The ranger then told me of a key that was hidden in some nearby caves that would allow me access to the tower. I bade him farewell and took off in search of the magical key.

As I stepped into the Tower, the first thing I noticed was the overpowering stench of charred corpses. All around were piles of ash and twisted bodies laying in grotesque positions. The flies had not arrived yet as the building had been magically sealed but it was evident that the rats had been eating at the soft bits of flesh left. "Cursed rats!" I shouted, "You are unholy vermin and I shall pound you into the earth with my mace for your disgusting behavior!"

True to my name, I played a bit of rat stomp until I remembered that the princess was still waiting for a handsome, strong, intelligent Minotaur like myself to save her. I put my mace away and set about exploring the tower. King Aroxa, as I mentioned before is very cowardly and paranoid and his tower was filled with many secret passages by which he might escape any dangers. I spent a good deal of time exploring and finally came upon a ring of fire on the last flight of stairs. I looked up and saw Ragzul sitting there contentedly behind his magical wall of fire. Taking a ration, I threw it into the room and watched it instantly turn to ash from the intense heat.

I needed to think, I needed some inspiration, I needed to use the bathroom. Sitting on the latrine, it was almost as if a voice inside my head spoke to me! It was actually a voice inside the toilet however and it told me of the wizard who had inadvertently let the dragon escape. I asked the latrine beast to bring me some light reading while I thought some more and he brought me a rather funny book of jokes. When I was finished with my thoughts, I set about looking for this incompetent wizard.

As I searched, I stumbled across many items that I felt I could make some use of and put them all in my bag. I sat at the edge of a koi pond to rest and reflect when there was a sudden bubbling in the water. I looked over my shoulder at the pond and was met face to face with a large koi fish, whiskers hanging limp like a Fu Manchu moustache. He said to me: "black as night, yet shining bright, you rule your land with cunning and might".

"Finally!" I thought, someone who understood that I was the greatest leader to ever inhabit the land. I made a note in my parchments to reward this fish later on with an appointment as my personal advisor to all things related to my glory. I scooped him up in a jar I had found and put him in my bags.

To be continued...

#46 Bloodsong


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Posted 27 April 2007 - 04:26 PM

I'd like to submit my own history--in the interests of being nonspammy on the board, I'll merely post a link.
Only problem is that it's 1906 words long--it can be shortened if necessary.

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Posted 01 May 2007 - 07:24 AM


I awoke upon one day in a Village called Lasler. I was a young dwarf, only 14 years old. I had no memory of the past and only the future to explore.

The world around me was strange, exciting and dangerous. There were caretakes, vines and butterflies. Gnomes, mages and weird looking eyes. I was uncertain of what to do, but I saw more young Adventurers attacking and killing things. So one thing became clear, I need to kill things to become better. I couldn't attack those other Adventurers, but these creatures I could attack and kill. I killed caretakers, eyes and joined a formation with other adventurers to tackle those strong vines. And suddenly I was level 10, and were cast out of Lasler. I had never realised the world was so big, and there were so much other things to do. There were more things for me to explore.
I was a bit uncertain, but one thing I knew. I would be back the other day.

And so my first day in the world of Materia Magica began. And there were many more to come.

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Posted 26 May 2007 - 02:12 AM

Parts of this might be a true tale
By Basstian while a Bard of MoW
A recollection of possible events
That happened a few months ago.

Every tale has a beginning
And this one in Rune was born
Lord Agrippa sent me to Lowengan
Past New Rigel and Desert Thorn.

He allotted me more than enough time
To complete this journey on foot
But for companies sake not that my stamina