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"When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions."

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Posted 30 December 2005 - 02:45 PM

Darkness. For days, only darkness. The twinkle of stars, the rustle of the wind in the quiet forests, the mornful song of the lone wolf... Even the soft glow of the twin moons was lost in the bowls of the hell that Thinue had been cast into. Day and night had ceased to exist. Only darkness greeted her eyes when she woke, and darkness consumed her when she slept.

Memories, dreams, hallucinations... harder to distinguish with each hour. Was she asleep? Dreaming a nightmare that would not end? Or was the nightmare her reality, and her dreams of a better life the worst torture one could endure?

She was slowly dying, the will to live ebbing as sure as the tides of a world she was lost from, the slow death of the soul.

Death would have come to her eventually, lost in her own mind... but suddenly fire filled her eyes, burning them into the depths of her skull. She did not even realize that the door to her cell had been unlocked until it swung wide, casting a ghastly pale light into the room. Pain mixed with flashes of white and darkness played over her long unused eyes. Instinctively she shielded herself from the onslaught of light that seemed like the very soul of Gath unleashed on her pale elven form. Shrieking in gutteral tones, she half-scrambled, half crawled into the corner of the dank cell that had been her home for more of this endless night than she could remember.

But now, dawn had come to the darkness, and with it, a stranger.