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How Mina became mynah bird

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Posted 09 January 2006 - 07:32 PM

The young girl sat by the pool, gazing into the water, deep in thought. People passing observed her still, contemplative form, and passed her by, wondering why such a young girl seemed so troubled. Several, of course, guessed.

It was the summer solstice in town, with parades, street stalls, and gladiatorial combats, plenty to amuse and entertain, and yet Mina sat there, gazing into the water; gloomy, introspective, sad.

The gods, as always observe us, and Mina was not alone. Gath, the fire god, sneered contemptuously at the young girl. Love, he thought. Give me a nice burning town, with warriors razing it to the ground anyday!

Of course, the gods do not speak as we do, however their thoughts are as transparent to each other as ours are to them. Vandyne looked on with some sadness; being a rather ethereal god, his actual power in the real world was rather limited. The other gods momentarily (fractions of time as we know it do not exist for the gods; they exist everywhere, and everywhen) left what they were doing to observe the young lady, being of course fully aware of her plight.

Maradas, of course, considering mortals things of mere water, with little stone, and fairly temporary creations at that, was not overly concerned for the young girl, although he was a little troubled for Vandyne, who seemed a little overwrought, moreso than usual. As usual, it was Dira who provided a practical solution.

As a moment of intense agony passed through the girl, she felt .. different. This was not to say that it was unusual that, having a moment before been sitting on a convenient log, she now felt herself falling through the air; this sort of thing happens all the time, in everywhen. Troubled, she looked down at herself, to discover herself .. changed. Ahh, the gods have played another trick, she thought; rather clumsily making to the air, she revelled in her new form. Mina was a mynah bird.

Eventually, for of course mortals are rather slow, she began to perceive the possibilities this new form held, and was often to be seen in the company of a particular young man. Alighting on his shoulder for the first time, he looked at her curiously .. she reminded him of ... someone ? The two were rather inseparable for a time there; the little bird could often be seen on the young man's shoulder, where he would feed her tidbits. For some reason, however, she seemed to prefer his earlobe.

Although rather distracted as a general rule, the little bird always seemed to bring a smile to his face. One day, of course, as happens, Mina was no longer there, and the young man, whom the little bird had adopted, never saw her again.