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Posted 10 January 2006 - 07:49 PM

The brilliant alchemist Cassuvius sat alone, late at night in his laboratory. His fingers flew as he created his latest masterpiece. This next, and possibly last work, would be the one he was remembered by, and gradually it took shape. Flowers blossomed, leaves took on a more verdant hue, the world was more .. alive. Then, gradually, it began shrinking, becoming a mere pinpoint of light in the middle of his vast laboratory until that, too, disappeared. Cassuvius stood back, expectant, content. Soon, things would begin to happen. They did.

Outside, the world had been dark for many thousand years. Noone knew the source of this evil; some blamed the witch Cassandra and her foul cronies, whilst others blamed a darker, more pervasive evil. Still others blamed the elves whom, they said, they had never trusted.

Moving underground, the races had homogenised, until we became like the sallow fish, with huge, dark eyes; something out of a child's fantasy, imaginings. Vir and Decara flourished, and many new cities sprang up, almost overnight. But the world above was lost. People perceived beauty as more of a creation of the mind in this new, harsh landscape; art began anew, and the old was lost. But people remembered, and the stories were told. The beauty of the hidden sky, the unfolding of a leaf; gone, but not forgotten. Then came Cassuvius.

People said that he was brilliant; that what he imagined, came to life. They were right. Up above, in the world, pale flowers, stunted, scentless, regained their former brilliance. Here and there they blossomed, and died, with no sun to support their delicate finery. Cassuvius knew this, for he had heard the stories. He slept. And above him, things changed.

Soon, the people knew. Excited reports came back of a grey, hazy dawn, soon over, followed by another. Excursions were made. A bird sung; where it had come from, noone knew. Soon men, or what they had been, walked the face of the earth again. But it had changed, or they had changed, for the light was too bright for them, and they retreated to their caverns. Life had come to the earth again. Cassuvius smiled, and wept tears of joy.