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I want to see clan war.

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#126 Messiah



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Posted 24 July 2009 - 12:25 PM

I didn't fight you much mostly because either everytime we met I was with a group or vise versa. You did beat me a few times and I know I got you a few times as well. I think you always had the advantage in gear including donation items and definitely in spellpoints. That was always my huge weakness. I didn't have any patience for questing to buff up my stats.

Sidhe and drow were pretty much useless in the game. Evensong killed Sidhe in like 2 rounds and Excaliber did the same against Drow. The only thing they were good for was dispelling/killing people which if you remember was freaking cool to see. A very humiliating way to die.

Gaxx was a really good fighter even with his hellfire disadvantage so I'm not suprised he did well with your Fey.

#127 Zim


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Posted 24 July 2009 - 03:24 PM

Dispel/Kill is still in the game.. Just like everything 4.0 takes 100x as long for success.. Drows were vuln to azathoth (silver) not excaliber (steel) but they were 99.99% successful at dispel/kill You could stack the commands with a wait in between, and almost always succeed.. even later we found, against big mobs.. For about 12-16 months I also had Rhys (hero-woop) .. drow.. killspell'd yourban, azathoth, frobozz (later focault) simon whatever his name is on the isle w/ skull of riga.. rhys was awesome vs azzy .. might take a couple trys to dispel, but 1st kill always worked.. got many a sword like that.. geez.. that was WAY back before I really had any alts, and had almost 300mil gold.. that was so much gold back then.. of course I've now got like 10+ alts level 240/241 bought most of them houses back when you could still buy them for gold.. I think they were 10million for a skara (sigil) home..

wonder what ever happened to the i-motion client... remember how great that was supposed to be?

#128 Hekate


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Posted 25 July 2009 - 12:36 PM

(From Zim):
wonder what ever happened to the i-motion client... remember how great that was supposed to be?

Dunno, but we got collectible stamps instead, so it's all good.

#129 Zim


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Posted 26 July 2009 - 12:11 AM

Hmm level 10 archon.. guessing you're not the same hekate I knew?
her, and her then husband Kernunnos actually introduced me to Moongate (later materia magica)

#130 Pyknite



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Posted 26 July 2009 - 09:07 AM

Nice to see that you are still alive Zim.

I had no idea that you had an alt in Knighthood while I was still playing :wink: Who was it? But you were always a nice person anyway :)

#131 Sabon


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Posted 26 July 2009 - 12:09 PM

After the whole ??JustiCe?? fiasco Gaxx let me use him while I was frozen man that character was so much fun to play. Between his dark ring, sirchade, and hands of wind which us normal folk didn't have I was easily killing huge forms of Dragon. That's not even including his blazing black longsword hah good times. I just wish Zim didn't convince me to go druid in 3.2 putting me in the same boat as Jaden and Rolin! If you were one of the lucky few to not have cause crit or bash and were stuck with spam counter you were pretty much were worthless. That's why I loved playing Gaxx so much the hellfires weren't a big deal he had plenty to make up for it.

Zim - I remember you showing me that alt but can't recall his name for the life of me and no that's not the Hekate you remember

#132 Zim


    Its Zim!

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Posted 31 July 2009 - 11:38 AM

Xen was the alt that was in knight from pretty much 121 - 240.. I forget the guy's name he used to hang out with.. Maybe Ravidel/whatever his alt's name was.. but pretty sure xen was friends w/ pyknite/other knight guys too.. lets see.. known alts.. Later Xen ran NaO for me, and Discord ran Assassins.. I think xen may have ran dragon at one point also.. Made quite a few 240's .. all w/ at least 1 trunk.. I wish there was something new/good as far as quest items, most of my chars have plenty of them still..
Hmm.. Originally Zim was a half-elf cavalier.. Got him to level 58, realized I wouldn't ever have 3rd attack, so deleted, recreated as a fey sorcerer.. why? cause it was so annoying getting hungry while out fighting/leveling.. fey's could just bite something while fighting.. anyone remember leveling using lions? or the old newbie tower.. I held my rod of completion when I leveled from 239 to 240.. no special bonus :( I will say one thing.. the ability to script objects/mobs/etc is much improved from 3.xx now some special benefit revealed by holding your old level 8 rod of completion when hitting 240 could actually do something if some imm wanted it to..

#133 Kazmo


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Posted 22 August 2009 - 10:27 AM

zim, as i remember u only had approx 22 240's or something such as that...

glad to see ur still breathing...

#134 Xane


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Posted 30 September 2009 - 02:52 AM

I hope these veterans come back from retirement one day.

#135 Lemming


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Posted 30 September 2009 - 03:52 AM


#136 Tzu



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Posted 16 October 2009 - 11:09 PM

Everything that follows, is a result of what you see here.

#137 Volus


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Posted 24 November 2009 - 02:38 PM

vswan that was epic, you should be an author or something, seriously.

#138 Tamlin


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Posted 27 November 2009 - 06:25 PM

rofl.. once a year :)

Sup zimmy, glad to see ya bummin around. Heard from Reese lately?

#139 Brooke



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Posted 13 January 2010 - 10:50 AM



#140 Iluvatar


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Posted 01 February 2010 - 11:17 PM

(From Messiah):

I know it's been a while since this thread has been posted but I wanted to clear up a few things for the record. I feel that I am a credible source here since I founded DO and was there as the leader for all three wars. You weren't involved in the wars and you weren’t even on the radar back then. You were just kind of there so I don‘t see how you could have any insight into what happened other than being caught in the cross fire as a victim. Your summary of the wars was brief and highly inaccurate but that's understandable seeing as how they ended roughly 9 years ago. The wars lasted roughly 4 years and ended for one reason and one reason alone. 4.0 came out. Most of us in Dark Order hated and still hate 4.0 and found that it was a great reason to leave the game and move on to other things in life.

Dark Order Leadership Structure:
1. Messiah (Leader)
2. Tombstone (Co-Leader and my right hand man.)

Key members:
1. Iluvatar (Very skilled pker and smart player.)
2. Wrath (Brutally good pker and cpked TeX. That was badass.)
3. Tiamat (Was never a leader in the clan but was important.)

Other important members (Hope I don‘t forget anyone): Mailman, Stalin, Silon and probably 5-10 others who played a huge role in our clan.
Paradox? I think he might have joined at the very end but was never an important member of our clan. Also you saying that he could beat our entire clan by himself is a joke. Not to put him down because I think he’s a decent guy but he was very average back then. I could have easily beaten him myself and so could any member of my clan. I’m flattered that he tried to re-create Dark Order a few years later but the clan is dead and will never exist again.

Main Enemies:
1. Gaxx (Hero: Enigma who I am still friends with. Just went with him to Australia this year for his brother’s wedding. His brother named Dark Order. We still talk about the game sometimes.)
2. Shadowlight (Hero: Enigma. Unfair stats and a good Pker. I was able to beat him 1 on 1 a few times though.)
3. Zim (Level 240: Enigma. Their best player hands down. This guy was a freaking pain in my ass. That’s all I have to say.)
4. Talin (Hero: Enigma. Was a straight up jackass.)
5. TeX (Hero: Originally Prophecy but then Dragon. This guy was a Weasel and hated DO. He also had inflated hit points like shadow light and was one of our biggest enemies.)
6. Weasel (Hero: Phoenix. Smart and brutal guy who tried to kill us every chance he got.)
7. Ravnos (Hero: Phoenix. Decent guy who tried to bring peace between our clans. He finally realized it was impossible and killed us for a while before he quit the game.)
8. Reese (This guy was mentioned in previous posts. He was just one of many people who took the easy road teaming up with Enigma thinking they would have fun pouncing on DO. The truth is people like this got pounced and beaten up a lot by us. While DO wasn’t PK Reese and others like him became a bully and started chasing lower levels not involved in the war through the moat. We CPK’d Reese at least once and whipped the floor with him over and over again. We killed this guy so many times I think he quit. In summary, he was a bottom feeder/thug for the other side. Nothing more, nothing less.)
9. 30-40 240s from various clans. The main clans in the alliance were Phoenix, CoP and Enigma. They called this group the Triad. Other sub clans tagged along because they were forced to including TF, Lin-Kiue(sp?), Caitiff, Dragon and Prophecy for a short time.

For the most part the clan was centered around the first 5 main players on my DO list who were all 240s. I was the only hero on our side. We were forced to become very good and worked extremely well together as a team. We used to call ourselves the Dark Order Death Squad. We were able to kill formations of 8 240s/heros with just the five of us on a regular basis depending on who the enemy was. Shadowlight was in a class of his own because he had an insane amount of hit points due to him being a legacy character from a previous version. He had roughly 4500-5000 hit points when the rest of us here stuck at 2250-2500 or so. Very unfair! Usually if we saw shadow light in a formation of 8 we’d be forced to run.

Here is a summary of the wars from my view:

War 1: Dark Order started as clan #10 when I was level 60 (Level 60s couldn‘t even make clans back then.) I bought the clan from Diablo who didn’t want it for 2.5 million gold. Tombstone, Tiamat and I pooled our money together to do this. That’s what started the war. Back then the number of clans were very small and they were all a tightly knit group lead by Phoenix, Enigma and CoP. The other 8 clans were VERY pissed off that a level 60 player started a clan and wanted Vassago to remove me and delete it. He didn’t do that so if you can believe this 8 clans who were infinitely more powerful than the Dark Order ganged up on us and tried to force us out of the game. They were almost successful but didn’t quite get the job done. Result: We lost badly, it wasn’t fair and it wasn’t even close. We were annihilated on every level by just about every clan. TF, Prophecy were neutral back then but did occasionally beat up on us for fun. Another huge factor in their hatred of Dark Order is the fact that I was made a hero, I believe I was the 2nd to last person to make hero before they stopped allowing it. So for 3-4 years we only had 15 or so people that were actual Heroes.

Victory: Overwhelmingly Enigma/Alliance

War 2: Dark Order turned its PK flag off and spent the next few months rebuilding. This is when the five of us started to get really good. Clan Knighthood lead by Diablo teamed up with us but they were very weak. They only had two 240s, Diablo and Pyknight but were very valuable to us because they somewhat evened the odds in combat. I have to give them big time props for sticking it out with us through the entire war. Anyway Enigma knew we were up to something and stalked us every chance they got. This was like a cold war period where we couldn’t directly go after each other but knew eventually it would blow up once we turned our flag back on. After Wrath and Iluvatar hit 240 we turned our PK on. This was a very tough time in Moongate and the fighting got really out of control. Things got very nasty in this war and this time was probably the most intense of all. People (Enigma mostly) were going after each other on a personal level trying to dig up information on their personal lives to try to humiliate them and drive them out of the game. Many people couldn’t handle it and ended up leaving. For the most part we did pretty well in this war kill/death ratio wise but ran into a problem. We weren’t able to expand our clan while we were flagged PK so ultimately we had to turn PK off again so we could build up our roster. We also got worn out. Every time we logged on we had multiple formations of 8 chasing us all over the map. There was no way for us to get good equipment or resources because everywhere we went we got gang banged by the pigs. If all 5 of us weren’t on we didn’t stand a chance. Tombstone and I took several months away from the game after this.

Victory: Decisively Enigma/Alliance but they paid a price. For the first time we knew we could compete and win.

War 3: A few months later Wrath and Iluvatar convinced me to come back so I returned with Tombstone and we spent another few months building up. We added more 240s to our roster and helped Knighthood build up too. We like TF discovered the secrets of Yorban and got full sets of gear for our players. This was a real coup for us and helped even the odds big time against the Alliance. This was near the height of our power. We threw the switch as predicted and the war raged for well over a year. Our goal this time was to force the lesser members of the alliance to turn their PK flags off. It worked. We’d hunt down members of CoP mercilessly and every time we killed them we’d send them a message “PK OFF”. They couldn’t handle it and their lower levels left the clan. Our first major victory came when they turned their PK flag off. After this Caitiff was next to throw their flag sick of being killed by us. Phoenix was next and had too much pride to throw their flag so they became pretty much extinct. By this time Vassago implemented a feature which I thought contributed heavily towards destroying the game. Social. It allows players to login and sit in a completely safe area for hours and hours at a time to escape being killed. So that’s what the alliance did, they started hiding in social to escape being killed. Eventually the more capable people started leaving the lesser or shattered alliance clans and began consolidating into Enigma. So Enigma became one huge clan. By this time TF decided they wanted a little revenge and joined up with us and the odds began to turn against Enigma. Knighthood started getting stronger too. After many huge battles that rage don for months I can promise you that DO stood in the streets of Rune without fear. Zim was the only one who had the balls to come out of social to challenge us. The longer Engima stayed in social the worse their skills became while ours got better because we fought endlessly. This caused things to die down and the war lost its intensity. So we in DO got bored and decided to stop playing at the height of our power when 4.0 came out. The end was Anti-climatic for most, but very gratifying for the members of Dark Order. We feel like we accomplished something. There are people who would disagree but we feel like we won the war and 4.0 gave us a chance to leave the game with our heads up high. I had almost 2,000 Pks which at the time was the highest. Kizzel passed me eventually.

Victory: The Dark Order

Final Victory: I have to give final victory to Engima because they are still in existence and we are not. Damn root tax!

Final thoughts. People used to call us the bad guys but what did we ever do that was bad besides make a clan? We always treated people with respect and if someone wanted to be neutral in the war we allowed that as long as they weren’t part of a rival clan. People were intimidated and bullied into fighting against us and since most people have weak will power they take the easy road and do things they don’t want to do. The lesson from the clan wars is simple. Don’t be a sellout, don’t let people intimidate you, have some honor and never give up.

That’s about it. It was fun while it lasted, I feel like I got closure and had great memories from the experience. I don’t think you will ever be able to recreate that experience again because you have too many clans now. And your people don’t have big enough personalities or egos to make it happen. Gaxx is one of my best friends but he was a bully who controlled the game. He did a really good job of it for a while and I doubt anyone can do that again. And even if you did get another Gaxx you likely wont see anyone stand up to him like we did. I don’t recommend trying to recreate the clan wars even if you could. If you get too personally invested in the game you will have no social life. Gaxx will agree with this. We both missed out on a lot of good times while we were in high school and college because we were too busy playing this stupid game. Needless to say we made up for it afterwards! Anyway, I’ll be around time to time to keep my character active, if you see me in there say hello.


Wow, I never knew Messiah dug this back up (years ago). It's good to see people you spent so much time with, even in a virtual world doing well for themselves.

#141 Mailman


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Posted 24 March 2012 - 04:50 AM


#142 Minotorious


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Posted 24 March 2012 - 06:05 AM

screw a clan war, I want to see a race war!

down with the Dracon scum!

#143 Pointyhat


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Posted 27 March 2012 - 03:03 PM

i hear dracons are good eatin down with the faerie scum!

#144 Paradox


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 12:29 PM

The grim reality of those days was that PK was not balanced. Race and class combos were the key, along with a little finger speed ;)

Between (96-98?) I got to taste the blood of pretty much everyone in the game, including the "fatties" - Weasel, Krome, Gaxx and Shadowlight - along with all the other "normal" characters such as Reese, Messiah, Tombstone, Tiamat, Iluvatar, Gussy, Rommel, Tex, Deitel, Whisp etc.(amongst many others mentioned in this thread).

I can assure you that having 4000hp at level 240 was no saving grace for the second/third... waves of players who came around my time and after, and then began to tear things apart.

It wasnt just hp/sp either (stamina .... lol) it was also str/agil etc that were completely inequitable between players, depending on how you made your character. In fact there was a trick to overcap your stats by 1 point at multiclassing, but I cant remember what it was now.

I guess Messiah was the start of that second wave (just before I started?) due to him having "normal" stats, but I rarely interacted with him for unknown reasons - I mostly remember him sitting in safe. I remember him being a very protective player, "smart" I think you could say.

Messiah used to flee a lot, just like TeX. They rarely took anyone down solo unless it was a clear victory/low risk. Tiamat and Wrath were the opposite - I had more respect for them as they threw themselves relentlessly into the action 1 vs 2, 1vs 3 etc. Balls of steel, but often without success.

We used to charm the chromatic dragon and drag it to town square where it would vaporise every lowbie. Good times. Screw kiting in WoW, we did this 15 years ago.

At this point in time, Ravnos (if I remember right) was a beast, a human valk whom I copied my build from - as the setup was completely overpowered. Unfortunately I think he/she disappeared within 6 months of my start.

I remember Zim and I levelling and arena'ing (in good spirits!) at level 120 or so ..... so this was the next wave of players. Perhaps this could be called the third wave? Also in that bunch where Tiamat, Iluvatar, Jaden, Wrath, Pyknite and quite a lot of others. See other posts I guess.

The Dark Order were definately the underdogs. Constantly outnumbered by Enigma and Pheonix. There were only 11 or 12 clans in the game? PK flags got turned on and off regularly but usually only 5 or so clans had the flag on. Sometimes less.

Being the whore that I am, over time I played both sides - but always for a reason. As a lowbie in TF I was hunted by DO and Enigma but for some reason wanted to join DO. Its the underdog thing. However I didnt know anyone in DO at that point very well...

TF was "neutral" before/during the first "war". We had our PK flag on but rarely got involved. It got toggled off when Enigma decided to call sides and as I was the only one defending TF I was outvoted to keep the flag on. I believe this was the point in time Vswan mentioned made about "picking a side/movement" (see earlier post).

I was friends with various people in Enigma, Knighthood, Pheonix and other clans. I was a co-leader for TF at that point I think.

This is where things get a little fuzzy ..... there was a lot of chop and change between alliances and various friendships and politics.

Somewhere in here Descrom stole DO. Greatest move ever. That was quickly restored I think? Gaxx sacrificed wedding rings.

I left TF and chose to join Enigma in order to PK. I knew Zim quite well, and although I had little respect for Gaxx, Reese and some others (they used to pick on me at low level, but then turned out to be paper thin once I hit hero and dusted), I thought Shadowlight was a good dude. He had 4000 hp afterall and weasel, TeX, Krome and other super-HP characters were fairly inactive at that point (at least for my liking, I played a lot!). Killing Yourban with Shadowlight tanking was completely lolzors. Scorn was awesome, ScoJacK was cool along with a few others. I guess there were 10+ active people in Enigma at that point.

Often though, I was the only person online as I was playing odd hours mainly (from Australia).

Thus I was left to fight The Dark Order.

Unfortunately for them, my class and race combo - dual weilding vuln weapons (az/evensong/hellfire/spear of justice etc.), second defense and backstable + HoW left nothing but a train wreck on most occasions. And yes, I did single handedly destroy formations of five or six players - on a number of occassions.

I learned from Aurak a bit there.

Messiah and others might still be in denial I guess about that. Perhaps though they simply were not active enough around then, as this was a second wave or war you might call it. Messiah was pretty inactive from what I remember at that point in time. Perhaps his dash was done... same as weasel, ravnos and some of the first wave.

Aurak and Raker (the original terrorists) were around that time or a little after, banned and or/quit as they were now being challenged and I guess they couldnt be bothered any more. Not sure, I never really knew them.

At this point in time there was nobody in the game that I could not kill one on one. People would still get me on occassion, and although this sounds too cocky, this was pretty rare. I never abused this and I rarely CPKd people. Boris, Mailman and others could atest from their safe room views.

Tombstone I dont think ever killed me, maybe a couple of times over the years - but he was constantly burned to dust.

Some people were tough, and stayed to the side (generally) such as Fafner and a few others - basically people with friends across clans.

It was common to notify and righteously step out of form to avoid a form fight against a friend.

This domination/battling went on for 6 months or maybe a year, I am not sure how long....

Then the enervation/bash + lag combo was discovered. I think it was Niardica or maybe Zim that begun that revolution. New characters emerged and others improved and caught on.

Niardica was a fucking beast. Seriously. He was the first person I had to actually avoid, and although I did kill him on occassion, I found myself doing the old 1-2-3 Messiah/Gaxx/TeX and fleeing to safe rooms.

Boris wasnt bad at it either but the dual hellfires ususally roasted him fast enough.

The first wave guys began to fade away into inactivity for the most part.

Some people hated each other. It was personal at times, but that gave things an atmosphere. We used to on occassion CPK people and sac their gear in front of them. Gaxx and Messy started that I think though, before my times.

Soon after this, the people I remember who were smashing things to pieces at this point in time: Zim, Iluvatar, Niardica, and to some degree Wrath. Maybe Darrod appeared around here, I am not sure - but he became a beast at some point too (probably later).

Jaden turned up and provided some beat down for Clan Avenger (vs DO).

All these guys were cool though. There was more respect in the game as it was more balanced. Although on opposite sides I began to build a respect for them. Their characters were straight (as far as I knew), the game was better balanced (after the bash lag was nurfed a bit).

It was time for me to wake up and smell the roses. Bash lag did get toned down a bit and so we battled things out, as I fought the new DO crew... where was Messy? I dont know...

I thought in general I still held the upper hand fairly clearly with my Engima allies throughout this period, BUT the DO guys were getting better and better and more often I was getting smoked by Iluvatar in particular (mad respect!).

Vroz was in on the beat down as well - he and Iluvatar carried DO in this period. Vroz was easier to handle for me.

This went on for ages and ages (a year or more?) ... seemed like an eternity. The bash lag kept getting changed and it made PK impossible for a while unless you had bash (at least I didnt find a method to beat it). I had no bash.

Bash/enervation chaining meant you could not flee a single room nor cast a single spell - so it was all just random dice rolling for second defense and the luck of landing dual weilding hits. There was no casting so the PVP gameplay suffered heavily.

Sabon emerged. The game changed. Tiamat disappeared? Niardica faded away? People started to become inactive.

I had enough by then after playing for several years. Darkstar had seemingly disappeared so Vass was running things and working hard on 4.0. I decided to take a break.

I think at this point I was a co-leader of Enigma (I cant remember for sure). Zim or Sabon would know that.

Anyway I quit and I gave almost all my gear to Sabon, he was the new school beast and was tearing it up once established at 240 so as a dedicated Enigma pig, I gave him the gear and took a break....

Jaden and I smashed it up for while there in Avenger too .... things are bit fuzzy around this time. I am not sure if I quit and returned a few times between Sabon taking over Enigma and 4.0 being released.... maybe someone can fill in the gaps there.

Anway I finally returned in 4.0 and somehow I was removed from Enigma/Avenger/Circle of Power etc. and so I found myself recreating The Dark Order for some reason. I did this with someone else, whom I cant remember either ... Maybe Spyro? Further fuziness, I dont know what inspired this but somehow I ended up fighting Enigma.

Spyro was monstrous indeed at this point. Rongg was somewhere in there too...

This might have also been just before 4.0, I am not sure.

However I would unform if Zim stepped in, not from fear but as I considered him a friend. Zim really was a solid guy, he was never cheap and I have a lot of respect for him.

Maybe it was a choice just to mix things up again. I remember payable from around this time too.

Sabon hunted me down and I couldnt really kill him at all.

4.0 was frustrating, I was probably lazy and it was probably still unabalanced. I missed the first year of it I think (or at least a while).

Further new school had arrived while I was away - Azmodan, Nick and Balzac. Those guys tore shit up too - I am not sure if they had run things a bit at the end of 3.2 but they were there when I came back. In some people's eyes, they were cunning bastards - I guess they just took things to a new level with scripting and automation.

Redwing? Wildsoul? Many other new people.

A lot of nasty shit happened in that period I think, I tried playing but really never got back into the swing of things. I did OK in pvp, but never pushed much past an 70% win ratio.

I am not sure when the PVP stats started collecting on those meta sites and/or in game - cant remember.

At this point, my character was totally underpowered in relative terms and the time sink of maxing my stats was insane .... there were no marks etc (or very few) so practices were rare. Most PVPers were maxed, I had 2k/2k/1K or something.

All the reagents, memming etc. etc. just drove me nuts and as I had less time to play I played less and less. I quit several more times, then came back and more new waves of crew appeared - Knightotri etc ...

So that's that. Newer people can summarise things from there, but thats basically all I can remember. I am sure there are a lot of giant holes but thats the story from what I saw.

I started playing a few months ago and there are very few old crew left that I know of, perhaps some are disguised :). I am a noob once again, but this time its a vastly richer and better balanced game - thats why I have decided to start from scratch.

I heard you can't solo Yourban any more :)

#145 Scrooge


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 06:45 PM

I used to play Moongate when it was a card game.

#146 Harly


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 09:56 PM

I remember when I started. There were 13 clans (PyRoS was just created). You could go to social and restring anything for like 20-40k gold. When I first started I was a complete noob (I was in 7th grade).. I remember I wanted to join DO because it seemed cool. Messiah told me I could join once I got to level 120 if I made fun of Gaxx on global shout a lot, to prove my allegiance. Man Celestia hated me. Eventually I got to 120 and they wouldn't let me in DO, but they said I could join their new starter clan - Illuminati, run by a guy named Khardis.. Somehow eventually I said screw DO and became friends with Davin and Varchild. They started clan Rage. Good times, we used to sit in rune and fight all day long in full forms. Then 4.0 came out and I deleted my characters because of how screwed I felt having to redo everything. Took a break for a few years, then started playing again... I have been playing for like 15 years.. wow. Hey Paradox, what about Kizzel / Xenon, did you ever know him? He was pretty beastly if I recall. I used to have a log from 3.2 where he tried to attack my form (Higuy, Eckis, Enbringer? I forget who exactly).. we killed him but I remember in the log he would dodge like 20 attacks per round. Too bad they took down geocities, I used to have a bunch of 3.2 logs on there.

Sigh. Anyway, who all is here for the long haul? I wish we could find a way to email all the old players and ask them to come back.

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 09:44 PM

Had no idea you had played for so long Paradox. Didn't see you much, must have been the time difference.
Also Vroz was Wrath and Riven was Iluvatar. Kizzel was indeed beastly.

Here's a couple logs featuring Paradox, including looting a hsa from under my nose.

get all ch
The ironbound is closed.

SO close.

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 02:57 PM

Yep Riven and Vroz were beasts when they restarted as dwarves or whatever it was...Iluvatar was already hard to beat before he made Riven. Thanks for the logs, I wish I had logged stuff back in the day it would be cool to read.

As you can see, you could kill people back to back - the burst damage was nuts if you landed everything in a round. Add backstab and a weapon vuln into this + hands of wind and one person could kill a group of five or sometimes more.