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the Goddess of Moonlight

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Posted 05 May 2006 - 02:14 AM

Listen, my children, and I will tell you a story.

This is a story of when the world was young, when the gods walked the earth.

Before there were four gods (some say there are five of course; I leave that to the priests, and the shamans), there were gods for many many things. Gath, and Ithrilis there were, and many others. Maradas too, although Maradas had many contenders for his role. There were gods for rocks, for pebbles, for mountains large and small. Being gods, and being young also, they were arrogant creatures, each believing they were supreme. Battles were fought; some survived, the ones we see today. Many perished.

The god of rocks both large and small (but not pebbles), was a twisted, arrogant creature, embodying all that was evil amongst the gods. Yes, evil walked amongst the gods in those days. Frickn was also a trickster, and it was this which caused his demise.

Spying the god of moonlight one day bathing in a stream, her veil of moonlight cast aside while she bathed her supple form, a wicked smile stole across Frickn's features. Making off with her moonlight veil, he sought to hide it amongst his beloved rocks. When Eilen, goddess of moonlight, finished her bathing, she was mortified; her veil, the source of her magical power, was nowhere to be found. She became very frightened, not for herself, but for the poor mortal she believed had made off with the magical garment. Sure enough as night follows day (here our storyteller smiles indulgently at his own little joke), darkness fell. But it was no ordinary darkness, for the moonlight was nowhere to be seen. A palpable blackness engulfed the land. People became frightened, and huddled in their homes. Bandits roamed the night, looting freely under cover of the impenetrable darkness. For many days this persisted, and Frickn cackled with glee at his great jest. The mortals were perishing in droves; soon there would be nothing left but his precious rocks.

Desperate deeds required desperate measures, and the gods petitioned Frickn to release the moonlight. But he refused. Eventually the gods became very angry with him, and ordered him to show them his hiding place. Unbeknownst, however, it had already been discovered. A lone adventurer, throat parched from lack of water, delirious from the heat, on the edges of the great Bonnak desert, uncovered a strange glow. Tracing it to its source, he discovered a wondrous garment, and sought to take it for his own. Donning it, he gazed about in wonder as moonlight was restored to the land. Enraged, Frickn travelled to his secret hiding place, only to discover his cache had been found. Summoning his most heinous magic, he struck down the adventurer, who fell to the ground, dead. Stealing the cape once again, he made to leave, but could not move his legs! The rock, in which he had so carefully secreted the precious veil, had entrapped him. The moonlight goddess' magic had entered the rock, and held him.

Turning their faces away, the younger gods allowed Moonlight to retrieve her veil. Casting it about her, moonlight once again engulfed the land. In the sky, however, an amazing thing was seen. Two moons now encircled the land, casting their light. Moonlight, the source of much of Alyria's magic, once again engulfed the land; twice as brightly as before. Frickn, of course, was never seen again. It is said that Marabah is the source of Frickn's confinement, and this is why, on some nights, it appears orange; Frickn rages at his eternal confinement, and is never at peace.