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Posted 03 June 2006 - 09:22 PM

Wandering into the Blue Hen Inn, the young cavalier was intrigued by the plinky-plinky sounds coming from the corner of the room. He gathered an ale, and sat back to enjoy.

"Come gather 'round people where e'er you may roam
And i'll tell you a story of agin'
For the wise they may wander and are never at home
They're allways out somewhere 'magin.

He settled in.

In the taverns and townshops you see come and go
But you never see them for so long
They're in and they're out for they wander about
They may do, but they know right from wrong

So gather round people and well you may fright
For the ghoulies and ghasties do come in the night
For it's dark outside and they don like the light
And it's your blood they seek to be drinkin'

So gather yon people and have some more ale
And drink till you're pleasantly drunk
For the mind is an arrow it pierces the heart
And if ya can't think y'd better stop drinkin'

The wise they may wander and you're one of their own
I can tell by your attentive listnin'
Tho' circums may change and kings be dethroned
'Twould never do for to stop wishin'

Through lack of knowledge and its casual effects
We wreak and we wrack and we ravage
But give me a tool and i'll conquer the world
With my lute and my flute and my fiddle

Well you've sat and you've listened
this song's come to an end
And I thank you kindly too
You may come you may go
I've more songs y'know
But right now I think i'll go fishin'

The bard finished to a smatter of applause.

A spell came over the young cavalier; he looked around him, everything seemed preternaturally clear, and still. He wandered out and mounted his horse, resting by the fountain for a time. The monk, as usual, babbled on a bit to whoever passed by, but that was ok.