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II. In the Halls of Unseelie

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#1 Calum


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Posted 09 September 2006 - 10:04 PM

Drawing them down the corridor, the two began conferring in low voices. Jesq looked about him in wonderment at the strange battle scenes, trading scenes and such depicted on the castle's many murals. He began to wonder what he had stumbled on to here. The lore from children's stories told him that time passed differently here; would he return to find himself an old man ? His parents gone ? Perhaps he would not return at all, or might the faeries demand a geas of him before they would let him return to his realm ?. If so, he would gladly pay it for another night in these halls. He gazed about in wonder.

Voices were heard, and the young fey (or so she seemed) drew them quickly into a hidden corridor, one he had not noticed before. Perhaps he had been too busy running from people with sharpened bones for weapons, he thought angrily, stifling a sneeze in the dusty corridor. His companions drew to what seemed another dead end, but his brief time in this world, indeed in the getting there, he had certainly learned that all was not as it appeared.

Gazing curiously at his two companions he watched with some puzzlement as one placed an ear to the dusty wall. Drawing back with a look of annoyance, she turned to regard her companions. He opened his mouth and looked down with some surprise to find a hand clamped over his features. The fey regarded him sternly. He nodded, acquiesced, and the hand was withdrawn. Placing a finger to her lips, the fey carefully wiped a patch on the wall before once again leaning to listen.

Although known among the more earthly brethren for their acute senses, the young elf heard nothing, at least at first. As the silence settled about them, a whisper of voices could be heard.

#2 Vannel


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Posted 12 September 2006 - 01:28 AM

"... he has to die! No one borne of foreign blood must be left wandering our castle! You have a day. A day before woe befalls your family N..."

Immediately, a sharp pang of fear shot through the elf. It was time for him to make his escape. He never trusted the fey, nor the minotaur. It didnt feel right that the minotaur was allowed in the castle much more than himself. A conspiracy perhaps. Something was brewing within these walls. Something that could have an effect over much more than the faerie plane.

A pulsing light shimmers and appears in front of the band of three. In an instant, faster than they were able to realize the shock, it was gone. All that was left behind was a candle.. a black candle..