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From past to present

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Posted 15 September 2006 - 07:26 AM

Haley grew up in the castle of Lord Agrippa and the safe walls of the fair town Rune.
exploring the castle , running and playing with the rune children years went by.
As young Rogue Haley started to do tasks for Lord Agrippa who would send her from Rune to
Lowangen , New Rigil , Arcane and even far off to the Shadow Castle deep within the mandrake woods.
Many times you also could see Haley sit and talk to Balthazar and looking at the stars wondering
what else would be out there in the wide world of Alyria.
one day as Haley sat with Lord agrippa she sigh softly and as the Lord looked down at the young
girl he asked -what's on your mind li'l girl?
-Haley answered "I feel there's more for me to explore sir"
Lord Agrippa smiled at Haley
-"your right Haley you're old enough now to go out into the world i'll write a letter to my good
friend Lady Templeton and ask her to take you into her castle at the fair town of Templeton.
only a few hours away if you take the iron worm"
-Haley smiled "Thank you my Lord"
Haley took the letter from Lord Agrippa and walked of to the stables to get her mighty black
stallion , then went of to make her last round through rune saying goodbye to all the people she
knew and went of to Ganuk to take the iron worm to Templeton.

As Haley arrived in Templeton she went to the Castle from Lady Templeton , as Lord Agrippa had told
her to go to and she knew to find it quickly.
she went inside handed her horse to the stable master and went to see Lady Templeton.
Haley had found the good Lady fast and handed her the letter from Lord Agrippa.
-Lady Templeton smiled and said "Welcome to my castle and the fair town of Templeton.
I hope you'll enjoy your stay here as much as you liked Rune"
-Haley made a little curtsy "I sure do so my self My Lady and I hope i can be of any assistants
to you"
From that day on you could see Haley walk or ride through the streets from Templeton ,
and even many times in Tellerium and Frost Giant Keep doing her many duties for Lady Templeton.
As time passed Haley had met many ppl and became more and more known with all three places even
some times you could see her wander around in the castle of Frost giant Keep where she visited
the king or town hall in Tellerium where she talked with Lord Telli.

the years went and Haley had become a very skilled Rogue and even learned the healing skills of
a Shaman.
things were going well for Haley still there was some thing deep inside her that made her
one day as Haley came back from one of her quests she spoke to Lady Templeton
-"I would like to go see Lord Agrippa again"
-Lady Templeton smiled "I really enjoyed having you here Haley so take some while off and go see
my good friend Agrippa again and give him my greetings"
-Haley made a quick curtsey and said "I sure will my Lady"
then Haley hurried to the stable and took her horse and went off.

Haley took the Merdraco back to Rune and when she arrived there a few days later the first thing she
did was ride of to Agrippa and bring him the greetings of Lady Templeton then Haley went into
town to visit all of her old friends.

A few days later as Haley walked through the streets of rune deep in thoughts she bumped into
some one as she looked up her eyes looked into the most beautiful brown eyes she ever saw her
heart skipped a beat
-Haley blushed and spoke with a soft voice "I'm sorry sir"
-the young man gazed at her his hand on his weapon but didn't speak and went on his way.
-Haley shacked her head to clear her mind and went back to the temple to visit Balthazar and
told him about her meeting.
-Balthazar smiled "You must have met the great warrior XXX a young man of less words"
-Haley sighs softly
-Balthazar looked at Haley "aye young lady has the mighty XXX hit a snare"
-Haley casts her eyes down "I guess , I never met a guy with eyes like his i wonder if i ever
will meet him again"
-Balthazar spoke "don't worry i bet you will" then he smiled
Haley jumped up and gave her good friend a hug and ran off "I sure hope i do" were her last words
as she ran down the stairs.


It was a few days later as Haley sat in the garden of life on the white marble bench enjoying the
late fall sun watching the deers peacefully graze.
totally aware of her surroundings as a good rogue she was she heard all the noises around her
and laughter of the children playing not to far away in the streets of rune as all of a sudden
she heard a voice behind her saying "sup girl?"
Haley jumped up her hand already on her weapon as she looked up to the young man she had walked
into not to long ago this time Haley never heard the sound of footsteps or what ever.
-The young man beamed a slight smile "did I scare ya" he spoke
-"kinde" Haley said "I usually always hear people coming"

Haley sat down again letting her weapon rest on her hip the young man walked around the bench and
asked politely "mind some company?"
-Haley smiled and pointed at the place next to her "it's free"
"haley it is i heard" The young man spoke
"XXX" Haley replied
-The young man smiled "you did your home work I see" he said
"As did you" Haley said and both laughed

Both young people sat and talked for a while
As the sun slowly set down and the night came the runic bells hit midnight before they knew it.
"wow this late already" Haley said "i'm really sorry I have to go but duty calls again tomorrow
and i need to get up early"
"As for me" XXX said
they both got up shook hands and went each there own way.

befor Haley went into the castle she walked to the stables to check up on Black her horse some
thing she always did before she went to bed.
-Haley cleaned the water bucket and filth it with fresh new water and gave him his last meal for
the night as she softly spoke more to her self then to the horse "there have been men in my life
who catched my eye but this one got my heart Black"
-the horse shook his head and snort as if he had understood every word she said.
-Haley smiled and gave her horse a sugar lump stroke his silken soft neck and said
"You're my best friend black and it always seems as if you understand me"
then she closed the door and walked of to her bedroom and went to bed.

From that day on you could see the two young people in each others company a lot walking through
the streets of Rune or riding through the country.
still both had to tent to there own business some times Haley could feel this strange prickling
on her back as if some one was watching her at first she didn't realize what it was until she
found out it was XXX who kept a guardian eye on her he some how just always knew where she was
and what she did , at first it scared her but as time passed Haley got used to the idea of having
XXX always near her.