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The Gongra fruit

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Posted 11 November 2006 - 02:45 AM

One day a young lady came to town. She was rich, with many furs, and had the trappings of wealth adorned about her body. But one look in her eyes, and you could tell she was not happy.

A lazy vagrant asks, 'Pardon me, but do you have any spare coins?'

She looked ..Empty, distant, as if always thinking of something else. Even when she smiled, it was a deep, wan smile, with nothing behind it.

You give a lazy vagrant 10 gold.
A lazy vagrant exclaims, 'Much obliged!'
A lazy vagrant tips her raggedy hat.
{You wink at her, and try not to wrinkle your nose}

Deuze has arrived from the south.
'Won't you sit with me a bit and talk?' an elderly person asks.
Deuze leaves north.

Many of the young beaus in town were enamoured of the young lady, and sought her hand.

Deuze has arrived from the north.
'Won't you sit with me a bit and talk?' an elderly person asks.
Deuze leaves south.

They would visit her, and talk of themselves, their riches, their wealth, and of the great things they would do.

She smiled sadly at them, and sent them on their way.

A crafty rogue seems to disappear as he steps into the shadows.

One day in the market she saw a young fruitseller. His hands were chapped, his voice faded, yet his eye was strong, and his smile was there for all to see. He saw the young lady, and wisely did not pursue.

Over the course of several weeks, the young lady found herself gravitating towards his stall. He would deal with her maids as she pointed out this fruit and that. Once or twice their eyes met, and they would draw away; hers sadly, his with a well-hidden gleam.

One day she spoke to him, as if out of a great silence. Can you imagine what it was she said ?