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Lost and found

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#1 Erk


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Posted 17 April 2007 - 02:29 AM

Life on the chicken farm is pretty uneventful. I mean, sure, the chickens are viscious, evil little beasts that keep you in constant fear for your life, but even that gets a little vanilla after a while.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I crept into the coop in full armor to get some eggs and discovered among the sleeping hens, a young male dracon sitting on one of the nests!

"Are you crazy?!", I whispered to him,"These chickens will tear you from limb to limb! You should get out of here, NOW!"

To that, his only reply was,"Bwwaaaarck!!"

Looking a little more closely, I could he suffered a nasty bump on his head. The injury had been bleeding but clotted over, and was badly swoolen.

Before I could urge him to safety however, one of the roosters strutted in and raised the alarm, forcing me to flee! It was all I could do to escape with my own life, let alone the poor dracon's!

Safely back in the farmhouse, as I worked my way out of my shredded armor and changed my underwear, I happened to glance out the window and witness something astonishing! The young dracon was out in the yard among the hens, none the worse for wear, bobbing around, clucking, and pecking at the ground! He seemed to think that he was a chicken and, for some reason, the chickens had accepted him!

I'm writing this notice in hopes that someone who knows this dracon, or knows someone missing a dracon, will contact me so that a suitable rescue can be arranged. The dracon is a young male with blue-gray scales, amber eyes and a scar under his right eye exending halfway across his cheek.

Please contact me as soon as possible because I don't know how long this tenuous situation will last. These chickens are pure evil and quite clever, making me suspect that they may be toying with me, accepting him like that. Indeed, last week I caught them 'fishing' for children, with a teddybear on a line tossed outside their pen (see my previous bulletin asking about missing local children)

Again, please make haste in contacting me, as one of my more amorous roosters seems to be taking 'special' notice in him.

#2 Erk


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Posted 18 April 2007 - 06:46 PM

I'm still waiting for word from anyone who knows or can identify this injured dracon on my farm.

This morning I found an odd-looking egg in the coop. I'd hate to think he's been coupling with my chickens, but I'm destroying the egg just in case. The last time I had fire-breathing chickens on my farm they burned down my windmill and barbequed my neigbor, poor old Mr. Mcgee.

Thank goodness I was able to find some poor sod from Vospire to take them off my hands. Though, after she collected her insurance and bought a beachside home, Mrs. Mcgee said a number of her girlfriends had been asking for them.