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I so want to start a RP one

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#1 Deidre



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Posted 09 September 2007 - 12:45 PM

I want it to be a love story but with lots of action....sooo someone start and ill jump in =p

#2 Vassago


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Posted 09 September 2007 - 11:20 PM

Torrin's grappling hook clinked softly as it caught on the decorative facade of the mansion, three stories above him. He froze, casting his senses (refined by years of training by the Thieves' Guild) all about him, listening for the slightest movement or alarm that would inform him that his presence had been noticed.

After a minute of this, he relaxed (only slightly) and began to scale the black granite wall, his heart filled with excitement at the thought of his beautiful lady friend Sifore, waiting impatiently for him in the bedroom, now but two stories above. He could see her silhouette in the window, backlit by a single candle somewhere behind her.

He swiftly reached the third floor, and rapped softly on the plate glass window pane. The silhouette shifted, and the window opened outward to reveal... a man's hand, featuring a large, ornate ring set with an emerald gemstone carved in the shape of a rose, the symbol of the Lord Yana, Sifore's overprotective father.

Torrin gasped and tried to slide down the rope, but the hand grabbed him by the arm with an iron grip and he slipped, his feet dangling uselessly as Lord Yana dragged him into the bedroom with inhuman strength.

Cast roughly to the floor, Torrin looked up through a painful haze at the glowering face of Sifore's father. He could see Sifore crying softly, cowering on her bed behind the man.

#3 Deidre



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Posted 14 September 2007 - 11:11 AM

Lord Yana turned to the guards of Lady Sifore's bed chamber and barked at them to go fetch Keli the courts very own Fey Assasin.
The moment Lord Yana had turned Torrin seized his chance to escape through the window. When Sifore's father realized what happened it was to late Torrin was gone into the cover of darkness.
A few minutes later came a rapping on teh bedchamber . When one of the guards open the door it was The Fey Assasin.
In a silky smooth voice she said "You have disturbed me at this late hour M'lord but for what reason ?"
" The rebel Torrin has been secretly sneaking into my daughter's room. Tonight when caught he escaped. I want him brought back alive so we can execute him and i may have the pleasure of seeing death creep over his face and teh very life leave thru his eyes. But if he struggles you have my permission to do with him as you please i only ask you make him suffer and bring back his head." Ordered the lord .
Keli merely nodded. " As you wish" She said smirking as she left the bedchamber to begin her hunt of the rebel. Before she was out the front of the castle she heard running footsteps behind her. She turned only to see Lady Sifore running to her.
"Please i beg of you spare him. For i love him so and he loves me so. Find it in your heart not to turn our love into tragedy" Lady Sifore wept and pleaded at Keli.
For a brief minute Keli had a flashback to a time when she to use to have a heart as fragile as Sifore's. She quickly dismissed the memory and waved it away with her hand.
"Lady Sifore i must do as your father commands. But if its any consolation prize i shall bring his heart back to you in a box made of ivory."
With that said and Lady Sifore in a heap on the steps crying Keli wrapped the Wizards cloak around her and dissolved into nothing, disappering into the dark.

( sorry i did my best but at least it got somewhere I do Hope vassago continues ur a magnificent writer)