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The story of Solanas

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Posted 25 August 2008 - 04:53 PM

The origin song tells of Solanas, the sun god, who lived alone in the sky. One day he created for himself three wives from his own body, which became the three moons. The moon goddesses were given the passages of creation so that they may bring forth other life. With his wives Marabah and Trigael he fathered the thousand gods known as the stars. The stars were given each their own place in the sky and dominion over various aspects of the universe.

Through Ina, Solanas had but one child, Alyria. The child was stillborn, cold and dead. Outraged he blamed Ina and pulled her eye from the heavens then cast it down upon the lifeless firmament. Ina sat for eight days crying in the darkness, her tears flooding the surface of her offspring. On the ninth day she threw herself into the oceans of sorrow that her grief had created on the planet.

Marabah and Trigael sang from the passages of creation to their fallen sister. Their music transformed her body into all manner of life that filled the oceans. So that their sister's children would not be alone, Trigael and Marabah opened the passages of creation again. From within emerged all the creatures of the land and sky. The stars too mourned Ina's fate and drew forth from the passages other races to fill the world with worship and song. This displeased Solanas greatly and as punishment he cursed these new children that were not his. Solanas deemed all thecreatures of the earth and sea to forever war with and feast upon one another and to find peace only after death.

Marabah and Trigael turned from their father in grief and gathering Ina's eye, they hid it deep within the bowls of Alyria. The sisters bound Ina's spirit into the brightest of the sea children, merfolk, so that she may one day regain her vision and return to the sky. The two moons, then, ran into the darkness of the night, far from their father's wrath.