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Body Found

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#1 Relaenar



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Posted 18 March 2009 - 12:31 PM

I normally do not take notice to any bodies that I find strewn across the land but this time is different.

I was traveling horseback from Rune to New Rigel when I decided to take some time to rest my horse and I. I stopped before reaching Traveler's Inn and led my horse through the forest to the east, finding a concealed location to rest.

As I walked I came across a dead young elf girl. She couldn't have been more than 20 years of age, however, with elves, it is hard to tell. She had numerous stab wounds in her abdomen. The corpse looked a couple days old, however, there were no signs of animal scavengers leading me to believe the corpse had been moved here not long ago.

I searched the area surrounding to see if I could find any signs of what had happened to her but there were none. I was preparing to search the body next but it was getting dark so I decided to sleep and search it in the morning. My ears have been trained to hear the slightest of sound and while I slept I heard some rustling in the thicket surrounding my campsite. I unsheathed my sabre and stood to face whoever had imposed on my campsite. I only saw a dark figure run from the thicket surrounding into the darkness of the forest. Whoever it was, moved very swiftly and I decided not to pursue in an area where I am unfamiliar. I did not sleep the rest of the night.

I searched the body the next morning and found nothing to identify the elf with except for an amulet attached to a necklace engraved "Asha". Which I believe in Elvish means Spirit. Besides that I can only tell you she had long brown hair and fair skin. I buried her nearby where I found the corpse.

My concern is finding someone who knew the girl or who/what might have killed her. I usually do not do such favors especially for elves but it's a pity such a young pretty thing would have to die in such a violent way. I can tell you the location of where I buried her and I currenly have the necklace in my possession. I hope to return it to whoever it should belong to now.

Oloth Tlu Xuil Dos

#2 Calum


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Posted 20 March 2009 - 06:16 AM

I'm not that interested in the amulet, but I wouldn't mind knowing where you buried the body.. :whistle:

#3 Erk


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 03:20 AM

Oh, I'm afraid that one might have been my fault. See, I was galloping at full speed down the North Road with a shipment of throwing knives that needed to be delivered to Dark's Emporium. Mr. Dark always seems to close early and won't pay me more than cost for late deliveries.

In my haste, I swerved to miss a squirrel and hit a tree. The box of knives tumbled from my pack and split open on a rock, launching the contents into the woods.

Fortunately, the young lass had been there at just the right time to catch them all, in her abdomen. In retrospect, those knives must be exquisitely well-balanced to land so lethally from such a flight. (Remember, you can buy them at Dark's Emporium on east Yew Street in Rune. Tell them Erk sent ya!)

To tell the truth, I was pretty worried that maybe some stomach acid or that black gunk in the liver might have damaged or stained the blades, and I'd end up paying for the shipment myself. But you'll be pleased to know that after a quick rinse in a nearby stream and some light buffing, they were as good as new! And I managed to get them to Rune on time for full payment!

As for the body being hidden, I don't know anything about that. I always leave my bodies right by the road. Even a skinny young elven lass will end up giving you back problems if you go soddenly marching across the terrain trying to carry her. Maybe some drunken vagabond picked her up as a hitcher and didn't realise she was dead.

Incidentally, for future reference, the Necromancer Guild often offers rewards for the location of "found" bodies. Usually, the bigger, hairier, and more grotesque, the better. But even a cute little elf is worth the price of a good meal and a bottle of Port.

Unless she was a bard. Noone wants an undead bard *shudder*