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A little bit of Burglary...

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Posted 05 May 2009 - 11:00 PM

Standing on the edge of Fourth street in Templeton, Phantasma glanced around to make sure there weren't any guards about. What he was about to do was enough to get him hanged. However, one of the sailors down by the warf had let it be known there were diamonds inside a particular house that could be his. A dozen things flitted through his mind while he contemplated his next move.

Suddenly a sidhe cavalier trotted into view.

" poo.. ' Phantasma muttered under his breath. He watched the one called Aslen move past and disappear from view. Slowly he exhaled and glanced around again. A sailor and another man in the distance. It was nearly noon now.

Phantasma hefted his battle axe and moved swiftly across the well manicured lawn. Just as he reached the side of the house, a patrol of Templeton's guards came down the street and he threw himself down into a hedge. He grumbled bitterly and watched them move slowly. What am I thinking attempting this in broad daylight! he chided himself.

When the guards were gone, Phantasma climbed to his feet and crept closer to the front door. He kept himself low to the ground to avoid being seen as much as he could along the way. He reached the door and paused before it, looking back up the street one final time. Since there was no one around, he decided to go for it and kicked in the door. The wood splintered and he crashed into the living room, startled to find a drow within.

" Just what do you think you're doing? " the drow asked curiously, rising slowly from his chair.

Phantasma said nothing. Instead he leaped for the man, his axe raised above his head. The drow was bowled over. Phantasma never slowed. He smashed his ebony shield down with brutal force into the drows face, turning it into jelly and killing him instantly.

When he searched the drow he found a key in a pocket sewn into his trews and stood up. Slinging his shield over his shoulder again he walked over to the china hutch and peered inside.

There they were. Glittering like light on newly fallen snow, the diamonds lay on a pillow of black velvet under the glass. Phantasma used the key to unlock the hutch and withdrew the pillow carefully. Without losing even one, he dumped the stones into his wool sack and dropped both the key and the pillow when he was finished.

Now that he had what he had came for, Phantasma slipped out the shattered front door and walked down the steps onto the lawn as nonchalantly as he could manage. He could barely contain his smile though. That had been too easy.

Templeton was such a great city.