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The Journey to the Tower pt.1

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#1 Phantasma



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Posted 06 May 2009 - 07:48 PM

'Aye there Matey, we'll be leaving for Sigil in a few minutes!' Ferryman Uther barked aloud, leaning against the pilot box on the Riddenmast. Phantasma Scarlet looked out towards the sea, one eye unobtrusively watching a drow that was hiding from the sun. 'Don't ye be mindin young Havelock there! He be studyin the ways of the sea!.'

The sea was calm as they set sail, the sun slowly sinking below the horizon and the twin moons taking up their positions in the sky. Far in the distance, light from the ancient stone lighthouse in the bay shone across their path.

' Any idea where I might find this Tower I heard tales about back in Rune?' Phantasma asked, turning to face the Ferryman.

'Well, there be an adventurer such as ye arrr near the Temple where we be going. I suggest ye take it up with them' Uther replied, keeping his gaze locked on the ocean before the Riddenmast. Phantasma nodded.

He'd heard the same from the locals too. Find the temple. Find the retired adventurers. Bring money.

Well, soon he'd be in Sigil. Soon he would see what the Tower was all about.

#2 Yralin



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Posted 18 May 2009 - 10:46 AM

There is a sudden crackling as a swirling vortex of sound and bright energy briefly appears, leaving in it's wake a young man. In Sigil's temple courtyard, it wasn't such an uncommon experience. The young man shook his head about and glanced over at a nearby druid.

"A fine sanctuary you have here, Master Druid," the man greeted. He brushed the dust from his cloak and made his way towards the druid, his graceful strides even and calculated.

"Ah, thank you. Who, may I ask, am I addressing?" the druid responded. He took note of the man's features just then. Shorter than most humans, he was closer to five feet than to six. It wasn't until the man was standing right before the old druid that he noticed the distinct elven features of the young adventurer.

This man standing before him had to be a Half-Elf, or at least had some elven blood in him. His face seemed to blend the two races together, with an angular chin and ears, but clearly human eyes. Also, he had a hint of stubble on his cheeks and chin; owing to his sea voyage to Sigil, no doubt. His dark hair was tied behind his head and sat over his cloak, running it's length to the middle of his back.

Yralin placed his traveling gear on the ground at his feet. "I am Yralin Tarahol. I've come from Lasler to Rune, then boarded the Merdraco to set sail for Sigil. I've come looking for work or adventure, and coin in either case.", he said.

A smile creased the old druid's face. So many of these adventurers have said much of the same thing over so many years. He must be some sort of fighter. A rogue or mercenary, perhaps, thought the druid. "Well if you are looking for work you could speak with Lord Vendredi. He always has work and no short supply of coin, either. You may even learn the lay of the land, depending on what he asks of you," he remarked.

Yralin took a mental note and flashed a smile. "I was hoping for something a bit more profitable than the work of the general adventuring populace. You see, I have heard that there are a few retired adventurers around here who could show me the road to coin and artifacts," he said. "If you know where I could find such people I would be very greatful." He dropped a hand to his belt and untied a small pouch of coin. Bouncing it in his hand to check the weight, he tossed it to the druid.

"Your donation to the temple is greatly appreciated, my friend." The druid waved one of his frail arms over the pouch, concealing it with his green robe. A small puff of smoke appeared and then the pouch vanished. "Your best source of information will probably be at the docks, as we have many travelers come in and out of Sigil. As I understand, the Riddenmast is due to dock shortly. I will mark the location on your map, just right here," he said, touching his hand to the map and leaving a small, ship-shaped mark on the first dock. "Take care to stay within the boundaries of the law, for Vendredi is ever-kind, but swift in justice."

"I thank you for your advice, Master Druid. I hope to see you and your lovely temple again soon. Be well." As he gathered his gear he gave a deep bow to the old man. Making his way south out of the temple and through the city, he wondered what riches await in the dungeons and towers of Alyria.

He soon arrived at the first northern dock, the arrival point of the Riddenmast Ferry. He took note of the many different races about, from diminutive gnomes and halflings to fearsome-looking minotaurs and dracons. Reaching into his pack, he took out some bread and cheese, thinking to eat while he waited for the ferry to arrive. He took up a little tune as he ate, an elven song his mother had taught him when he was young.

Some time later he heard the calls of the others around him, pointing to the ferry that had just docked. He heard a masculine voice proclaim, "The Riddenmast Ferry is now docked at Sigil! Departure in twenty minutes for Rune!" With that, Yralin stood and stretched out his stiff muscles. Too much time sitting, first on that ship and now most of the afternoon waiting on this one. A bit of adventure would do me well. he thought. Let us see what we can learn from the passengers today.

#3 Guest_inthuul_*

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 07:54 AM

The Riddenmast Ferry had docked at Sigil. Inthuul Ssussun stood leaning against a wood post on the dock. A young cavalier dismounted and shrouded by his cloak. Without a closer look you could never tell that this young being was a sidhe. His wings remained covered underneath his cloak and the light that seemed to enshroud most sidhe was lost from this one.

Inthuul's stomach growled and he realized that he hadn't eaten in quite some time. He had been focused on another task a task that had plagued his life for as long as he could remember. His search had left him empty handed and the chances of the being he had been searching for his whole life stepping off the Riddenmast was slim to none. He decided he would once again search the new explorers entering Sigil and then find a task that would earn him some coin.

As he thought about his hunger his senses picked up the smell of food being carried by the breeze. Inthuul could barely make out the facial features of a half elf enjoying bread and cheese. He let out a sigh, "if only I was a rogue I could just steal me some food."