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Join in, ze adventure is on!

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 03:38 AM

The amateur thief fumbled with the lockpicks, but she knew the importance of the moment and what honor will she gain if she completed her test successfully. Failure predicted a few nights in the miserable cellars of Port Simenbrook, an experience that shouldn't repeat itself twice.

A few quick clicks after, and scratches left on the keyhole by the ineptitude of the adrenaline filled thief, the lock gave way.
With a final look shot over the shoulder, sweaty fingers pulled the door slowly ajar. The old metal hinges creaked in protest, as though recognizing an unwelcome entity.
The thief grimaced anxiously, and shut the door carefully behind her.

The room was dark, and loud snores echoed down to the first floor from the bedroom upstairs. A sound sleeper, thought the thief, it might be easier than expected.
But a felony never felt easy until it was over, many unplanned events could happen.

The thief crept on slowly lowering her hood, noticing the old floor boards that could perhaps creak and give the thief's presence away.
The room was by all means spectacular, even in the low light from the small window, she could see a few ivory figurines of ancient soldiers positioned carefully on shelves, silver plates hung on the walls, rich oil portraits and scenery paintings, a crystal chandelier hanging from the middle of the ceiling, framed documents of past successes and achievements in the service of the old Lord of Port Simenbrook, sofas and cupboards with shields and trophies lining the walls.
The thief couldn't help but wince at a tiny stab of pain, it'd be a path she'd choose if she was born in the right family and not left as an orphan at the age of 7, pickpocketing strangers and sharing food from trash cans with the alley cats.

I'm here to steal only one item, I can't touch anything else as it was ordered, the thief reminded herself.
The Oxen-skin tarrot cards, the item she was instructed to steal was somewhere in the bedroom of its master, on the second floor from where the snores still rumbled.

She sneaked noiselessly, up the stairs but stopped abruptly as she heard soft sounds of a barefooted person dragging its feet on the rugged second floor hallway.
The thief glued herself to a shadowed wall, and waited breathlessly. A woman passed the stairs and continued to drag her sleepy tender body towards the other end of the hallway, humming an unknown tune.
A door opened at the end of the hallway, and closed a bit, leaving a big enough gap for the thief to slip in - a soft creak of bed springs echoed in the hallway as the woman supposedly lowered her body to the bed. The snores continued, and they seemed to come from the room the woman entered.

The thief patiently gave the woman 10 minutes to fall asleep, just in case, and crept slowly down the hallway and into the room.
The couple were asleep, the body of a huge fat man was smacking his lips in his sleep, no doubt dreaming of marmalade and huge chocolate cakes. Next to him, the woman slept soundlessly.

Next to the only window in the room, was perched a wooden chest, without any apparent locking device to lock it.
The thief sneaked a look out of the window, to see if her partner was still there.
Not disappointed, she opened the chest and looked inside.
The trick was obvious, a hidden compartment at the bottom of the chest under the pile of rubbish documents and a handful of writing instruments.
She opened it, with her trembling fingers and hoisted it up to reveal the Oxen-skin tarrot cards. They were packed beautifully together in a silver box. As she picked the tarrot cards, she noticed something was wrong.
The cards suddenly glowed aquamarine, outlining the thief in aquamarine as well - and gave out a loud whistle.
Terrified, heart in her throat the thief threw the cards into her hip pouch and sprinted out of the room as the couple was shockingly springing out of the bed!
She made it to the stairs, sprinted down in a few quick steps and ran towards the exit door.
The door was locked! Sure enough, the thief pulled the handle a few times and gave up. She had to think quick, the mental image of the inside of the cells flashed strongly.
The window! She sprinted quickly to the window in the entrance room and kicked it thrice in complete desperation until it caved in and shattered - it was laced with reinforcing tiny bits of iron, but the thief managed to break them, leaving a hole big enough for her to crawl out.
The remaining glass attached to the window frame cut her arm and shin, but she crawled out and sprinted to the meeting area she decided on with her partner, all the while the whistling of the cards was still heard from her pouch and the aquamarine outline didn't diminishing a bit.

"Krawk! You said nothing of such a trap!" she screamed at her partner, appointed by the guild to guide her and tutor this mission.
He laughed. "Then ye missed the point, dear Pommel. Ye were supposed to get caught, ye never experienced failure. It is important, so that ye'd fear it, but when it comes ye'll know yerself better.".
Krawk laughed again, heartily. What a show it must have been.
"How about that door? Did you lock it?" asked Pommel.
"Part of the test, sweetie. Let's head back, we're done fer tonight" he answered, unable to stifle a yawn.
Pommel the amateur thief snorted in anger, and let herself to be led back to the guild.
At least, the test went successfully, in their own standards.