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Another practise in the park

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Posted 08 November 2010 - 08:54 PM

The clearing seemed as if it was empty at first glance. The sun filtered through the leaves of a willow tree, the branches swaying with the wind, dancing to its inconsistent rhythm. The tree's extended branches splayed like out-stretched hands, the leaves the searching, prodding fingers. The shade cast various hues of green, shadows changing frequently into swaths of shafted sunlight. A few more willows were spread across the tufts and expanses of soft, bright grass.

On the far end of the clearing, before a line of trees blocked the continuous vision of the beautiful spot, a stream made its way from the outlying forest; clear water ran down the length of it, over rocks, swiftly flowing, but not deep enough to allow for swimming. Lily pads attached to their roots bobbed along, almost floating with the occasional uprise of current. Though the spot was entirely open to life, very little species seemed to stem from the area. No bugs crawled on the lily pads; no birds perched in the trees; no deer openly grazed. The only hint that something was there was the continuous choral melody whose source, when first surveying the area, could not be initially identified.

The sound was more striking than a singer's voice; it held more magic than the tinkling of bells. The tune, so carefree, yet purposeful, deliberate, could easily transport a wandering mind into a trance of complete and utter fixation. The melody was not boisterous, but it commanded attention; delicately, each plucked string hummed a note so brilliant that it was almost as if the composition was visible in the air. It weighed heavily on any listener and would, undoubtedly, stop him in his tracks. The small silver harp responsible for the incredible sound was positioned in front of a young elven woman, commonly mistaken for a growing girl due to her height. For as tall as she was, several inches short of five feet, her dark hair was almost as long. It was somewhat unkempt, its ends not entirely even, hanging well past the middle of her back. Dark fringe shadowed her eyes, making the blue hues difficult to distinguish. Occasionally when the wind, one of the few elements unaffected by the song, threw a more concentrated gust in her direction and her hair flitted away from her eyes, her expression was the epitome of concentration.

Dark eyebrows were narrowed in thought and, although her expression and posture were tense, her fingers moved as fluidly as water streaming from a crystalline waterfall. For an action that looked effortless, she was completely enthralled, unaware of of any activity around her, unaware completely of the encroaching footsteps that were sounding closer with each passing note. If the ones hearing the tune were caught in a trance, the woman found herself completely enraptured with the music. With each string her fingers brushed across, it was almost as if Ithilwen wasn't even playing the song. It came from within her and she was merely the pawn to deliver its message.

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Model: Valentina Kallias, Artwork: Ithilwen

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Posted 25 November 2010 - 02:20 AM

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.