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A Witch's Halloween

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#1 Seylin



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Posted 01 November 2011 - 01:36 AM

Alyria darkened swiftly in the chill October air, and the sun quickly fled Auryn as the sun descended on the towne of Sigil. Perched upon one of the walls near the southern gate of the city was a young drow, her body concealed in a deep red velvet cloak, the only obvious thing about her being the silvery sheen of her hands, the tops of them covered with swirling black runes.

Many of the townes in Alyria were inhabited by allegedly evil creatures, and it seemed adventurers of all experiences were rushing solicitously to defend the cities and their residences. The youngest adventurers of all made due in Sigil, and with a devious smirk, Seylin thanked the oncoming night. After all, what was Halloween without a little mischief?

All that was heard was a faint rustle of fabric as Seylin leaped gracefully from the top of the wall and landed with feline-like movements onto the ground below. She brushed a few strands of light hair from her eyes, easily adjustable to the night, and surveyed the various creatures around her, walking unbidden to Marefurium Way, picking up some rather delicious-looking candies along her way. The shopfronts darkened as if on cue, their storefronts becoming deserted as their keepers retired for the evening. Seylin leaned against one of the walls until the last shopkeeper, Samantha, had departed down the street.

Strolling unhurriedly toward Sanctuary Road, Seylin continued to pick up the various pieces of brightly coloured sweets as she passed them, perplexed as to why anyone would leave them lying around. Popping a bright orange ball into her mouth, she barely withheld a grin as an idea came to mind. Craning her neck to make sure no young adventurer was lurking, she lifted her hand and concentrated on the sweets, her eyes narrowing. The candies glowed with dark auras as the words for the spells hex and curse quickly issued from Seylin's off-coloured lips.

Satisfied with this improvement, Seylin set off in search of the younger adventurers, adapting a voice as sweet as the candy had once been in her head, and every time she heard the words 'Trick or treat!', she knew it would be to the young adventurers' surprise that they were getting both!

#2 Yralin



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Posted 01 November 2011 - 09:08 PM

Yralin pulled the hood of his dark cloak over his sooty black hair. Hoisting his axe into it's sling over his shoulder, he stood and made his way back to the tree to which he had tied his mount.

"The air has taken quite a chill, hasn't it?", he said aloud. "Let's finish these berries and make our way south. I can see Sigil's northern gate from here." His pegasus, a powerful-winged equine creature, pawed the soft earth of the plains in response.

Yralin had heard rumors of foul and unnatural creatures roaming the street's of Alyria's cities. During the season of Year's End the veil that connects the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinner than usual, and it's not unheard of for demons and monsters to break through and terrorize villages or outposts.

Since Sigil lies directly south of the Clan Hall of Diversity (a significant tribe of adventurers of which Yralin was a member) he found it important to investigate such rumors. After all, he had adopted the city as his second home. While he normally found employment through the Lord of the town and Great Council member, Vendredi, he recently took to a life of adventuring across Alyria. In light of recent occurrences, however, it seemed necessary that he learn more about these rumors and dispatch any denizens of other planes that seek to harm Sigil's townspeople.

With the effortless grace of his elven mother and the confidence of his human father, he climbed onto the creature's back and began his ride southward.


As he entered the massive ironbound gates of Sigil, Yralin noticed a number of members of the Guild of Shadows walking among some of the guards. He couldn't help but think that this may be a sign that the local law enforcement and other sellswords were preoccupied with the current influx of otherworldly horrors and unable to cull these criminals.

It took him some time to notice the unusual amount of garbage, candy, and confections that were littering the streets, however. He realized, then, that he'd forgotten to bring any treats for the people of the town. Smiling, he directed his steed toward Periwinkle Road in order to see Artur - a renowned halfling baker with a reputation for providing the finest confections in Sigil.

A smallish building with a perpetual fragrant scent, Artur's Coffee and Cakes was a haven for just that - coffee and cakes. Yralin often spent time here sipping various teas and planning adventures or relaxing with a betting game in the back room.

He took his usual seat in a booth along the side wall. He liked being close enough to chat with Artur, but he also preferred to keep an eye on the door. Working as a sellsword often served as a great way to make equal numbers of allies and enemies, after all.

Shortly after placing his order of several honey cakes (and a cup of coffee for himself) a girl bedecked in long grey robes strode into the shop. He regarded her curiously, as she was obviously a druid of some sort, but she moved as if she were under a trance or hex. Being somewhat accustomed to the odd effects of magic, he stood and motioned for her to sit across from him.

As she surveyed the shop and its patrons, her sky-blue eyes turned a uniform grey color. Her movements, formulaic, rigid, and lifeless, belied her connection with the spirit realms. As she exited the shop Yralin gathered his effects and set about following the entranced young woman.

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Posted 02 November 2011 - 12:35 AM

Scrooge slumbered peacefully. Having cast a silence spell upon his door, a good night's sleep was assured--no matter how many obnoxious miscreants set upon his house seeking to get their grubby hands on his hoard of fine sweets.