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Quest #62

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#1 Sharuuk



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Posted 01 December 2011 - 02:40 AM

This quest [62] is called 'The Noble Unicorn',
for Adventurers levels 25 to 40.
Lord Agrippa is the master in charge of this quest.
The mad Wizard Focault has stolen my favorite unicorn and locked it away somewhere in the Focault Magic Company. Rescue my unicorn and you will be richly rewarded for your troubles. Be wary of the guardians he has set in place for they can be quite dangerous to the unprepared adventurer! Feel free to deal with them as you see fit if they oppose your work on my behalf.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 32 quest points, 3 practice points, 17,800 experience points,
0 build points, 0 piety, and 2,100 gold pieces.
You have 80 Alyrian minutes remaining to complete this quest.
The Noble Unicorn consists of:
Phase 1: Journey to Before Focault Magic Equipment Company.
Phase 2: Journey to A Darkened Stairwell.
Phase 3: Recover a skeleton key.
Phase 4: Rescue a noble unicorn.


My gripe with this quest isn't the rewards or the level range...

It is the time alloted to obtain the skeleton key.

80 minutes is typically enough to complete the quest but the adventurers that carry the key don't always have it...in fact it can, at times, take multiple repops of the adventurers to obtain a key. Which ends up using all of the time and you time out of the quest.

I request that this quest either have the timer extended to 200-ish minutes to allow for multiple repops


That the skeleton key's drop rate be increased so that it is doable within the time frame alloted.

Thank you