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Druid Attacks

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#1 Paradox


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Posted 10 February 2013 - 01:56 PM

Phase 9: Recover an iridescent fish scale.

Samantha tells you 'Sorry, but I am not open for business right now. Come back between the hours of 6 am and 11 pm.'

1) Please remove all quest phases that make you sit outside a shop waiting for it to open
2) Having spell reagents as quest phase items is annoying, please remove those too. Its not challenging to fill up your locker necessarily to avoid consuming them while doing the quest, however that is pointless and adds nothing gameplay wise.

At the least, the quest creation commands could be blocked to validate a quest phase during creation, so at least we dont end up with any new quests where you need to wait outside a shop for 7 game hours to complete it or have to start lockering reagents to ensure the quest phase items are not consumed.

#2 Scrooge


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Posted 10 February 2013 - 06:05 PM

I agree, it is incredibly rude of the Lords and Ladies of Alyria to waste adventurer's time with these moderately difficult requests. In fact, all quests should require only the retrieval of quest items bought from the issuing quest master, this insistence that I go places and do things in order to complete a quest is really quite absurd.

#3 Paradox


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Posted 10 February 2013 - 09:44 PM

Scrooge, do us all a favour and choke to death on your own cock snot which, apparently, you seem to gargle so frequently.

These quests are not fun, they're poorly designed and you can try all you want to distract from that fact but just like you, they are simply a pain in the arse.

#4 Kasdeya



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Posted 11 February 2013 - 12:02 AM

What is this....cock snot...is that a new spell?

#5 Rathas


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Posted 11 February 2013 - 05:02 AM

Paradox, while I understand your frustration with it had you taken the time to read the quest it accounts for that in the quest.

This quest [32042] is called 'Druid Attacks',
for Adventurers levels 50 to 250.
Lady Undya [The Towne of Xaventry] is the master in charge of this quest.
Druids are known for their neutrality and oneness with nature. When
provoked, however they have been known to use the natural surrounds to harm
their opponents. Go and seek out a few of the druid trainers across the
land and practice evoking fire, water, air, ice and steam. Visit the druid
instructor here in Xaventry to learn steam invocation. You can find all the
reagents needed for it in the magic shop on main street. Travel to Lowangen
and learn the fire and air evocations from Sorina. The magic shop there
will provide you with the reagents needed for those spells. The high priest
of earth in Sigil will teach you how to evoke water on your opponents. You
can find the reagents needed for that spell at Samantha's Source of Power.
[b]Plan according to her schedule, as she like to close up her shop at night.[/b]
Finally, travel to the dangrous city of Pirate's Cove to learn how to evoke
ice from Barlack. You can find the reagents needed for that spell in the
magic shop. I know this is a lot to learn, but I am confident that you can
handle it. Hurry back!!
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 50 quest points, 5 practice points, 50,000 experience points,
 0 build points, 2 piety, and 5,000 gold pieces.
You have 499 minutes remaining to complete this quest.
Druid Attacks consists of:
Phase 1: Visit A druid instructor.
Phase 2: Recover a clump of dried seaweed. [ Hidden ]
Phase 3: Recover a charred brick. [ Hidden ]
Phase 4: Recover a sylph in a bottle. [ Hidden ]
Phase 5: Visit Sorina.
Phase 6: Recover a pinch of sulfur. [ Hidden ]
Phase 7: Recover a feather from a roc. [2 times] [ Hidden ]
Phase 8: Visit A high priest of earth.
Phase 9: Recover an iridescent fish scale. [ Hidden ]
Phase 10: Recover a petrified seed. [ Hidden ]
Phase 11: Visit Barlack.
Phase 12: Recover a shimmering white fish scale. [2 times] [ Hidden ]

I went ahead and bolded in the quest text for you there.

Like I said I understand where you are coming from but in this case the phase makes sense for the quest in question. Along with making sense for the quest, it also warns you that her shop will be closed at night and that you need to plan around that fact. This is a million times better then most of the quests out there that require stuff from shops that close do already.

Frankly as long as it actually makes sense as a quest phase for that particular quest I see no issues with it requiring items from a shop that closes.

#6 Paradox


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Posted 11 February 2013 - 08:34 AM

I am glad the text matches the phases, but that doesnt change the fact someone might need to wait 1hr 45m IRL to complete a single quest phase.

Why not make the item available for 1 hour a week and then just update the quest description? Then it would be a real challenge right!

I simply dont have the time to wait almost 2 hours to do one quest phase, and I bet many people are in the same situation. Thse are the people with work, kids etc. and are the ones more likely to donate to sustain the bottom line.

The MOST LIKELY result is that people will just put reagents on their alts and mail them to themselves or find another way to get around the "challenge". Or sell them in the bazaar for creating yet another false economy.

Same thing for having to locker reagents to avoid consuming them while completing another task in parallel. Look for smarter solutions ... Add some code to mark the item as a quest item when it is obtained so that it is no longer consumed when casting - or find another smarter solution.

Its the same kind of logic I have seen expressed before ... "well you can just script it yourself" ... seriously, wake up! If 99% of the players are using a script to solve a problem, just fix it in game and make the experience better for the next new player and then maybe we will retain new people and have a more dynamic and social game.

These aspects are net detractors and do not promote this great game in any way whatsoever.

#7 Perrin


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 06:23 PM

Remember the eye of newt phase from the Halloween seasonals? That quest was available from every QM and there was only one eye repopping in Deceit. I found some extras from when someone had done a master in Xaventry and I lockered them. You might consider throwing a few of petrified seeds and scales in your locker just in case you get the quest at night again. I know you don't find it an optimal solution, but it's the best/only way to make sure you complete the quest.

Also, I agree that Scrooge should keep a little more to himself. He posts on every other thread with something trollish just because he likes to read his own writing. On most forums, administration would probably have done something about it.