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fire wyrm bugged or not I'm done since I can't progress furthur

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#26 Galalad



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Posted 03 July 2013 - 01:17 PM

LOL!!! I've been away from the game for a few months. but I have this to say...If GALALAD can fight this and become an archon..ANYONE can be an archon....

Anyone who knows me will agree..ask Rascon, Fluke, Zaini..any of the big boys who CPK me with ease...


#27 Crysknife



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Posted 03 July 2013 - 02:08 PM

if I was able to complete the process as a human (...) then none of these crybabies should be afforded an easier go of it.

If I remember correctly, you were ranger/priest/bard, so you had dispel magic and slow. We psionics don't have those. We do have spook, which helps with spiders, but we have to rely on dispelling weapons to dispel, and we can't slow.

It's not impossible to kill the wyrm, but it might be if you are one of these heroes with no mastered weapons or adequate armor though. It seems like there is a great slew of people that have mark/bk leveled and rushed to 240 and are not at all ready to try DOA. As I recall, I had to just use a couple of axes and brute strength the thing. We can't all be valk witches and do it easymode style.

The way the game has been going for years, there's usually no leveling forms for 3rd / 4th classes, solo leveling is harder due to changes like kraken population on lakes spawning as if it were a single lake. Getting betters isn't so easy as it used to be years ago. So in general, I would say mobbing to level or to get betters has become harder, and leveling via boss kills / marks / pirating is encouraged. Camping for betters or w/e is discouraged.

I'm one of those heroes with no mastered weapons. My best are axe (81%) and dagger (89%). I wouldn't say that I'm a bad character for that reason. I did levels 1 to 3 of DoA in 1 go (without dying), and started 4th.

Problems with the wyrm, apart from its 4 defenses, is the frequency at which the healing script triggers - it varies wildly:
[li]Fist time I tried, I got the wyrm to 50% hp after 1 hour of fight (... and then my net dropped while I was in combat, and by the time I reconnected I was dead.)[/li]
[li]Second time I tried, I fought the wyrm for 3 hours, and was unable to get it below 70% hp. The healing script kept restoring 10% of its hp each time it triggered. After 3 RL hours of fighting, it was back at 100% hp, and then I gave up. (I haven't returned since, I still gotta try to figure out how to use system update #4401.)[/li]
So this thread died when Duey posted that system update. I don't see the need to revive it to troll / dis people again.

#28 Jinxt



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Posted 03 July 2013 - 02:21 PM

I completed DoA about 2 weeks ago. I honestly feel bad that when I fought the wyrm, it literally took me 10 minutes. Granted I am the valk/witch of the drow race. I could see where some people have issues with it. I had dispel/slow/witch debuffs/and bleakness in my favor. Weapon wise, all i used in DoA was a pilum, demented sword, and wand of the dark. The wand basically damaged everything I came across down there. But as Kaczia always told me, just take your time and use whatever you have available against it, eventually it can/will die. :)

#29 Floyd


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Posted 03 July 2013 - 05:59 PM

I used spear of bone breaking, twisted holly wand and uncalling.

Psionic also has SP efficient damage spells and irritation. Which, plaguing some of the NPC's can be hard. Or at least was when I did DOA last.

Even then I was not hitting harder than 270vs 0. Actually relied more on cure critical than leech. It wasn't very effective down there.

One go vs the wyrm resulted in it eating lava from vomits to scratches. So, it was doable just fine. Horrible change.

As far as dispelling with weapons go, perhaps scaly sleeves should increase the rate of dispelling.

Frankly-i wanted irritation so badly while I was down there.

The doll level can be more difficult than any of the other floors. Especially if the doll has been pushed a lot.

Shame there isn't some scripting on the cyclone to demolish gnomes. We need to put more incentive in game to not select that race than there currently is for faeries.

#30 Rainn


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Posted 03 July 2013 - 11:23 PM

lol. sounds like rascon has some recent experience in there. maybe playing someone else's character who we don't take seriously.

pretty sure we all bashed it to death. stop being babies.

#31 Damone


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Posted 05 August 2013 - 07:43 AM

Both times I completed DoA.. the hardest kill was always the Cyclone. I'm kind of surprised that the Wyrm is giving everyone issues. I followed the KoC website back then, I'm sure if you guys follow the new guide it shouldn't be too bad.. the damn trial has always taken some time, depending on your luck.