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Quest #32015 'Tower of Riga'

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#1 Oraniquitis



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Posted 08 July 2013 - 12:53 AM

This quest has no time limit.
Monk Training ! consists of:
Phase 1: Complete Quest #32138 'The Magical City'.
Phase 2: *Complete Quest #32137 'Reagent Training'.
Phase 3: *Complete Quest #32157 'The Physical Monk'.
Phase 4: Complete Quest #32159 'The Nimble Monk'.
Phase 5: *Complete Quest #32162 'Monk Curation'.
Phase 6: *Complete Quest #32139 'Spellbook Building'.
Phase 7: *Complete Quest #32161 'Monk Protection'.
Phase 8: Complete Quest #32163 'Monks and Magical Items'.
Phase 9: *Complete Quest #32140 'Mage Meditation'.
Phase 10: *Complete Quest #32158 'Monk Mixtures'.
Phase 11: *Complete Quest #32160 'A Monk's Magical Manipulation'.
Phase 12: Complete Quest #32164 'Resurrect'.
Phase 13: Complete Quest #32141 'Famous Mages'.
Phase 14: Complete Quest #32015 'Tower of Riga'.
Phase 15: *Complete Quest #32150 'Mage Tricks'.
Phase 16: Complete Quest #32015 'Tower of Riga'.
*You are on 1 of 20 maximum simultaneous ACHIEVEMENT quests.

<341hp 1009sp 435st> sayto gnome class

You say to a gnome druid, 'Class'
'You have already learned about this place.' a gnome druid says to you. 'I suggest heading to Rune and talking to Lord Agrippa about MULTICLASSING.'
A gnome druid hurries you on your way.
(Mount: 1318st)
<341hp 1009sp 435st>

I wouldn't mind having to do it twice, since it looks like my quest is wonky, unless it being wonky is what's preventing the gnome from giving me the quest in the first place.

#2 Balerion



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Posted 08 July 2013 - 02:17 AM

Not to distract from the topic but i have 2 possibly related questions. First, what is an achievement quest? Second, this quest is called monk training, do other such quests exists for different classes?

#3 Winterhart


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Posted 08 July 2013 - 02:30 AM

Yes the appropriate QM will give you the achievement quest for the class that relates to them. There is one for each class, each of them giving a mark for that type-block; meaning that the Mark of Magic (given by this A-Quest) is given to all mage-type classes, although each class is tailored for Psionic, Ranger, Monk, Wizard, and each of those is given by Lord Vendredi in Sigil, the City of Mages.

Now, back to on topic!

I hope that this quest can be solved by an Immortal that won't have him redo all of the quests he has done already, since 9/15 (in his case 16!) is quite a hefty load.

#4 Esker


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Posted 08 July 2013 - 05:37 PM

Send me a tell and I can give you those phases. I'll ask Bran to look into it.

#5 Bran


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Posted 10 July 2013 - 07:06 PM

Phase 14: Complete Quest #32015 'Tower of Riga'.
Phase 15: *Complete Quest #32150 'Mage Tricks'.
Phase 16: Complete Quest #32015 'Tower of Riga'.

Your quest was wonky. I've fixed it, and it should fix itself the next time you log in. If it does not, send me a tell or imail.