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The druids are escaping the wilds

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#1 Izayoi


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Posted 20 July 2013 - 06:45 PM

I would like to give special thanks to Nicias for inspiring me with his impassioned, verbose speeches in the days of yore when I was a mere first classer. I shall now make a similar appeal to all Alyrians regarding a very important incident that happened this day. Let us begin.

In the wilds, on the bountiful farms of Rune, a fight recently occurred where a young gnome was able to blink away in combat and escape.

Normally, PK victims are usually cursed/webbed and denied the ability to recall or blink and the only way to escape is by removing said curse or waterspouting away as a last-ditch attempt if webbed.

There are a few problems with this escape method as it can take several, rather long casting attempts to destroy curses and waterspout has a lengthy cooldown and HP penalty while webbed, so it cannot be a sustainable escape method. Intrepid pursurers may easily foil attempts at removing curse.

This feature made escaping PK favor druids and not favor priests or shamans or witches or Ithrilis followers as they can just travel multiple rooms with a few, short spellcasts while the other classes must wait out panic, remove any curses if applicable and cast word of recall or use a scroll or waterspout away, twice at most, often at heavy cost to health.

This feature also does not favor PK as there is a very simple option to escape a huge part of the game that a large part of the population cannot do so easily, for curses and/or web render that part of the population unable to recall or gohome away.

The mechanic isn't often expected in PK, and no help files point this out so new or low level or inexperienced players have no hope of countering it.

With this new feature brought into public light, it means that druids won't have to remove curse/word of recall or waterspout away.

I'm sure one reason this feature got added was to cut down on complaints by people who get ambushed in PK, usually outnumbered because the perpetrators steadfastly believe in the erroneous "strategy" of quantity-over-quality that any elementary age schoolchild playing a "cops-and-robbers" police leader would advocate. But a druid would NEVER fall for the aggressors' wiles as they could invoke vacuum away from the fray.

Drawing a conclusion, and I know I'll get flak for it, I have to conclude that this old feature mainly unbalances the power struggle between druids and all other cleric classes who don't possess vacuum invocation or items that cast it, if any, and also complain about said lack of items. I know there are other reasons, but this feature definitely favors druids over other clerics.

SO, is it fair? Is it balanced?

Due to many other factors in the game, even the mighty web filter has been rendered weaker now that people can vacuum invoke to escape from somewhere in the wilderness.

I know many of those changes are NEEDED because of the noobs who can't deal with the various ways to stop vacuum invoking.

This change is a change in a new direction that is rather troubling. Make areas where vacuum invocation is a TACTICAL PK advantage into areas where it ISN'T so druids lose what little combat advantage they have versus formations/unfair practices.

Since vacuum invocation makes getting into and out of combat quicker, it is also a spell that aids resource gathering for gold, items, quests, etc. Thus this change also makes it easier for druids to get items in Avarice and other places either to sell, stock, or quest with. Previously, they would have to recall home if they screwed up a quest phase, but now they can go back and forth between areas in Avarice to either PK, flee, or quest to their hearts content WITHOUT having to use word of recall scrolls. Also to escape PK. I'M GOING OFF ON A MEANINGLESS TANGENT BUT IT'S FINE BECAUSE MY MENTOR, NICIAS, SAYS IT IS OKAY.

Sadly, that was one of the few areas where druids had a 1 to 1 advantage over other clerics.

Druids has often asked for an item that would give them a number of charges of a spell to escape PK each day. I guess they can stop asking at least as far as the vmap is concerned as now they get unlimited escapes there.

What can be done about it?

Not removing it. Vacuum invoke was designed to be an unexpected ploy in challenging PK situations. Look at it this way -- the complainers want dumbed down PK with the assumption that the player base couldn't handle the spell OR they wanted to make PK more friendly to people who can't get the handful of items that DIRECTLY counter vacuum invocation or don't have/refuse to use the spells that counter casting in general. I understand dumbing down other spells, but a PK spell that has already been nerfed and isn't able to be used universally with plenty of counters? How often does vmap PvP occur anyway? Does it even constitute the majority of all PK, given all the pains in chasing people down on a map with virtually unlimited movement options and range? Also, why remove the ONE unique combat spell that druids have? Don't people web/waterspout/word of recall away enough anyway? Why recode a spell that grants one of the few things that druids had going for them?

#2 Gulin


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Posted 20 July 2013 - 08:33 PM


What I gathered from skimming over this though is that this problem is very similar to the calm blink vial problem that is also seldomly used and many other viable escape methods from pk that most of the playerbase doesn't think to use. I've never been sure if these were meant to be used or if pk in this game was meant to favor the hunter and once you initiate pk there is no chase and you have to stay and fight toe to toe till someone dies which seems kind of silly.

#3 Floyd


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Posted 20 July 2013 - 09:46 PM

While it is nice being able to escape one sided battles, the game has shifted to be skill-less pk. The tactics are no longer observing what your opponent casts or how they are fighting.

The supplement of "religious" spells such as air blast and 'magic'netic field have refaced the concept of pk.

Scripting has changed a lot too.

I do agree with Gulin. In most cases the hunter has a heavy advantage over the prey. With the exception of spells preventing players from leaving rooms. Nothing is more aggravating than trying to restrain players with large sums of paralysis resistance. Granted a few spells do substitute for 'web' spells this is situational.

If following the issue, druid may run from combat without panic/calm timers via invoke vacuum? This seems powerful. Does it work in any outdoors room, or just vmap?

Perhaps a handy script to summon PC druids whom invoke vacuums?

Really upsetting that there is a lack of middle ground players willing to duke it out toe to toe. It is either being jumped by formations or derelict players which are difficult to fight back against.

On the main subject, perhaps a few more 'USE'able methods of incapacitating vacuum fueled druids?

#4 Csia


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Posted 21 July 2013 - 01:57 AM

hook line and sinker

#5 Scrooge


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Posted 21 July 2013 - 11:49 AM