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Goodbye, best of luck.

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#1 Floyd


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 03:30 PM

After playing various characters over the last thirteen years, I have decided to part ways with this realm. Many players have made my stay both exciting and frustrating.

In no particular order;

Dragonburner, for you and the plots... Always was quite the joy. The surprise that you gave me years later was well worth all the times you used clan where to slay me.

Alyce, all the help and insight. At times things may have been a headache, though you were quite a helping friend.

Toothgnasher, never was there a day where I did not annoy you... The help and direction you gave were priceless.

Sinbad... How you will never be forgotten. All of the times, the returners... You simply brought life to this realm.

Mikun, I will always remember the adventures we held. You taught me things I never knew. May success and joy find you in this realm. You will never be forgotten. Taikree!! Carry on.

Tannyon... TIXTIX. It seems you will have the last say, finally.

Vaticus, in one act did you win my trust and loyal friendship. You sir are a knight among knaves.

Esker, may you make this realm soar. Bring to life many vibrant things. With all the recent talk, it seems you have rather large shoes to fill. Be sure and forge ahead. Glory is on the horizon.

Spizy, you left long before the time had come... Memories of days well long past still echo in my mind. Doing things others never could. Honored friend. Was gifted being able to play with you.

Sensi, for all the things you showed and explained to me. Was saddened to hear of your fate. You too were taken before your time. I shall always miss you.

Duende, with all of the encounters we shared. The fits of eyesizzling text and facemelting punishments... I would have never changed a thing. How I manage to go undeleted was truly a show of your humanitary nature. Truly, the prince others have acclaimed you.

Vassago, with the change of events and the growing age of this realm... May it continue to flourish and produce new and exciting content. The time is now for the next turn, new greatness awaits. I wish only the best. Thank you the most. For keeping this place going, all these years. It must have been very difficult and trying. Sincerely.

To all the staff, I give my hearfelt gratitude. Constantly enduring my horrid attitude and mannerisms. For those who played and laughed along with me, it was very much a blast.

Players, those whom I've failed to mention; be it you left before I have or simply missed you... Had we truly any encounters, may they have fulfilled your desires of them. I tried my hardest to present a well rounded chaotic-good deviant. No longer do I have the desire to continue this charade. For all of the roleplaying and participation, may all of you have enjoyed the interactions as I.

#2 Storrm


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Posted 10 August 2013 - 12:23 PM

Peace out, Floyd. Good list B)

#3 Tamlin


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Posted 11 August 2013 - 10:52 PM

Best of luck man!

#4 Hullu


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 05:58 AM

Best of luck