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Alignment and Religion

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#1 Perrin


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Posted 13 February 2014 - 08:31 AM

CURRENTLY... there isn't a lot that suggests alignment is or ought to be important, gear aside.

As a potential fix to this, I have some ideas, that a couple of my clanmates helped with. But they might not want credit. Idk. It's late. It might have been more me talking and them making a couple comments and then me talking more. I talk a lot. It's a problem.

Deities with alignments of evil (-1000), neutral (0), or good (+1000).


Religious and holy spell power based both off of current alignment as it compares with that of the deity the player follows and their alignment as it compares with their races' natural alignment. Like so:

* -25% spell power for every 1000 alignment from natural racial alignment
* -25% spell power for every 1000 alignment from alignment of the deity.

Say an elf follows Yourban and uses channel faith, for instance. Yourban would be evil, elf good. At 0 alignment, the elf would have a -25% penalty from their deity and -25% penalty from their race, for a total of -50%.

If the elf followed.. Idk, King Sandoval or something, which would be good/good, and was at +1000 align, they'd obviously get 100% total spell power. If they were at -1000 align, they'd get -50% from each, and thus 0%, making channel faith completely ineffectual.

That way, choosing a specific deity would have some bearing on the game outside of a pray death string, and alignment would matter. Players would have to make weigh options more heavily when it game to gear, because getting to positive or negative would have greater impacts on their character than just wearability.

AND it makes sense in a roleplay context, which (while I don't roleplay) I think makes sense, especially for immersion.


#2 Thaen


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Posted 13 February 2014 - 09:37 AM

I follow Selvicia because of necrophilia orgies. I'm also a paladin. I constantly have to deal with my alignment dropping because of my Witch spells typically hovering around 700~ unless I farm the Catacombs of Shame every once in a while.

If my air blast decides to do low to no damage because I'd like to sanctify then I wouldn't be a happy empanada.

Alignment currently has bearing in checks for Consecrate Weapon as well as Protection from Good/Evil. I'd say making it have an even larger impact would be a bad idea since it's such a pointless grind to cap your alignment either way.

#3 Perrin


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Posted 13 February 2014 - 09:42 AM

Paladin's "target alignment" should be determined by either religion or race as opposed to "good unless you're a fish". That would help solve that.

#4 Harly


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Posted 13 February 2014 - 08:10 PM

I think alignment is kind of wacky as it is now.

a) I don't think races should have be be innately a certain race.
B) Right now alignment for most players just fluctuates are you go through the game and has no bearing on whether you are performing evil acts or not. For example, if I kill bosses because I want some pracs, my alignment skyrockets. Or if I quest/level in certain areas, my alignment goes way up or down.

They should re-do alignment, and not make it tied to the alignment of the mobs you are killing.

#5 Voramyd



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Posted 14 February 2014 - 08:11 PM

Make alignment dynamic. Perrin has an OK suggestion. I am not saying he has it exact, but put forward initiative to think about ways for improving the weight of it.

Thaen, was there not an adjustment to a few game mechanics recently? Meaning, to allow an alignment change from participating in various things. If there were more available methods to (somewhat) rapidly change a person's alignment...

I do agree, thaen. About the witch and paladin issues. It is poor implementation. If paladin were more dynamic with how alignment affected them(beyond sanctify and consecration) it may not be such an annoyance. I also agree with the sentiments of allowing a paladin to select their alignment requirement by religion. Though, what an evil paladin could do would need discussion. Would they simply work their consecration and sanctify spells in reverse?

Either way, how paladin works on sahuagin is trashy. Required to be evil for consecrating angelic items. Well thought.

Back on point-there should be more dynamic with alignment vs religious requirements. If you are angelic and follow a satanic cult, you should not be able to use their spells, at a very minimum allowed for a reduced rate and or increased cost.

This is slightly off subject, but does tie in slightly. How does human's bonus to religious spells work(does it really work)? What ways would this be affected by an adjustment to alignment?