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Posted 25 April 2014 - 10:43 PM

Guess I should add something. I've played the game off and on since 2001. I'm in the army or was rather, I recently accepted a direct commission into the airforce after 12 years of being in the army. its a lot easier on the body, and I meet a lot of smarter people, and it could even enhance my career. I am a married man with two kids, full time government job while playing an airforce guardsman. I am currently in Afghanistan having left about 3 weeks ago. When I left the game was active enough. I was getting chased by pkers, i was losing the players better then me, and yelled at when killing players smaller then me. When I started playing this game in 2001, the game was active enough, i was getting chased by pkers (though i got cpk'd more often as i didn't even really understand what it was), yelled at when killing players smaller then me. I deployed very often, and didn't get to play as much when deployed. However, when I was able to play the game was active enough, I was getting chased by perks, and yelled at when i killed players smaller/weaker then me.

I'm sure you get my point. Yes my punctuation might not be the best, and I might misspell words here or there. I have never been the most powerful player in the game, but I am not the weakest. I quested for many years on telnet as that was all i had, and clan 120 had me thinking that was the best. I always considered this a game, never got into role playing, and yet when i archoned i was so happy irl it was weird and confusing and exhilarating simultaneously.

I have never had enemies in this game, although several hardened PKers enjoy chasing me around and killing me. I have been in runs with any clan/alliance throughout my years of playing, even with the same people who try to kill me when not formed, and even resulted in being kicked out of a clan for being on a run with and 'enemy clan'. I have heard rumors of cheaters, problems with imms, gold bugs, I never really studied the game to learn all of the nuisances which could have helped me be better, but I never concerned myself with the 'cheating' 'lying' etc.

I have always looked at this game as not so much an 'escape from reality' but a fun extracurricular activity that i enjoy playing when having nothing to do irl, especially after i quit drinking.

This is all random, and I could probably go on and on. But if Alyce cheated or not, apologized or not, imms made mistakes or not, code broken/stolen/deleted or not. I will continue to play until I am no longer able to get on the server or something happens irl that makes me unable to play.

I have seen the same people COMPLAIN ALL THE TIME about every little thing for years, on pktalk, archontalk, relay, here, yahoo.com, cnn.com and www.us.army.mil (okay three of the above i never saw MM complainers on).

Bottom line. CAN WE PLAY THE GAME?