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Random 'punishments' for rules I'm not aware of

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#1 Rainn


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 01:14 AM

This user was disabled as part of a ban placed on them by an administrator. Appropriate options were given for resolution of this issue, if you choose to not use them, that is your own decision.

Everyone carry on.

to/by whom?
i was told not to post rascon's criminal record publically in may or thereabouts. no one's spoken to me since then. i'm just magically talking to myself or unable to do anything on the website.

maybe it was moderator egoful, even tho i've openly worshiped her as goddess for 5 years. seems logical.

so the rule i broke was, stop implying alyce is cheating?
my advice is for alyce to stop looking like he's cheating.

i get it. you want me to ignore the white elephant in the room. i'm not going to. it's long been a nothing to lose situation.

here in the world of self respecting free men things like 'i've been treated like crap' matter more than the compass, the ability to walk southwest, or whatever nasty emoting mob duey's concocting this week. your competitors are too plentiful, and your product not unique enough, to warrant tolerating this kind of BS.

offer some more legitimate cheaters their characters back. that should resolve your little attendance situation.

#2 Dreven


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 04:21 AM

I know its really not your thing but get over it and move on. Or don't get over it and move on. Anything but show up only to try to cause a problem and then become offended when there is a problem. I know you disagree with what has happened here but its just how it is and as much as you would like to you have say so in the matter you do not. Life is to short to spend if trying to cause problems for a mud. Just move on. No one is unaware of how angry and bitter you are.

#3 Galalad



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Posted 09 August 2014 - 10:41 AM

I'll be honest. I'm unaware, and also I don't give a shit. Play the damn game, or don't play the damn game. BUT STFU for crying out loud.

#4 Floyd


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 12:37 PM

Look... honestly, Rainn. You and I (again from my perception) never had any issues. You showed competence. Heck did a bit of content with me to boot...

To the point - just because someone spent a quarter of million dollars to cheat and have their way... who cares. It is because they cannot play otherwise. Is it directly affecting you? Honestly, is it still even happening? The only two people who will know are the alleged and the defendant. Will anything be done if it still is happening? Not likely.

To be blunt(no, not that big skunky rolled up illegal substance) it hardly affects or effects anyone's gaming experience. Well, beyond Alyce's disco stick riding crones.

In closing, put them on ignore and forget them. There are still some honest and fun people to play with. It is just a game. If someone has to have game genie mode on then they suck. End story.

I absolutely hate seeing the remnants of this player base going away. We cannot replace the number players that are being driven away. Just not happening. So please... just give it a rest before the staff goes up their own wazoos to be more "helping" to your decisions.

#5 Rainn


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

sound advice floyd. i'll certainly not heed it. i'm also glad clan diversity has an opinion, but i can't hear them with their noses up alyce's ass.

a channel ban is a punishment. it has a timer & what i allegedly did. this is alyce ousting players he doesn't like, and if he can't seperate the two why should we believe his cronies are capable of anything different.

when i was channel banned, the jist i walked away with was 'don't talk about alyce.' if alyce wasn't so prevalent in the game he wouldn't warrant so much discussion. the player base was too small to start, for me to pretend like he's not the guy who archoned deathsmasher. vass sold the game to a known cheater, and then he's surprised when there's issues, lolol.

'your' chief rival (in that you can never catch them,) handles it thusly:
"When you imm, you have to be prepared to give everyone a clean slate. Old grudges have to go away and while friendships can (and should) continue, they have to have no impact on your acts as an imm. If you can't handle this, don't apply."

this includes things like, giving all your friends immortals, telling them how to pull the gear you cheated to acquire, archoning your friends. (thought we forgot about ol' jeahan didn't you? i didn't.)

spend 10 mins in a real game. you'll see what a joke this all is. anyone who thinks they're getting a fair experience here is sadly duped.

#6 Uwe



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Posted 09 August 2014 - 10:24 PM

I don't really play all that much but I find this all funny. You don't want to play but yet you want to come on and fault whoever for whatever.

If you don't like the game, management etc, then don't play it and find something else to play.

In the real world when you don't like something anymore or it isn't fun - you stop doing it and move onto something you do like. It happens all the time.

To think that things like this (if not worse things) never happened under previous administration (or any online game for that matter) is pretty ludicrous. Shit happens and you deal with it or you don't.

#7 Floyd


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Posted 10 August 2014 - 12:26 AM

People will always go back to what is comfortable. Maybe, if a player cares enough to complain instead of leaving... it shows that they can be kept if things were adjusted fittingly.

Those consumers(players in this case) which do not complain and simply leave to never return are the ones that will be most damaging in the end. There was no feedback or implications as to what the cause for customer dissatisfaction happened to be. No room for growth or progress.

To the troll alt Uwe, those actions on your part accomplish even less than Rainn's complaints and moans. We get she is displeased. There is even ample statements as to why. I know that by posting this, I as well will be placed on the executive trolling line. *shrug*

Honestly, these instances are the best thing the game can hope for because it gives feedback on the community and events in it. Seeing so few people here have any comprehension of customer service and retention, it leaves no questions as to why the player base keeps walking away.

I agree, a truly unhappy and disgusted customer will never return. Nothing can be done. However, many of us grew with this realm and find it hard to leave. The worst is, being a Multi User Dungeon... with ten to fifteen people actually playing at any given moment. It is slowly becoming stagnant. Heck, with people like Rascon and Perem sticking four characters in social and "playing" one, well it is not helping. It simply belies our actual community size.

Sadly, for many more reasons than "lacking time" this realm is losing players. I see the staff has acknowledged this. See they are making goals for improvements. We all can hope that players will come back. Though, the first step is keeping those on the edge. Not telling them to pack it in. I trust we all know the maxim "one happy customer brings another. One dissatisfied customer tells ten others." The MUD community is small.

#8 Rainn


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Posted 10 August 2014 - 12:51 AM

if dear lanasar looks up my record, my only imm interaction before this started was duey threatening to delete my bf.

i feel persecuted, and turning the other cheek is insanity, where i'm from.

if the rules aren't across the board, and don't apply to everyone, it's just bias and BS.

rascon's been playing someone else's characters for 5 years. poor katran's been attempting to get by the insufferable rock spiders at DOA, when friends of alyce don't have to. insanity straight up threatened to murder me, and she retained her channels, while mine just vanish without notice or warning.

i've had a lot of time for things like, soul searching & glitter manicures lately. it occurs to me i'm not afraid of death as much as dying with words still on my lips. if they're curious where those archons who were here in april went, many of them left under similar circumstances.

#9 Floyd


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Posted 10 August 2014 - 01:36 AM

I guess you mean semisleeper being rascon? Someone said it used to be a different player.

Katran actually finished DoA unless non archons can use that sub forum. Though yea, alyce did domain for a few people now.

It is what it is Rainn. I honestly... I come back because I enjoy playing with the last few friends I have. Though, slaying the same boss 20 times for a specific item to drop once is insane.

Consistently, for roughly forty hours of play time the last week or so... there are less than 20 players active during any of the hours I play. Maybe the "peak hours" are for the owls... who knows. Regardless, if you lack the right name chances are you will not go far. Especially now. That much I agree on.

Perhaps I have become jaded, cynical or otherwise negative. The proof is in the pudding. A lot of great players all left around the same time. Hanging out, offering to be a friend or helping hand to anyone I see... nothing changes.

I miss when there were always people to hang with and always a clique to hop in and run something. *shrug* What I do know is, Rainn... at this time, no matter your requests, pleas or otherwise... you and I are in the same boat. Wrong name, wrong decade.

Maybe it is time for everyone who "sucks" and "no one likes" to split? What will that leave for a player base? Going to get pretty old. Hell, beyond Kurik, Toothgnasher, Spunkie and ole wascally Rascon there is not much for people to "jump" you in CPK. Due to all the retired players with gobs of trash in trunks, drop rates are trash. Maybe the drop rates are same as before, just so few people doing runs... makes it more noticed.

With that, I will leave it to the hyena trolls to come and pick this carcass of a thread to death. Bet there is something good one of them has to say.