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Recollecting Diversity (Invitation Only)

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 04:00 PM

The branches stirred in a mild breeze, the leaves sighing softly; the ones sprouting from the lower branches seemed to absorb some of the moonlight and reflect it in a soft white aura while, higher up, the stretching limbs of the tree disappeared as the dark sky swallowed them up in the evening shadow.

The great Tree of Life was aptly named, or so Ithilwen thought standing meditatively before her clan’s hall. Life in this tree, from this tree, and surrounding it had been avid, exciting, and constant lately; life had also been angry, unjust, and confusing as well, but there was life all the same, vibrant life in the shouts of laughter, shouts of anger, shouts of joy and pain and celebration. The young elf Ithilwen sent a silent, but grateful prayer to Ithrilis for blessing her and her clan and an extra blessing to Ina, who guarded the waters just north of the tree.

Ithilwen knew better than most that within the tree there were sprawling branches leading to rooms, both hidden and unhidden, used and unused – mazes, libraries, training grounds, offices, dormitories, treasure rooms – all safely concealed on the outside, all protected by this mighty tree. The tree didn’t protect just the rooms though, she knew; it protected the members who held it. A smile came unbidden to Ithilwen’s face just thinking of those members.

It was reaching close to sixteen years that Ithilwen found herself in Diversity; it had been her first clan and, save for two days in which she had left out of sadness, it had been her only clan as well. The Tree of Life had stood great before she joined, after she’d come back, and still today; yet even so, it seemed brighter now, larger now. The good days were upon them, but it had taken much to get there, and things had changed so much from when Ithilwen had first joined her clan.

Few of the once-familiar faces of Diversity remained in Alyria; travel, life, and death had taken them elsewhere. Others had the same faces, but were not the same people. Some had never belonged and some had found truer homes. Some, she hoped, would return back to the clan one day, but she had learned the hard lesson of letting loved ones go long ago, and it wouldn’t do to dwell on the past when the present held so much promise.

Eager adventurers had taken place of the once-sedated adventurers. Ithilwen had often been told the way she chose to run the clan was far different from the days of old, but it didn’t trouble her. She wasn’t from those days; she respected the past and upheld the morals of the clan as they had been when she first joined, but this was a new clan, a new era. Knowledge is power; that was there clan motto. The knowledge to know when to change was as powerful as any old secret, she knew, and she allowed herself a small smile at knowing her clan had made it.

Every day when she awoke, she knew it, and every evening she went to bed. A guiding force in her life had always been her clanmates and the drive to work harder for them and for the clan itself. Knowing they felt the same way was more than she could have ever asked for; seeing them demonstrate it daily made it clear: she had found her purpose, and so had they found theirs.

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Model: Valentina Kallias, Artwork: Ithilwen