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The "Kept" item attribute

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 04:30 PM

The "kept" item attribute is a flag that prevents dropping an item via 'drop all', instead requiring the explicit 'drop item'.

While a great idea in theory, it suffers from a few major problems:
[li]In order for kept to function usefully, it needs to be applied to all items in the inventory. This is impossible with the current system. The donation item that applies the flag is type 'container' meaning it is impossible to use on other container items, making it completely meaningless in the vast majority of cases.[/li]

[li]Even if the vandyne favor was changed to permit containers, temporary items such as bookcovers, chipped vandemaar orbs, toyboxes, armoires, stampbooks would be impractical to flag as 'kept' - and following the previous logic, unless all items intended to be kept can be flagged, the entire flag is meaningless.[/li]

This leads me to the following proposition:

Allow the kept flag to be toggled with blacksmiths for a gold fee. (ie. shop FlagAsKept item) In addition, make the kept flag a default on collectible containers, bookcovers, chipped orbs, and similar items (as a per-item fee on those items would render the system pointless).

While kept is a donation option, as it stands, kept isn't actually applied to items to make use of the kept flag, it's a side effect of adding the insulated flag to items. As such, making the flag more accessible would have no meaningful impact on donations.

The primary benefit of such a change is that it adds a legitimate alternative to the current unpleasant situation where there is a huge incentive to keep autoloot off while using a trigger that checks the contents of a corpse. It's currently a major time-consuming annoyance to purge clutter from inventory, so it pushes players towards not looting by default to avoid the hassle - at no real benefit.

Such a change would significantly improve quality of life, has no obvious downsides, reduces the need for triggers, and presumably requires very little development time.