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Playing a Barbarian as first class

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Posted 20 March 2015 - 07:11 AM

Hello! I'm pretty new to this game. I decided to go as Barbarian dwarf because its a good newbie class (so I'm told). Its super easy to level but also a bit bland. What class path do people usually take after barbarian? Was dwarf a good choice? Half of me wants to switch to cavalier or paladin so I can have the ability to ride a horse. I wouldn't want to go valk (even if it is better) because I don't like playing a female when I'm not actually a female! My reasoning was I'd pick barbarian because they are great fighters and then choose a mage as my second class and play my character like a spellsword or battlemage. What do ya'll think? Input is super appreciated. Thanks!

#2 Thror


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Posted 20 March 2015 - 05:14 PM

Your first question what what class path do people usually take after barbarian. A common choice is ranger as a caster/magic class. Ranger receives riding, so then you would be able to combine Riding with Barbarian Rage, which is a very good combination. Your choice of dwarf would also let you choose Bard eventually as a thief class, which complements Ranger very well by giving you access to spells that you would otherwise miss. The only remaining choice, for cleric, would likely have to be Priest, because you will want certain basic spells. This is an indirect answer to your semi-question/semi-statement about considering Cavalier or Paladin for riding.

You are right that first class play can be a little bland. The more you level and the more classes you choose and unlock, the more abilities you will have access too. Perhaps unfortunately, most of the dynamic play takes place at max level, but you will have lots of choices and things to do at that point.

With respect to what to choose for second class, a mage-class is a common choice because it requires a lot of practices (good to get that done early) and because you will have latent spell points just sitting around doing nothing. You still won't be able to cast a -whole- lot because of the need for reagents, spellbooks, memorization, high level complexity, regeneration, and other factors, but you will be able to cast some. Just be warned that by choosing a mage class, you won't have access to a reliable healing spell until at least third class.

Good luck, and I hope you stick with the game.