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Suggestion for a way to allow an increase in max XP per kill.

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Posted 25 March 2015 - 08:02 AM

After recently returning to the game in a semi-active capacity, and attempting to level a mid 3rd class character solo (it’s pretty quiet when I’m active, and I don’t know many people any more) I wondered if it was possible to add a way to (temporarily or permanently) increase the XP per kill/XP cap after a certain point in the class (such as when levelling solo becomes an unbearable grind for 6-7+ million xp at 45k a kill :) ).

I’m not trying to break game mechanics or ruin things, but unfortunately that nature of the beast is such that there are less players, therefore less people to form with at certain times, and unfortunately in this day and age repetitive grind isn’t as attractive as it used to be, killing the same mobs over and over, even interspersed with quests, marks, exploration, etc, is an uninspiring aspect of the game that could be helped along a little bit.

With that in mind, I wanted to suggest something that you had to work for but would give a little extra help to take some of the edge off the worst part of the grinding in a class.


An ancient tattoo master – an NPC that appears in various fixed locations (NOT impossible to find), and, after completing a couple of quests, will provide the player with a temporary (either level or time based) tattoo that will increase the upper XP cap per kill.

2nd class:
Available from 110-119, XP bonus of 50% per kill (max XP per kill goes from 45000 to 67500)

3rd class:
Available from 160-179, XP bonus of 100% per kill (max XP per kill goes from 45000 to 90000)

4th class:
Available from 215-239, XP bonus of 175% per kill (max XP per kill goes from 45000 to 123750)

Tattoos could be either time limited, eg last for a week, month, or just level limited, eg fade once you reach max level for the class, or gain 5 levels, 10 levels, etc.

To begin the process, you have to complete a series of quests – one to make the tattoo equipment, one to gather ingredients for the ink, and a final one to find a symbol of power for the tattoo.

There would be a different set of quests/tasks for 2nd/3rd/4th class, with the items being slightly more difficult (but NOT impossible) for someone of that class and level to gather solo.

Depending on the expiry time/method, you can repeat the quests to get another tattoo. Once the equipment and symbol tasks are completed, only the ink task would need to be redone.

Example (yes, the items are crappy and easy, it’s an example):
You ask an ancient tattoo master about a tattoo.

“I can give you the mark of a hunter/warrior/etc that will increase the experience you earn from battle.”
“However, as a tattoo is a deeply personal marking, you will need to gather the needle and ink for me, and then find a symbol that will link the power to your aura.”

An ancient tattoo master touches your head and goes in to a trance like state.

An ancient tattoo master sways back and forth, humming softly.

An ancient tattoo master comes out of his trance.

“I will need a flameroot thorn for the needle.”
“I will need a shot glass of dragon’s blood and some black hoodoo powder for the ink.”
“Bring me these items, while I meditate on your symbol of power”
You hand a flameroot thorn to an ancient tattoo master.

An ancient tattoo master takes an old, sturdy stick from a pouch and firmly affixes the needle to it.

You hand a shot of dragon’s blood to an ancient tattoo master.
You hand some black hoodoo powder to an ancient tattoo master.

An ancient tattoo master takes a carved wooden bowl from a pouch and places the ink ingredients in to it.
An ancient tattoo master begins mixing the ingredients in the bowl, slowly forming a thick, oily paste.

“I have meditated long and hard on the symbol of your power, InsertNameHere. To truly incorporate the power and wisdom of the hunter/warrior/etc, I must mark you with the symbol of the bear.”
“To complete your tattoo, you must kill a and mix a drop of its blood into the ink.”

An ancient tattoo master hands you a carved wooden bowl.
Your blood freezes as you hear a bear cub’s death cry.
You hold your weapon over a carved wooden mixing bowl, allowing a drop of blood from a bear cub to fall in to the inky mixture.
You hand a carved wooden mixing bowl to an ancient tattoo master.

An ancient tattoo master examines your hands, determining that you fight right/left handed.

An ancient tattoo master dips the tattoo needle into the carved wooden bowl, coating the tip in the ink.

An ancient tattoo master sits at your right/left side and begins rapidly tapping the needle against your exposed skin.

Your arm begins to go numb as an ancient tattoo master continues his work, the outline of a fearsome bear’s head beginning to take form.

The pain from the constant jabbing is just becoming unbearable when an ancient tattoo master stops tapping the needle into your arm.

“It is done, InsertNameHere, may the spirits of the ancient hunters/warriors/etc bless you with their wisdom.”

Your right/left arm tingles, feeling slightly numb, and the area around your tattoo is throbbing unbearably (no pun intended..)

You are affected by the following:
Tattoo: Hunter’s Mark of the Bear – Level XXX, modifies damage by -10 for XXX minutes.
Tattoo: Hunter’s Mark of the Bear – Level XXX, modifies accuracy by -5 for XXX minutes.
Tattoo: Hunter’s Mark of the Bear – Level XXX, modifies experience gain by XX%

The negs would last for 3-4 days, after which the damage and bruising would fade and you would be able to use your main fighting arm at max efficiency again.
Once the expiry conditions are met, the tattoo would fade.

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Posted 25 March 2015 - 10:40 PM

I think the underlying problem is 3rd class leveling in general. 1st class is a breeze with the new Rune Forest stuff. 2nd class is a pretty enjoyable experience with a large number of 2nd class only marks and bosses. 3rd class I think I did more grinding than the other 3 combined. There's very little 3rd class content to help get levels. 4th class was possibly as fast as 1st class, if not faster, with the huge amount of boss kills and marks at your disposal.