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Skill-Power for skills and spells that are without. (suggestions)

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Posted 27 March 2015 - 10:33 PM

So, as the title suggests, between my clan and I, we've been talking about making some suggestions on ideas for skill-powers on things currently lacking.

Here are a few to mention;

Glamour skill-power; for every x points of skill power, the caster gains an addition y levels of effective range on passive evasion. thus permitting the caster to evade progressively higher level mobs. (we haven't worked out numerical amounts, just the concept)

Hands of Wind:
Hands of Wind skill-power; for ever 5 points of skill power, the caster has a 4% chance to blow the affected target's formation outside of the current room upon being separated from formation. the chance is doubled when used in the wilderness.

we're still brainstorming for other ideas to present. if you've got your own skill power ideas you want to suggest, feel free to leave them as a reply :)

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