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Recent Changes (Accuracy Primarily)

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#1 Violence



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Posted 11 April 2015 - 04:31 PM

Okay so because I've heard so many iterations of "Not leaving my house" or "done playing" and "guess MM is going back to being a chatroom" from people that won't create a thread or talk to staff I feel like there needs to be something public so the staff can see player's reactions to the recent changes. Here is my opinion and I can only hope that other players will share theirs.

I'm currently hitting 66% of the time with 94% maul I get 15 acc from my normal set of gear (dedicating 3 items simply to accuracy) which puts me at 73%. Now lets say I want to take my close-to-mastered weapon into a pvp scenario with 73% accuracy. The normal player (witches obviously having more) will have at least -8 agility and -7 acc in debuffs. This leaves me at 61% accuracy. At this point (assuming we're both slowed valks) I'm hitting 2.2 times per round into 1.6 defenses. I'm hitting less than once per round. Now lets say they aren't a valk I'm still only hitting 1.6 times per round. How are players expected to kill each other before web breaks when everyone hits like a wet noodle? I'll save you the math but currently with the acc nerfs from when everyone had 98% acc with mastered weapons in solo content and pvp players are doing 42% less attack damage. If you want the math message me IG. 42% less damage with no noticeable ways to compensate.
Lets say things are adjusted and now I hit 90% of the time with mastered wand. I STILL need +40 accuracy to maintain a 98% hit rate after AVERAGE debuffs. That's a lot of +accuracy and would require a lot of dedicated slots to maintain high accuracy. I seen no need for another accuracy nerf. In fact we realistically needed a solid accuracy buff. Low accuracy benefits valks. We were trying to buff barbs/cavs and ended up making valks stronger than ever before.

Fireshield is sapping 2 * maxsp per tick and is cast by Agrippa rings. Essentially wearing a donation ring is costing players 60-80 sp a tick.

Hunger. Reasoning? It's not game breaking but it's another major annoyance that was unnecessary. In a game that wants to grow it's playerbase why make the game more annoying?

There are a lot of people refusing to play. We need something changed and it needs changed yesterday.
Log: Hoffer and I spelled each other up both starting with 73% accuracy (+15 acc in gear). In 27 rounds I hit 17 times and Hoffer hit me 24 times. Neither of us averaged 1 hit per round. This is pvp in it's current state.

#2 Karnifax


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Posted 12 April 2015 - 05:55 PM

The new changes that have taken place should never have been allowed to happen. hitting 75% of the time with mastered spear (with some ACC gear on) is unacceptable. It is embarrassing to be involved with a game that is spiraling out of control as this one is. I for one have no intentions on continuing to play until things are made right (recent changes reverted).

After investing as much time as we all have into MM, it feels like we're being stabbed in the back by a former trusted family member, and it is not acceptable.

Go forth into the water, live there, die there.

#3 Thror


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Posted 12 April 2015 - 06:24 PM

Edit: It looks like as of April 12th, accuracy was tweaked again. Non-riding accuracy is much higher.