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Blog Entry - Duende - 11/13/15

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Posted 14 November 2015 - 03:50 PM

The reboot is nearly upon us.  We have a transitional live environment set up, which is using the updated organization which most of June and July were spent developing, with the data from the live server.  We're looking at several days of intensive testing as we work on a few identified bugs and knocking out and documenting the remainder of the QA queue.  

I'm personally overjoyed to be done with this reorg, as it was a large, necessary step towards overhauling some other game components which will allow for all sorts of future engine upgrades.  None of that really matters yet, because it's not here yet- the things that are here I'm also excited that you'll get to see soon, which including:

* too many bugfixes for me to even comprehend right now
* fixing the defense-speed bug
* the lower-level item expansion showcased in the 9/18/15 + 9/24/15 news blog
* several new bosses and runs
* a new suite of skill-power-based relics

This is in addition to all the stuff we've done in the past two weeks, which includes (in 83 code commits + 63 skill/mob/object changes):

* spent hours working on internal APIs and communications systems to help out our new, expanded QA team!
* spent hours attempting to figure out why 'forget' lags the entire game. Still working on it!
* rewrote a bunch of horrible code in Marks which makes them actually work properly and not delete themselves arbitrarily
* adding debug and/or skill power effects to color spray, firebolt, magma evocation, cause serious, call lightning, imprint aura, and protection spells
* fixing some bugs with detect lore
* fixing several pieces of jhepp equipment
* fixing the mark of musicianship
* adding some new entries to the personal log
* fixing the mark of sacrifice
* fixing the wonkiness (technical term!) of will o' the wisps
* fixing some shaman totems to work properly

In addition, there were even more internal changes which are basically solely for my benefit, which'll allow for faster, easier and more efficient debugging in the future, so we can hopefully get bugfixing turnaround to more sane timeframes!  Iyara and I are pretty serious about rebooting live and getting all of this stuff in before Thanksgiving, so hopefully this is the last blog post you read until that happens!