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Old Players

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 04:11 PM

3.xx sorcerers and necromancers (merged into wizards in 4.xx) did not have to memorize spells, or carry spellbooks/etc. as we progressed thru the multiclass our Spell complexity comprehension/etc increased giving us access to more and more spells that we could practice up to 72% with an appropriate trainer.. 


for mage options in 3.xx fey could be sorcerer, necromancer, psionic. fey could not choose ranger/monk 

in 3.xx psionic spells weren't as powerful as spells that needed reagents and they had a couple spells that used focusing crystals but that was the only regent.. I don't remember them having a web option at all.. 


once everything moved to 4.xx sorcerer and necromancer combined to be wizard I think we eventually lost kill spell later..  I didn't have it in 3.xx but had a couple alt's that did.. 

at first 4.xx wasn't too bad.. during the testing phases we didn't have to memorize so it worked like 3.xx then books/scrolls/memory space/etc was added..


and wizards did have barely longer duration with some astral spells, (very few) and we did have some spell effects that others didn't.. 

then few years later when druids got every invocation/evocation for every element type imaginable (why do they not have to memorize these rituals?) and the druid versions used much less reagents, had higher chance of success, and lasted as long or longer. freeing up memory space so that druid/wizards could have the best of both worlds.. all the good spells w/o memory requirement, and all the unique wizard stuff also that now fit nicely in that unused memory space. around the same time as this psionics irritation, mesmerize, tk slash/bash/explosion/etc became a lot more powerful, and didn't seem to be resistable. shocking effect on spells/weapons caused delays like lag where you'd not be able to react during rounds, and 'shocking' could repeat every round sometimes.. psionic w/ shocking spear and plenty of crystals for TKE and halfway decent HPs could almost guarantee a win. 


i didn't know about library room flag.. must be new? can you memorize any spell w/o having to have the book if you do it in a library? or maybe give wizards a new (just what we need) skill that lets us cast spells from memory 50% faster than normal speed (same speed as w/ spell delivery amulet) so that wizard + memorized + spell delivery could occasionally fit 2 spells between rounds if extremely fast spells and well timed.. ?

not that I play anymore to take advantage.. but sounds nice :)