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Blog Entry - Duende - 2/18/16

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Posted 18 February 2016 - 03:27 PM

Prioritizing the news: we hope to reboot in about a week or so.  Our QA loop
is tightening, and we're making decent progress on the hardest 1% of bugs.
Today will be spent migrating the dev server to the sandbox server which
will, technically, swap places with the live server at reboot.  

It's a long time coming.  There are 139 documented changes in the changelog,
and many more than that not documented, many of which are back-end changes
that players will never notice, or internal tools for building, future plans
and convenience.  

32800 lines of code have been changed, across 749 commits.  Over 300 new
rooms, mobs and items have been added.  

Our internal tracker, which we use for bug/changes/everything, has racked up
560 new cards and comments in the past 10 weeks.  I actually can't provide
better granularity than that, or further back, because we generate so much
their API crapped out.  

We're pretty much done with everything code-related, and are looking towards
migration processes, and doing some heavy QAing/live simulation on sandbox,
to look for use cases with fresh eyes that we might not have tested, or
couldn't easily with our handful of standard testers.  That said, the past
few weeks have been very active, and we've added a lot of exciting things,
and knocked out a surprising amount of legacy bugs.  

Arien'dyth will be several dozen rooms larger, with at least 2 new bosses
and a handful of super-premium shops.  Class' recommended weapons have been
further differentiated, and lower-level weapon choices have been fleshed out
to reflect that, with 20+ new exotic weapons, nunchaku and whips.  A few

- +++ a garrote will, when USEd by its invisible wielder to initiate
combat against an opponent, to strangle them for 10% of their hp or 300
damage, whichever is less, a maximum of once every Alyrian hour.  

- Grants knowledge of 'decrepify' at 100%.
Affects necromantic-spell-prcnt by 6.
+++ the staff of decrepitude will, when its wielder casts decrepitude,
take 800sp (or, failing that, hp) from them.

- +++ a sturdy oak nunchaku will, when its monk wielder is in combat
with a higher-level opponent that is casting a spell, increase the cast time
of that spell by 3 seconds, with a maximum frequency of once every Alyrian

Several new skillpowers have been added, getting away from the original "1
skp = +1% damage" model and into some exotic powers.  We've been polishing
the spells that will replace slow magic, and adding many interesting new
relics and relic mechanics.  A few highlights:

- A new line of relics, pages of the Grimoirium Versutus, will provide
resistance to specific spells.  "a page torn from the Grimoirium Versutus
headed 'expel bone'", will, when bound, provide a 6% chance for all casts of
'expel bone' targeting their wearer to spontaneously fail.  

- A new line of relics can only be bound into specific items.
"Azathoth's sword's meteorite hilt" provides +10 skillpower to 'reflective
fireball' and +25 vampiric-weapon-activation-damage, but can only be bound
to the mighty sword of Azathoth.  

- Another new line of relics provide significant skillpower to some
skills; "a page of the Encyclopedia Alyria about 'the frost giant
berserkers'", for example, grants +10 'ice whip' skillpower.  

Many of these changes require a great deal of work, and while they are
beneficial and create a richer game environment in and of themselves, they
also provide a good excuse for going through various aspects of the code and
checking it out.  My code editor has a persistent method of remembering all
of the code I've paid specific attention to, and slowly going over all of
the code in the game both provides more illumination on the totality of the
structure, and lets me examine it for bugs.  Bugs that have been discovered
this way (and subsequently fixed) include all of the skill checks for shield
block being reversed, mounts not running on roads as they should, and
environmental affects just not working at all.  For this reason, every
feature and bug explicitly pursued is really several times as much work,
just due to other things cropping up in response to the attention.  

It's been great to work on, but we're looking forward to closing this
chapter of work, and finishing it out with a great reboot.  

V4.5 will be here soon.