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Materia Magic v4.5 Reboot Changelog

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Posted 03 March 2016 - 12:53 AM

Welcome to Materia Magica v4.5!  
This reboot has been 9 months in the making, and has (so far) gone off mostly without a hitch.  
To get a few things out of the way: We anticipate further, minor (<10 minute) reboots sometime Thursday and possibly Friday to fix niggling issues, but things have gone smoother than anticipated.  
That said, there's a massive changelog, and here are some highlights:
* Added two new combat modes: 'superbrief', which will display one summarized line for all standard combat in a room, and 'mxp', which will display no output, but will feed the same data from superbrief to your client via the MXP channel.  If this doesn't make sense to you, more details will follow in a later news.  
* Added new MXP hooks for affects being applied and wearing off.  This won't add any more data than 'affects' already does, but will make time-traveling clients who want to murder you more feasible.  
* Labyrinthine and maze-like rooms/areas won't transmit certain room data anymore.  
* Added the ability to inject arbitrary MXP data into clients: this won't matter for the vast majority of people, but will allow us to make boss-specifics 'tells' available to mobile and VI clients, where spammy messages aren't appropriate.  
* Significantly expanded the size of Arien'dyth.  
* Added a challenging new abandoned clanhall, with a few ways in and one very dangerous way out.  
* Made a great number of keys more reliable and consistent, both in their repop and timers.  
* All bosses of category 5 and higher now grant AP.  
* The recall rooms of most civilized areas are now 'life sustaining', which will not increase hunger/thirst, and won't cause regen penalties from being hungry/thirsty
* We've added approximately 200 real new items, and about 100 new relics.  These can be found all over the place, for all levels.  
* Approximately halved eq decay through normal use.  
* Archons drop 100% of items (that they can) in CPK; Non-archons have a 60% chance to drop a given piece of eq.  
* Made gold wish rings work again.  
* Fixed innocent gear.  
Lower Levels:
* All players can use novice talk, via "clan talk novice <message>", to assist novices.  Please do not use it for non-novice related matters.  To turn it off, "channel novice off".  
* Added over a hundred new items to fill in the gaps in weapons' availability across levels.  
* An uncountable number of small bugs, honestly not even worth listing here.  
* Independent NPCs that are wearing ranged weapons and no ammunition can still participate in combat.  
* Theoretically fixed the periodic 5-7second lag spikes that the game occasionally suffered from.  In addition to this, any time the game lags for 5+ seconds, it will automatically restore everyone afterwards.  Probably too little too late, but hopefully it's something.  * Color-coded 'check gossip'.  
* Added "form swap <char 1> <char 2>"
* Drowning starts hurting more sooner, but in-progress drowning can be staved off by otolithic growth/underwater breathing.  
* Added "news list blog" to see all the blog posts, filtered
Mini Quests:
* There is now a method in Wroth to abandon an orc pursuer quest, for whatever reason.  
* Fixed a bunch of bugs in Raymatus and Jhepp loot.  
* Added a new daily quest.  
* The scripts on artificed heart-shaped amulets work again.  
* Doubled the stats of nearly all relics, except alignment-altering relics.  
* Relics can now be 'picked' apart, removing them from the item they were bound to.  This destroys the relic, but frees up its slot for use.  
* Introduced two new lines of relics: pages of the Encyclopedia Alyria grant significant +skillpower to a given skill, and pages of the Grimoirium Versutus provide resistance to a given skill, beyond standard saves.  
* Added the ability for item-specific relics to exist.  This will allow far greater variation and balance!  
* Added a number of methods of obtaining relics: randomly to all bosses; in rainbow hoards from killing category5+ bosses; repeated killings of archon masters; trading in velocity tokens in Arien'dyth, frequent archon hunter kills.  
* Made 'a chronomancer's spiraling stopwatch' actually work as described.  
* Increased the change that random dusty relics will be higher-quality tiers.  
* Added a set of relics to disable battle rage.  
* Changed a number of skill recommendations: bard: sword -> exotic, dagger -> hook; psionic: dagger -> whip; cavalier: spear -> pike; druid: mace -> staff; monk: staff -> nunchaku; shamans: maul; witches: scythe.  
* Removed 'slow magic' as a player-usable spell.  This has been replaced by Repulsion for monks, Rabid Mount for wizards, and Harmonize for bards. Wizards and monks who have lost 'slow magic' can buy a manual at any healer to be reimbursed their practices.  
* Added new syntax to see what skills various classes get: "skill spells for <classname|none>"
* Added 'cure nausea'.  
* Righteous fury didn't work, but now it does.  
* Scan can fail for higher levels who have terrible stats.  This won't come up often.  
* Fixed "the second defense" bug (also known as "the +extra-defense- speed bug" and "wtf valks")
* Made room affects work again.  
* Creeping poison works again.  
* Shadow imps don't fail to convoke every time they try, which makes them much more useful.  
* Slightly tweaked how ice whip whips around a formation.  
* Made 'will o' the wisp' propagate false fleeing messages much less frequently, and detect illusion reduces all of its messages by half.  
* Fungal growth, electrogenic growth and flintstrike are doubly effective against victims resistant to their respective damages.  
* Added a stamina cost to the Slit skills.  
* Tweaked the damage and stamina costs to bash and kick to make them level-scale better.  
Eating & Drinking
* consuming herbs and potions no longer work on the same axis as hunger and thirst; they have their own distinct, shared timer for how frequency potions & herbs can be consumed.  That timer is viewable on HELP GAME STATUS.
* All house and clanhall fountains that previously cast 'cure light' or 'refresh' have been replaced with the blessing of ithrilis and grace of ithrilis, which grant hp/st immediately, but also grant a buff that regens hp/st each tick for a few ticks, removing the need to spam drink to gain the benefits.  
* Operators can now chat kick people from outside of social, X years after relay was introduced.  
* "chat kick <name> [<room>] <reason>" works, and displays the reason to all relevant parties.  
* Chat room topic changes will now be echoed to all relayers.  
* Personal mounts can now be levelled up, by giving them velocity tokens.  
* Mounts will now run along roads when ordered to do so.  
* Improved disrupt sight's natural saves rate, increases TKE's base damage and removed its SVS check, and increased irritation's duration.  
Help Entries:
* Help entries will now note the last time they were updated (or their skill was, for skill help entries): help fireball => "Last Updated [Mon Jan 26 23:28:10 2015]"
* Added more and more relevant information to 'version'.  (help version)
* Added the marks 'spelunking'
* Made the mark of sacrifice work.  
Skill Powers:
* Lots.  'help skill power' will show a list of all skill powers and what they are, along with the skill help entries themselves, but for quick reference:
feign presence, music, harmonize, sweep, firebolt, shocking grasp, magma evocation, protection from good, protection from evil, color spray, call lightning, cause serious, convocation, immobilize, create food, ice wind, impede movement, requiem, mesmerize, backstab
* Made feign knowledge grant some +skillpower to a random skill that its user (probably) has.  
* Druids' religion-based skillpower wasn't working in many cases, but does now.  
* Reagents which boost the skillpower of the spell they are used to cast wouldn't always properly boost it- but do now.  
* Dracons' targeted offensive spells will be boosted by +5 skillpower in lava rooms, and elves' will be boosted by 5+ in rooms with moon oaks (and half-elves' the same, half the time!)  .  Feys' will be boosted in bloody rooms (this functionality used to grant +level).  
There are a number of vagaries and secrets which will reveal themselves with appropriate exploration and time which have been intentionally left out of this changelog- we look forward to you discovering these new goodies on your own.  If you find any bugs or have any questions, don't hesitate to pray and ask!