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Blog Entry - Duende - 9/14/16

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#1 Duende


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Posted 15 September 2016 - 01:12 AM

Hi!  It's been a busy few weeks since the last blog post, and we're
approaching the final steps in preparation for reboot.  There're a lot of
potential topics to cover (We went to PAX!  We got a writeup in Vice!  We
came up with a bunch of future plans!)  But I'm going to punt on those for
now, because I get to talk to about a new change rolling in for reboot.
Belt pouches are changing!  

This is at least as significant a change as the reagent generators change,
but required even more code being touched and QAed.  The motive was the
same; reduce command overhead doing basic things that are required to enjoy
the game.  Reagents are non-negotiable to almost everyone, and must be
refilled frequently; having all of that taken care for you automatically by
your tools makes everyone's life easier, less spammy, and more feasible to
perform when using a mobile client or screen reader.  

As of reboot, everyone that doesn't have one will receive a small belt pouch
(3 item capacity).  Belt pouches will be no-uncurse+nodrop, so all
characters will have a CPK-proof container from level 1.  In addition,
they've been given the flag `keychain`, which permits using keys to unlock
doors from within the bag.  Beyond that, they have also been given a new
flag, `spellbook-index`, which is similar in that it permits memorizing
spells from books inside the pouch.  All belt pouches will receive these
traits retroactively.  

Due to all Adventurers having belt pouches automatically, they have been
removed from the Rewardunits Shop, and replaced with a new item, the
infinite zipper.  When used, the infinite zipper will increase the capacity
of the belt pouch from 3 items to 50, for a year.  Existing belt pouches
will receive that year's worth of 50-item capacity automatically.  

These two changes should go a long way to making the game a more fun place
to do thing, on a variety of levels.  Novices will have fewer roadblocks in
the way of using their spells as soon as they create their Adventurer;
memorization aliases will be easier to write and have reduced issues with
confusing redundant spellbooks; there will be less spam any time anyone
memorized in the room; and it greatly simplifies what was a poor (read: non-
existent) user interface to logging into Alyria and getting on with the fun

The reagent generators and belt pouch changes are two large steps towards
getting you to the fun parts of Materia Magica faster, with fewer un-fun
obstacles and boilerplate commands necessary to do so.  Neither of these
changes were wishes, but they are representative of a lot of the wishes that
have been made.  As of 9/5/16, we've added/fixed/addresses about 20% of the
wishes made on lamps.  A lot of those additions will be filled in on the
changelog between now and reboot; many more require more infrastructure,
more planning, or more time than we have before our next reboot, but I (all
of us, really) have been greatly heartened by a lot of the wishes made.
Many of the wishes are made in good faith and are well-reasoned, thoughtful
changes, and a majority of them were already on my todo list.  This feedback
is valuable, and lets us know both that we're on the right track, but what
specifically we should prioritize in coming reboots.  It's a great time to
be an Alyrian, and we're pleased that we get to push through these changes
for all of you.  
             -- Duende

#2 Borask



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Posted 16 September 2016 - 06:28 PM

Interesting changes.  Seems like you might be heading in the right direction.  It's never a bad idea to spend cycles making the game more enjoyable and easier to access.



#3 Runt



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Posted 23 September 2016 - 10:52 AM

So we are losing our 50 slot unlimited time belt pouches and reverting back to having to renew them yearly to remain at 50 slots?

Also, Duende I understand what you're doing with trying to balance everything to make the game less of a "job" feel and more like a game. Well a lot is being done with items, but for newer players and such, the grind may be too much of a task for anyone to want to invest the time. Why has the experience issue still not been overhauled? It takes a serious amount of time for the under average player to level. Specially now that the average user actively online is less than 50.. Trying to find a leveling group is nearly impossible. And yes I do understand, (Grind through to 181 and use marks to level to 240). But, this should not be the only way you have to level solo, without it taking so damn long to level. Like me, I like to grind mobs for drops while earning XP, but if I take this route, It's going to take me a long long time to level. So I ether grind bosses/marks for levels, or use a ship. I don't find this balancing at all. One of the main reason's I won't actively play anymore are due to these facts.