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Blog Post - Duende - 3/7/2017

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#1 Duende


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Posted 07 March 2017 - 06:51 PM

Hello friends! we're hard at work ramping up for v4.6, which we anticipate will be the reboot after next.

On the horizon we have a number of accessibility changes which will benefit novices, mobile players and the VI alike, such as 'where is', which will function like 'vendor where', but will provide directions to points of interest around towns, such as various types of shopkeepers, healers, the wilds, and more.

One of the large features on the horizon is a significant change to multiclassing, which we want to start discussions about sooner than later. This will not be a terminal change, but will likely represent a new plateau from which we will launch many more balance changes as new ideas, new bugs and potential avenues for imbalance arise.

Currently, multiclassing allows Adventurers to choose one each of a warrior, thief, cleric and mage class before finally becoming an archon. In 4.6, those restrictions will be removed- Adventurers can multiclass from one class type to a class of the same type, or even from one class to the same class. This means you could be a psi/witch/valk/barb, or even a wizard/wizard/wizard/wizard.

Spells currently receive +5 skillpower for each class that receives those skills redundantly- we are currently looking into expanding this bonus to proficiencies as well. This change will cause classes to not just be compared to those of the same type, but to all classes equally. This will likely be the foundation of many interesting discussions.

This feature is currently working on our dev server, and is made more salient with two spells we're playing with which could provide alternate means of curing blind for druids and witches- those spells are life invocation, life evocation, and occult eyes. They are less convenient than the normal cure blind spell, but allow for more interesting and diverse characters even within the normal framework of restricted classpaths.

We will probably examine these classes as we progress into testing these features, but we wanted to let you know as early as we could to anticipate these changes. Some things we are keeping in mind but have not dived into include things like the relative standing of classes such as bard, witch, and monk; providing additional bonuses to races with limited class paths; and providing a free class respec or two to everyone upon 4.6 launch. None of these are more than ideas, but do provide insight into the direction we're heading.

We look forward to hearing your reactions, entertaining your ideas for crazy new classpaths, and thoughts on future class balancing.


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#2 Ehlaelt



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Posted 11 March 2017 - 04:20 AM

...after 3y playing u ruined my world....

#3 Borask



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Posted 11 March 2017 - 06:36 PM



I like the idea in general of giving players more options to specialize.


Have you kicked around the idea of just giving players a certain number of "skill/spell points" at each level and let them use those points to purchase w/e skills or spells they want and just get rid of the multi-class option altogether?  That would really allow players to customize right from the get go.


I like the path you're heading down, but not enough to start over and try to get to 4th class to experience the full potential.  I would, however, start over and gradually build a unique character if i could begin branching out whenever I chose.


Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.  Glad to see something big like this being worked on.