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Blog Post - Duende - 7/15/17

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#1 Duende


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Posted 16 July 2017 - 08:37 PM

Over the past ~year, we're received tons of great wishes from players, and even more feedback on those wishes.  We're currently in the last big push to finish 4.6, so while we can't make progress on them for a bit, I wanted to provide updates on the statuses of the top-rated wishes.  
1.  Please fix nezaks treasury.  The items look interesting, the run sounds good, and it'd be great to get the mark Miasma so we can wear all the gear out there that requires it
Great idea!  We're sort of slammed with trying to get 4.6 out, but we refined some run ideas and mechanics in 4.6 that we'll use in the new Nezak's Treasury.  The plan is to revamp it mostly from scratch and release it not long after 4.6.  
2.  Bring back dual wield
Dual wield hasn't existed since 3.2, and while the reasons for its removal aren't known to me, it's not unreasonable from a balance perspective.  Barbarians got third attack; valkyries got dual wield; paladins got both.  Dual wield provided an additional attack, but at the cost of a hand slot.  In 3.2 there were many fewer choices for offhand items, and due to most stats not actually doing anything, you were always going to wear a +hp item. In 4.0 we have many offhand items, plus relatively non-negotiable functionality provided by spellbooks and musical instruments, which already has significant implications for 2-handed weapons, much less an entire new skill _also_ predicated on not being able to offhand anything.  In short- this isn't a bad idea, but it causes enough issues for enough classpaths to not be high on the todo list.  
3.  You need to advertise this game more.  Try advertising on other websites etc or maybe using some non traditional means.
A couple of us are going to a convention (since I started this: 'have gone', now) for the blind to advertise and demo the game.  There'll be a blog post about it forthcoming.  (Iyara's note: We deliberately refrained from advertising for a long time.  We only get one chance to make an impression with new people and it would not have been wise to waste those opportunities when we didn't feel the game was in its ideal state.) 
4.  Please increase the drop rates on some of the boss/quest line preparation items.  Going through the steps is fun/challenge is fun, but sitting around for 2 hours on 11 respawns when i got a kid and laundry is annoying.
We're always happy to take suggestions, and sometimes specifics are key.  
5.  Clans should be able to stockpile tourms just like they stockpile roots.  My clan has tons of lowbies who always are wanting to multi and I like to provide tourms for them.  Would be cool if they could be kept in a centralized place for the whole clan
We softly discourage lowbies from receiving tourms from external resources, period.  Going to Riga, making your way up the tower, and gathering tourms oneself is something we attempt to encourage lowbies to do in anticipation of the much more dangerous, larger and further Proving Grounds.  
6.  Give warrior classes an effective defense against unarmed attacks, either by giving back dodge or by making shield block or parry effective against unarmed attacks.
Valkyries have acrobatics and shield block; Cavaliers have shield block; Paladins have shield block and a bunch of protective/curative spells.  Barbarians don't have any defenses, but that's thematic.  Warriors only received dodge for a short time due to some poor administrative choices, which were rectified ASAP.  Nevertheless, we are adding some non-class skills that will be conditionally granted to low levels in order to bridge that gap while they're small and vulnerable.  We'll publicize more when it's ready.  
7.  I wish for boosted pike damage, or something of the like, to make it more worth being 2-handed - perhaps along with a stipulation that it must be used unmounted.  Like an infantry-only 2-handed lance.
Done.  A number of new items matching that description will roll in with 4.6.  
8.  Iron toy soldier weapon quest items.  Quest items we could purchase that would auto-arm iron toy solders, shamans, and wizards.  Types: sword, mace, spear.
We experimented with this with the whirligig upgrades.  I liked the outcome, but want to tweak how soldier-alikes work before incentivizing anyone to invest anything into them.  I'm not a huge fan of soldiers' function as a meat shield in large forms, and want to pivot them into a position of strength as backup while soloing.  I'm not there yet, and until we get there I don't want to touch them- but this is something I'd like to do after 4.6.  
9.  More variety of hand to hand flavor and damage types - more variety of accessible non-weapon-things to hold in your hands with useful and interesting affects.
Done.  4 new gloves have been added since reboot, and we now have all special weapon attributes represented on gloves.  In addition, we've created 52 (55 since I started writing this post) new offhand items made since reboot.  I'm looking forward to them.  
10.  Please remove charm or fix it so it worth having.  I really feel like it is a pointles spell, considereing the cooldown is redicules and i have yet to find a single mobile that charm can affect.  So again, please either remove it and refund our practices or make it useful
Charm was already sort of silly and worthless, given how many restrictions were on it.  It had intended functionality in only a handful of ancient, uninteresting runs, and was otherwise locked down so much due to previous abuse that it wasn't even a vehicle for much novel abuse.  It got changed to permit a much wider variety of commands on a much wider variety of targets, but only for one command, instead of for several minutes.  I appreciate that the old functionality _did_ exist, which is why that is currently maintained in psionics' 'Dominate' spell.

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 03:51 AM

" (Iyara's note: We deliberately refrained from advertising for a long time.  We only get one chance to make an impression with new people and it would not have been wise to waste those opportunities when we didn't feel the game was in its ideal state.) "


Honestly, this is just bad. MM has been around for years, and is perfectly playable and enjoyable. I'm not sure what your "ideal state" is, but all games always have room for improvement. You don't need a perfect game in order to make a good first impression on new players. Start heavier advertising now, there's no point continually delaying it.

#3 Iyara


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Posted 17 July 2017 - 10:35 AM

I'm afraid you misread what we are saying--we have already resumed advertising.  

I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.

#4 Kurdock



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Posted 19 July 2017 - 05:19 AM

Ahh okay