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What if: Rolling back drastic changes to market sell value to stores for drops.

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 12:48 PM

 I am making a suggestion to roll back the changes to market drop items sell prices. A long time ago Vass changed the amount a npc store pays for drop items. This was done to stop players from making large amounts of money in a short perios of time. This worked out ok-ish back in the day with a large number player base. However over the last few years with a lower player base I found that the item stock in towns is getting scarce. There where two ways to get items. One is to go to an area and kill the npc for the item or get it from a store where a player sold it to. The pawn stores and weapon and armor stores used to have a healthy stock level of wanted and useful items. The lowered percentage used to work a long time ago but now needs to be looked at to see if it broken and hampers game play. The old way was like full value and then was changed to a small percentage of the value. What percentage would be good entice players to farm items and stock stores inventory. As for the original purpose with a smaller player base no one player would possibly make millions, currently there are other ways of making money within a similar time scale. Players would to able to go explore the world and bring back items to sell in local stores. This important for the MM economy and for some players who would rather buy an needed item in a store immediately.