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Blog Post - Duende - 8/27/17

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Posted 30 August 2017 - 12:19 AM

Hi!  It's been a while since the last blog post, and that's mostly because we've been busy making changes and QAing them.  We recently ran the stats, and since last reboot, we've made and QAed 316(!)  Things.  
According to our changelogs, we've changed 1505 items, 300 of which are entirely new.  
1315 NPCs, 66 of which are new.  
75 skills, 11 of which are new.  
465 rooms changed, 118 of which are new.  
This is in addition to the 640 commits, brought in across 617 reboots.  
There are a lot of huge new changes, including:
* player accounts, which can register alts with, permitting the sharing of accountbound items.  
* archon classes.  
* new multiclassing options, including the ability to make redundant-classtype paths.  
* a new SCC algorithm.  
* the 'run' command, which will permit in-game speedwalks
* towne features, which will show the directions to local utilities such as the armorer, healer and post office in many townes.  
* removing the bazaar from alyria, and making it accessible from 3 different townes' recalls.  
* new stats impacting the damage dealt to and received from different races.  
* a new character creation flow optimized for screen readers.  
* a bunch of new runs, a bunch of changes to old runs, and a bunch of old npcs now categorized as bosses.  
* a bunch of new 'check' subcommands.  
* personal rewardunits, which work just like RU, but can be received for in-game achievements.  
* clan taxes get autopaid.  
* druids and witches get forms of cure blindness.  
* the ability to practice skills to 100%.  
* ...and more.  So, so much more.  
We've been taking signups for testing a handful of these things this coming week, and are eager to let people start checking these things out, both to get a sense of what the new Alyria will look like, and to identify any potential remaining bugs in these things.  With that in mind, we thought we've give everyone a preview of what might be found in the details that we haven't already announced.  
F@#$ bioessentialism
I was reading through some of Vassago's old D&D manuals that he gave me a few years ago, and was struck by how absurdly sexist several of them were.  A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with a novice about gender differences in Alyria and was struck by how many similarly ridiculous things exist here, unexamined for far too long.  With that in mind, in 4.6, women can become cavaliers and men can become valkyries.  We didn't manage to fit in everything we wanted to, so we'll continue making similar changes into the future.  
When you multiclass, whether newclass or respeccing, you can have in your inventory a token of greater multiclassing.  For each such token, you'll be able to multiclass into a class type you've already been-, or even class.  So you can become a valk/witch/psi/wizard- or even a valk/witch/wizard/wizard.  All redundant spells receive bonus skillpower, and now redundant proficiencies do as well.  Between this and the class rebalancing (witches/druids get forms of cure blind; paladins receive less damage; rangers are less thief-y; visualization skill goes away and thieves' primary stat replaces it) we anticipate there being a lot of interesting classpaths opening up, and look forward to what you find out you can do with it.  
Town features will provide directions to a set of important offerings in every town.  There are 22 features available, including lockers, reagents, herbs, the blacksmith, fountains, and more.  'where is' shows the list of features available in the current area; 'where is <feature name>' will provide directions to it.  There is no autowalk option, as that could easily get people into bad situations, but simply having the list and directions available should make novices' lives much easier.  
About a year ago, we went to go tweak how SCC is calculated- and reduced it far too much, necessitating a free-20 SCC bandaid.  The tweaks will be finalized by 4.6, and it's currently looking like path to SCC will involve class stats, maxxed class stats, class stats above 22, level and more.  This isn't necessarily interesting in and of itself, but is currently the testbed upon which we're playing with automated testing tools.  We're procedurally generating hundreds of characters, and are running the numbers across the board to verify that everything looks right before release.  
Player accounts
We don't have a ton of changes made for this, but in 4.6 you will be able to register your alts to your account.  This will simplify things such as rediscovering and recovering your alts and their passwords, and provide access to accountbound items.  Any items with the 'accountbound' flag will be able to be shared, equipped and used by all characters on the same account- even if the items are bound.  Currently, this describes neverwhen items, but we're exploring more content to add to that list.  It should go without saying, but when accounts are available, do not add as alts anyone that isn't actually your alt.  There is no way of removing a character from account without deleting them.  
Each of the three archon classes will be made available by completing a quest chain for a special questmaster.  These questmasters are available in the FP, the Underground and Sepharia.  In addition, there is a new quest chain granted by a special QM in the Proving Grounds, who grants quests to 240-241s, with problems, solutions and bonuses to be had within PG and the Domain of Arbaces.  
As you can tell, we've been hard at work and are thrilled to be able to show off what we're working on, and sliding into the final phase before reboot.  We hope to have 4.6 ready in the first half of September, and likely another blog post before then as well.  

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