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Materia Magica v4.6 Reboot Changelog

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Posted 14 September 2017 - 09:43 AM

Welcome to Materia Magica 4.6!  This reboot's been 9 months coming, and this
is the biggest reboot since 4.0, nearly 20 years ago.  What's changed in
Archons now specialize into Archon Classes, with 3 currently available.  The
honorable Mageknights, the monstrous Summoners and the sly Chronomancers may
be joined by archons who complete a difficult chain of quests, administered
by new, special questmasters, located on the Faerie Plane, in Sepharia, and
in the Underground, respectively.  For more information, HELP ARCHON
There is also a new questmaster at the bottom of the Proving Grounds, which
is unrelated to Archon Classes, but has a quest chain for levels 240/241,
oriented towards the Proving Grounds and Domain of Arbaces.  
Multiclassing, either through newclassing or respeccing, is no longer
restricted to 1 of each of the 4 archetypes.  When choosing a new class, if
carrying a greater token of multiclassing (obtainable from RU shops), all
classes available to your race can be chosen, not just that of the class
archetype you're replacing.  This means you can go 2 mage classes, or even
the same mage class twice.  When making these changes, we discovered the
respec system has an acknowledgment step which lists all of the changes
being made and the associated costs- watch the changes you're making!  
In celebration of this cool new functionality, everyone who logs into MM for
the first week of 4.6 will receive a free greater token of multiclassing. 
We've also reduced the cost of normal Class Respec tokens.  
Adventurers can now practice all skills beyond 75%, for increasing costs. 
This won't let everyone master everything, but will let newer characters
choose a few skills they can't live without and master them without the
significant time investment normally associated with masteries.  For more
information, NEWS 298.  
Going along with the past few reboots' additions of memorization pouches and
reagent management, we're continuing to make spellcasting easier.  'memorize
all' works great if your spellbooks are organized perfectly, but that's
never the case.  We've added 'memorize default', which lets Adventurers
create a list of spells they want to auto-memorize.  Subcommand 'add' adds a
spell to the list, 'list' checks the list, 'delete' removes a spell. 
'memorize default' with no subcommand memorizes (or forgets) all of the
spells on the list.  
In addition, scribing is a hassle and not a greater introduction for
novices, so you can now 'put' scrolls into spellbooks.  We also found and
fixed a bunch of memorization-related bugs.  
We've added player accounts, accessed at the game menu upon login.  Alts can
be registered to your account, which everyone is encouraged you to do.  The
new 'accountbound' item flag permits sharing items between registered alts,
even if the items are bound.  Of course, don't register characters that
aren't your alts, as that would Be Bad.  
Added Personal Rewardunits (PRU).  These function just like regular RU,
except they can only be used to purchase a subset of (nontransferrable) RU
items.  Some RU items in shops are marked as being purchased with PRU, but
can also be bought with RU.  PRU are meant to be earned, and as such, are
non-transferrable.  With that in mind, we added some new content to Lasler
which grants free PRU.  This PRU credit can also be obtained outside of
We listened to the clamor for old, restricted RU items, and added a new RU
shop in Rune, which holds a small and rotating set of the final forms of old
Evolving Eggs and Whirligigs.  The inventory is small and limited, and
rotates every month or so.  
We've also made a few tweaks to RU items: 'guise of nature' has been
replaced with 'aegis' or 'armor' on Agrippa rings, by popular request.  The
adventuring badges available at healers have had 1ish of each class's powers
udpated, and all of bard's.  Furthermore, the new set of evolving eggs are
available from the Van Pelt shop.  
We've made a bunch of fixes and tweaks around Lasler, Rune Forest, and low
levels in general.  New players will have their automail settings default to
on, so they can receive i-mail more easily.  The leaves for the Lasler
quests are a frequent point of contention, so they can be dropped (with a
warning) and eventually disappear when they're no longer relevant. 
Waterskins which used to be included on all new characters, but were removed
with hunger, are now obtainable in the Ghering Caverns, as they still have
uses.  Leaving Lasler will also expose novices to a new NPC which has some
items which provide guidance for what to do later.  If leaving Lasler early
proves to be a bad idea, gemstones are provided to get them back with
minimal fuss.  After Lasler, a special quest will be granted to expose
Novices to more of the world, which ends up granting special low-level
relics- which can go into the slots added to many pieces of low-level
equipment.  We've also added some level restrictions to Rune Forest
equipment, so it's not universally desirable for the duration of an entire
We've added a bunch of MXP hooks, which can be easily configured in VI
clients.  These special notifications include invalid commands, DOA mobs'
combat tactics, the Mass of Corruption in Rune Forest, slipping and falling,
the columns in Lasler's Trial of Wisdom, and transporting to/from the Bazaar
and on the Airship Inconvenience.  On feedback we received at the Sight-
Impaired Convention (NEWS 304), the character creation process is much
tighter for VI users.  The Crystal Guilds' scrolls were totally
inaccessible, so those have been rewritten so VI users can actually use them
There are too many to list, but we've also added many 'check' subcommands. 
For more information, see HELP CHECK.  
The bazaar is no longer located on Sepharia.  Instead, adventurers can
teleport there via the 'shop bazaar' and 'shop return' commands, from the
Recall points in Rune, New Rigel, Tellerium, Xaventry, Sigil, Maldra's Keep
and Vir.  To facilitate selling RU, an RU vendor has been added to the
southeast corner of the Bazaar.  After copious requests, we've also added
the 'vendor reprice' command, which lets you reprice without having to buy
it yourself to restock it.  
You can now run through the wilds, like riding without having to find a
mount, via 'run <direction>'.  It will run in a straight line, and will
follow roads.  Transport items and mounts felt sluggish, so all 3 transport
modes will update 3x more frequently, and move you 2x faster than they used
to.  We've also added a new command for getting around towns, 'where is
[<feature>]'.  Features supported include healers, reagent shops, the wilds,
etc.  This is way better than in-game maps, and will be a great boon for
novices and anyone exploring.  Everyone receives Word of Recall.  Its cast
time has been increased to 8 seconds to prevent wanton abuse, but it no
longer requires a scroll, a spellbook, memorization, or reagents.  
We've added a bunch of subcommands and helper commands, in addition to the
new 'check' subcommands listed under VISUALLY-IMPAIRED.  
'Practice' now corresponds to increasing a skill by 1%, rather than
consuming 1 practice.  This can consume more than 1 practice at once,
depending on the skill's expense.  
The 'skill analyze' subcommand functions as a prospective character builder,
and will display skills granted, redundancy, skillpowers when relevant, and
stat bonuses, for a given class path/archon/race/religion.  
'who <class>' now returns all Adventurers who ever were that class, rather
than just those who are currently that class.  
The 'inventory search' command now works as it always should've, checking
all containers, lockers, equipped items, etc.  You can also 'inventory
search expired'.  
'boss suggest' suggests bosses which you should be able to kill and haven't
The location of Worldgates now is displayed on 'time'.  
For far too long, our in-game mails were being emailed out as though the
sender were emailing them, rather than our server.  This is more technical
than informative, but has changed, which should both improve deliverability
and remove a potentially abusable hole.  With this fix in, it's acceptable
for automail to email any recipient of mail who has automail turned on,
rather than requiring it of both parties.  
After far too long, we've updated the calculations that determine SCC. 
Similarly long-coming, we've removed gender restrictions on classes,
permitting female cavaliers and malekyries.  We've also passively reduced
the damage that paladins (past or current) take by half, when they're below
10% hp.  
We've gotten a lot of feedback about the decay rate, so we've reduced it
across the board, as well as adding a new setting on items.  Adventurers
can't see this setting, but will modify the rate at which different
materials decay, on a per-item basis.  When an equipped item drops below 10%
condition, it will display a message indicating this, so precautionary
measures can be taken.  
Quest items which provided endless decanting or life-sustaining can now used
for other purposes.  This is purposefully vague.  
Following the usability changes to reagent generators, bags of tricks can
now have item generation disabled on an item-by-item basis.  
We've added 15 new marks for all sorts of things.  There's also a 'mark
suggest' command, which lists marks which you might be able to get (but is
neither encompassing nor exclusive) and haven't already.  And just to drive
everyone crazy, there is now a mark for collecting all of the collectibles
Added a bunch of new spells, including Desecrate Dying, Wraithtouch, Rites
of Bloodshed, Situational Presence, Enlighten, Radiant Prayer.  You probably
won't encounter any of these this reboot.  
Druids receive 4 new spells, 2 of which are new.  Ether E/Invocation have
existed for a while, but are now granted to all druids at 100%.  Life
In/Evocation are new, and also granted at 100%.  
Witches receive Occult Eyes, a form of Cure Blindness, at 100%.  
Knaves can now 'lay cover fire'.  
Removed some uncharacteristic skills from monks, bards and rangers, in order
to make the redundant-proficiency skillpower bonus more palatable.  
About 20 years after it should've happened, detecting traps will also
autmatically disarm them, when walking into a room.  
Visualization has been removed, and any QP put into it has been fully
A bunch of new quest items have been added to normal questmasters.  
There are also 2 new item flags to be aware of.  'uncpkable' does what it
says, but only in the immediate inventory- it won't be protected if it's in
a container that gets lost.  Use your pouches!  Items that have
'untaintable-affects' can be repaired, but repairing (and forging) won't
restore their affects.  
We've added some new epic quests to Baron Nezak, and made sure daedal
scrolls issue all of same epic quests.  In light of how difficult is to
maintain evil alignments with all of the evil bosses, all epic quests will
grant -200 alignment.  
Items rewarded by quests were too spammy, so now the reward listing just
mentions their names, not their full lore.  Similarly, identifying quests in
score could be too difficult, so score also now lists their quest IDs.  
In addition, a bunch of Lasler quests, season quests and others have had
various bugs fixed.  
Ogre village now has a healer and a fountain and a less-confusing recall
location.  The wilds now has signposts at intersections, to facilitate VI
users, novices, and running.  The teleport vials in the Void should work
again.  The canals of New Rigel have been improved in numerous ways,
including failure messages for VI users and being able to bribe condoliers
to paddle faster.  There's now a method of exchanging skill manuals.  Heavy
bookcovers can now be lockered.  
Debuffs received in the Orc Pursuer's maze will now be dispelled when you
find him.  Archon hunters will telegraph their type before they rift in. 
Rune's mortician can now recover corpses from the bottom of Winterborn.  Sea
Hag has some new content past the chess board, which will enhance the
experience for the rest of the run.  Meet up with tour guides on Earth
Tuesdays for taco tuesdays.  
Want a houseboat?  You can have one!  See NEWS 298.  Sea Hag's repop timer,
Hotel Hello's currents, Kessarian's keys and getting to Arien'dyth are now
much more forgiving.  Crystal quests are now harder to automate, but hints
on difficult content are easier to find.  
Personal mounts were met with an underwhelming reception, and we've boosted
them a bit.  Their descriptions can now be personalized, they last twice as
long, and be leveled up with velocity bridles obtained as generic boss loot
A few existing bosses had some bugs and issues addressed, most notably the
Morose Spectre's room having its no-form removed.  
Three existing NPCs were granted boss status:
* 1st class, Sepharia
* 4th class wandering
* 4th class Beltane.  
Nine new bosses have been added:
* solo 3rd class+, Beltane (new area)
* 4th class, Beltane
* 4th class, Sepharia
* 2nd class, Sepharia
* 4th class, Sepharia
* 3rd class, Sepharia
* 2nd class+, Sepharia
* 2nd class+, Sepharia
* solo 4th class, Underground
A ton of boss loot has been added, both specific to individual bosses and as
generic boss loot for various categories.  80+ pieces of new loot will drop
from specific bosses, at a low rate.  New relics will drop at random,
granting race-specific bonuses.  25 new pieces of loot grant set bonuses. 
Root bags have had their frequency reduced.  When bosses die, they can
scatter bound loot around their area which must be scavenged for.  Most of
this new loot will have its drop frequency and quantity dependent on how
frequently that boss has been killed, relative to all other bosses.  In
addition, all bosses will now drop several tradeable collectibles.  
I am literally unable to list all of them.  
Two new big categories of stats have been added, which reduce damage taken
from specific races, and increase damage dealt to specific races, expressed
as flat values.  You'll be seeing more of this.  There are also new stats
which deal damage to evil opponents if you're good, and vice versa; this
damage is a percentage of damage dealt.  
In the past few years, we've added a way for Adventurers to reduce clan
taxes, as well as obtain more roots.  However, simply having the roots
doesn't actually prevent your clans from getting deleted, so we've added a
few more measures to help with that.  
There are no longer clan securities for 'deposit' and 'taxdeposit', as
anyone should be able to deposit roots and pay taxes.  Taxes also get
automatically deducted if the root balance is there, to reduce that mental
burden on people.  If your clan is in debt and in danger of being deleted,
'clan info' will show how many months of taxes are unpaid, if you have the
'balance' permission.  
Added skillpowers for Zeal, Consecrate Armor, Evil Eye, Telekinetic Bash,
and Blood Dance.  Magical Fade's skillpower has been rebalanced to be level-
based instead of a straight +5.  In addition, characters that received
redundant spells from overlapping classes received passive skillpower to
those spells; that bonus now applies to proficiencies.  
There will, of course, be bugs.  We expect a follow-up reboot in the next
day or four, depending on what craziness we find and how bad it is.  We've
increased our capacity to fix a lot of things without reboots, and we'll
note on items or wherever is appropriate where we need to make hotpatches 
but don't have to reboot to fix things instantly.  Let us know what you find,
report your bugs, and make sure to express your love to QA and everyone
else involved in delivering this @#$%ing absurd monumental reboot.