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Assorted Notes On Costumes

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Posted 28 October 2017 - 10:00 PM

Autumn and its discontents are upon us again, and that can only mean the Demon Army is marching on Alyria. We wish to bring to your attention 3 new things, 2 of which are related to the Global.

As all of the living band together to stave off demons and the undead, even the lowly hobgoblins are chipping in to the fight. One spy was overheard in the Orc Death Tavern, attempting to recruit help to go behind enemy lines, and kill an encampment of demon infantrymen. Although the demons level-scale and anyone can help, they are worth an increasing amount of Archon Points, as each is killed. One of 4 relics may be obtained after the 5th and the final 8th kill. One attempt may be made per system day, every day that the global is active.

Secondly, Agatha in Rune is selling trick or treat sacks, which may be used to trick or treat. 8 different NPCs may be visited for treats, 4 of whom are high-level bosses. Visiting all 8 during the same system day will grant one of 4 special relics (different from the demon army's). Candy obtained can be eaten to shapeshift during night-time; the specific form chosen changes every 15 minutes. There are 25 to choose from, and any Archons who get all 25 before the event is over will grant the Mark of Candy, so be aware of your lycanthropic forms.

Thirdly, a sticky-fingered djinn has fled from the Astral Plane, and brought with her an enormous sack of wish lamp polish. Unpolished, lackluster wish lamps may be obtained from any boss, or for a limited time will be granted with every Donation made. These lamps can be polished with wax obtained from the Djinn in Arcane Archipelago- there are 3 types of wax, which can be used on the lamps to perform 3 types of wishes. Lamps may be used to nominate an idea or person; or they can be used to express an opinion on nominations already made, via upvoting and downvoting. The 3 lamps currently available can express interest in specific bugs to fix or features to add; ideas for a new boss; and what outstanding player should become a building Immortal for a day.

As always, we look forward to your commitment to help fight off the demon armies,