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Blog Post - 5/19/18 - 2 new category 7 bosses & contextual directions

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Posted 19 May 2018 - 01:55 AM

First things first: reboot approaches early next week. We need to do a bunch of maintenance work to prepare the player database for these changes, so the reboot will be preceded by a few hours of downtime. To keep updated with the reboot, we'll be posting updates on https://www.facebook.../materiamagica/. And now, a few updates from the Tourism Boards of Alyria:


Rejoice, current and future subjects of the Drow empire! The Empress has emerged from her nest to express the most recent royal decree, the contents of which have already been executed. Following the Empress' decree, the underdweller riots have been quashed by the royal guard, who will continue to patrol the Great City for the indefinite future.


With the anarchists' violence quelled, I am able to announce that the V'ree abbey and the coven of Holzan have reopened their doors. As you walk down the Spire of Xuchar, enjoy the lilting tunes of our prisoners with jobs, gaze at the magnificent stained glass decorating the Church of Holzan, and pay your respects to the yawning abyss at the center of the city.

Should you find yourself traveling down the Spire of V'ree, make sure to toss a gold coin into the collection plate of a passing monk of V'ree, give a punitive tug of the chain of a goblin slave, and definitely give a wide berth to the lava baths below, where imprisoned balrogs rake the magma gardens. The abbot of V'ree and the high witch of Holzan always welcome visitors, especially if they bring tribute or slaves.

At Civic Center, the diplomatic corps have been restored to their full glory, including the embassies, which were closed when the emergency first arose. As always, we welcome the Nezak and any agents within their employ; all Beltans and any wares they bring with them; and the diaspora of the darkest depths and any accursed elven slaves they have not yet eaten.

And finally, with her long incubation period at an end, the Empress is once again receiving foreign dignitaries. Should Lord Vashir or Lady Templeton seek her audience and make a meal out of it, she has many broodlings, and their hunger knows no bounds. The bloodwine chalice that the imperial senate uses to announce their preparation of policies for the Empress has been spotted getting passed between the supreme leaders of the demonic urges, indicating the empire of the drow shall be more politically active in the near future.

Through an arboreal interpreter, the Council of Treants has issued a request for solitude. They have asked the constables and cityguard captains of every major city to keep a lookout for whichever Adventurers have been poaching pinecones. As a long-lived, slow-moving collection of species, the treants are rarely able to protect their young themselves, instead relying on their general hardiness. The treants have convened their council and are looking into solutions, answers, and potentially vengeance for their stolen seedpods.

The velocimancers of Alyria have sent out a press release, commensurate with their elevation within the Joint Magical Consortium. Adventurers will have their movements within the world accentuated, to the point that muscles themselves will perform a variety of tasks as fluidly and easily as walking.

All Adventurers will have a new setting available, SET CONTEXTUAL-DIRECTIONS. With it off, all commands must be entered directly, as usual. When turned on, moving in directions will contextually move the Adventurer as follows:

*if not standing, the Adventurer will stand up.

*if sitting on a transport item, the item and its rider will take off in that direction.

*if sitting on a transport item and already flying in that direction, the item and its rider will stop.

*if on a ship they captain (or are an officer of), they will raise the anchor, accelerate, turn, or slow down to turn and then turn, as appropriate.

*if on a ship they don't captain, the Adventurer will disembark in that direction.

*move the Adventurer normally, through doors or unlocking doors as necessary.

Along with this new setting, functionality has been added for players to automatically open or unlock doors they encounter. Viewing a door will give clues as to what methods might be used to get through the door.