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Reboot Changelog - 5/25/18

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 03:55 AM

We've rebooted! This reboot isn't a major revision (no MM 4.7 yet), but it might as well be. In the past 6 months, we've added a ton of new stuff, summarized as follows:


Roadsigns: In-game speedwalks are finally here, and they're awesome. Roadsigns are located at the entrances of most areas; looking at them will show which areas can be run to. 'run <areaname>' (or clicking on them with MXP enabled) will take you there.

Underground roads: Not one to pass up an opportunity for profit, Lord Glomus has paid for a new network of roads throughout the Alyrian Underground. You can take (and run) the roads between Decara, Hellbent, Vir and Arien'dyth. Highwaymen have cropped up and will take some of your money, but rumor has it that the cost is worth the convenience.

Joint Magic Consortium: this is an area-sized puzzle, located on the North Road in Sepharia.

Arien'dyth: Arien'dyth is now complete.

New Rigel: Rogues can now grapple across the canals, instead of having to wait for boats.

New daily quests: The Arenamaster quest has changed from 'challenge someone' to 'go hang out in the Rune arena'. There's a new daily quest which involves playing the lottery, as well as one that requires solving a puzzle in the Joint Magic Consortium (the JMC). The JMC is a new area in NE Sepharia which takes (and encourages!) up to 4 players who have at least 15 minutes to cooperatively solve a puzzle.

Crystal Guild: Every 100th Crystal Guild quest completed earns a special reward.


Merchant Marine: After years at sea, the merchant marine has finally found his way back to the Bazaar. Archons will once again be able to summon him and throw down.

Arien'dyth: With the High Witch of Holzan and the Abbot of V'ree coming out of hiding after the riots, the Empress of Arachnids has returned to visibility and is demonstrating her might.

Council of Treants: The Council of Treants has put a bounty on the head of whoever is stealing their pinecones.

Eyeball Demon & Bog Nightmare: These lower-level bosses have been made considerably easier.

boss todo: the command 'boss todo' provides the inverse set from 'boss killed', showing all bosses who you can currently kill and haven't yet.

Madame Sloor, Time Traveler, Social Services: now have a means of skipping the assigned boss, if needed.

New Kolvir: Fixed an issue with Alymar that was causing him to always spawn in his Super form. Also added a way to retrieve corpses from behind Alymar, all the way to Teshi.

Hands of Wind: Most NPCs flagged as 'wizards' were casting hands of wind far more than they should've been, and have now stopped.

Fleeing: When an NPC fails their offensive spellcast because their Adventurer target is no longer present, they will regain 1% of their total hp.

Boss Trophies: All of the 2017-dated trophies were updated to 2018.

Ruthlessness & Goodness: These marks will reduce the alignment change from killing good and bad bosses, respectively, by 90%.


set contextual-directions: there's a new personal setting (defaulting on) which allows directions to issue a number of different of contextual commands. For example, if you're in combat, 'e' would flee east, while on a boat it would sail east, accelerate east, or disembark east. Flying furniture will be ordered thusly, etc.

Doors: Moving into a door will no longer error at you, but instead will automatically open the door if feasible- if you can't open it, it will tell you what key you need, if possible. Looking at a door ('look east') will tell you what methods of opening or bypassing that door are available.


Raise bar: knaves, bards and rogues receive lots (hundreds) of defense-speed, for <2 minutes.

Raise hackles: cavaliers wielding a pike or lance receive lots (hundreds) of attack-speed, for <2 minutes.

Psionics: have received numerous sundry improvements. The telekinesis spell has been buffed a bit. Forget, nullification field and cancellation can now be cast in combat. Pense's skillpower is now 3x as effective.

Defenses: Unarmed NPCs can have their attacks shield blocked and parried. All usable defenses will be used roughly equally, instead of very unevenly.

Music: Web filtration of music has been reduced by 250%. When music does get filtered, its lag has been halved.

Slipstream: can now affect spells not in equipped spellbooks.


Fragging: items no longer instafrag due to elements. As such, the flags 'insulated' and 'wont-fuse' have gone away.

Newstatification: 'check newstat' is still sort of accurate, but is still relatively distance on the horizon. If you want to get a(n extremely rough, partially inaccurate) idea of what'll change, 'check newstat'.

Scrolls: All scrolls are just now the name of the spells they confer, instead of being a pile of adjectives.

Weapon decay rate: has been halved.

Highlanding: Items now have the potential to be flagged as highlander. Whenever a second highlanding item appears, the first instance of it dies.

Quest Items

New quest items: have been added to the King of Tides and Vashir.

Vandemaar's Apothecary bottle: can be used to toggle the generation of specific types of sprigs. It can also redirect all herbs generated into another container, or itself.

Reagent generators: Vandemaar's bag and the puzzle box can now individually specify which reagents to produce or not.

Trunks: Lord Maldra will once again require that Adventurers have recently completed a quest for him before selling them a Vandemaar's Trunk.

Personal logs: Instead of just saying how much progress has been made towards a mark, specific details are now provided.


Ganuk: now takes the entire present form when given a token, and his return journey takes 10 seconds instead of 4 minutes.

Lasler: The retired wizard in Lasler will now grant equipment and advice to Adventurers of all classes, not just mages and clerics.

Joining clans: New clanmembers receive the following permissions by default: regular gohall, chatlog, alliancetalk, and clantalk.


Sailing: Sailing should now be easier with contextual-directions. directions will raise your anchor, move you in a direction from a stop, accelerate you in a direction if you're already going that way, turn you (slowing you down in the process, if necessary), decelerate you when moving opposite your movement, and disembarking if you're not empowered to do anything else.

In addition, pirates who captain Superdreadnaughts have a rare chance to drop some new loot.

Help Entries: All help entries have had their SEE ALSO fields updated, and are now clickable for easier navigation. Skill help entries will now provide the duration/modifier that you will cast them add, in addition to the listing the algorithm itself. Also added a list of special help entries, HELP SPECIAL HELP ENTRIES. HELP AFFECT ATTRIBUTES now exhaustively lists most stats. HELP SYSTEM INFO mirrors the information available on iota.materiamagica.com/online/sysinfo.txt, which is coincidentally down right now.

Evolving eggs: The Van Pelts are selling evolving eggs, which will start evolving June 1st.

Skill Analyze: When a class(es) is provided, a list of which races are eligible to go that class path will be provided. In addition, all skills which are exclusively granted to a race/class are listed in green.

Formations: Added the command 'form where', which behaves just like 'clan where'. In addition, 'form follow' will awaken the requestee, if relevant.

Build: describing a room with the Build command is now free.

Memorize: the command with no additional arguments will now list what spells you are currently able to memorize, from worn and pouched spellbooks.

Racial Skills: Dwarves get spiderrider, dracons get pike.

Hints: Added new types of hints, which are custom-tailored to you.

Chat: Chat room names are now first-tier commands, meaning you can relay to #troll with the command 'troll '.

Archon Classes: Mageknights, Chronomancers and Summoners will all have separate listings on 'who'.

Cartography: The wilds have changed significantly, to accommodate roadsigns. Added some new world maps to cartography shops. Cartography shops can now be located with 'where is maps'.

Inventory search: Added a new 'inventory search for' target, 'inventory search for bindings', which will search for items with empty relic slots. This is in addition to searching for spells inside of spellbooks ('inventory search for spellbook sanctuary'), scrolls ('for scrolls fireshield'), weapons ('for weapons whip'), wear locations ('for wear neck') and levels ('for levels 60').

Quest Hints: Almost all quest goals now have hints associated them. The chance of getting a hint for a given phase is currently at 5%; you can increase this by tossing a coin in the bucket in the Garden of Life.

Searching: When searching for an item that you were the first Adventurer to touch, you will find it twice as fast.

And so, so much more.  As with all new code, there will be bugs (the bazaar disappeared?  Some houses vanished?) And we'll be making emergency reboots as necessary as issues crop up.  As always, please let us know about any bugs you find, and we always welcome questions, thoughts and concerns.  Have fun!