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Blog Post - 8/16/18 - New Changes: Welcome Back, Artificing, Auction Request

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Posted 16 August 2018 - 04:16 PM

Reboot o'clock is upon us for the first time in 2 months, and there's a lot to look forward to. We have some new stuff to announce, but first, the old stuff: VI changes, check subcommands, ship functionality, and guaranteed newbie level betters!

Welcome back renewal tokens


We've had a large number of senior players returning after a while away, which is always great to see. To facilitate returning to the game after a way, we are permanently offering Welcome Back Renewal Tokens. They're similar to the Summer Renewal tokens we offered way back in 2012, with a few important changes. These tokens are cheap (10 RU), and are available for use by any returning player (1+ year away) after coming back (within 7 days of return) and will renew all donation items for 3 months. This will help any returning players get back on their feet and get to boss-slaying and mark-acquiring with minimal hassle, default memorizations notwithstanding. This isn't quite done, but it's done enough to start distributing- we hope to eventually make it so that mailing one to a long-gone friend will email them that you want them to come back, and have sponsored their return- as well as enabling gifting these tokens for free, for patrons. That didn't make it into this reboot, but we have to have that up and running soon.

Auction Request


We have a lot of awesome, mature systems, and hooking them together makes them all the more awesome. The displacement of the Alyrian Bazaar and the ability to SHOP BAZAAR is convenient, but it would be even more convenient to not have to go to the Bazaar in the first place. Enter AUCTION REQUEST. These requests work syntactically similarly to VENDOR SEARCH, but instead of finding which vendor stocks an item, it will cause that vendor to auction the item. The cheapest result from an open vendor matching the search will get placed into the auction queue for its base price.



The presence of Artificers has been known to Alyria for nigh 15 years, and for the first time Adventurers can artifice items themselves. The new ARTIFICE command will allow you to combine suitable items to produce powerful items on your own. Items that can be artificed together will announce that fact on their lore, along with which other items are needed, along with what they will turn into. Some items are suitably complex to require the presence of a trained artificer, or a Mark, or the leylines of a specific room. The services of some artificers are still required for now, but as this system becomes better supported, they will be reduced. The black velvet bags which used to be required to assist in artificing will eventually be deprecated, as the artificing powers of Adventurers mature.

Beneficial Affect Spells


Spellcasting is a bit more complex than spell memorization, and so preparing for an adventure is a bit more involved. Beneficial affect spells which are cast in safe will now cast in 1 second, and apply the maximum duration, courtesy Notorious during his Imm for the day.



Shipping is receiving some long-needed love, and will continue to into the future. SHIP WRIGHT will transport Adventurers between shipwrights' offices and their ships, and SHIP MAINTAIN will take care of many of the normal shipwright activities. Beyond that, we've made it easier to start sailing anew. In order to compose multi-step ship routes, the SHIP MARK ADD command requires that you be in the place where you wish to add a step to your route. In order to facilitate planning routes all at once, we've added the SHIP MARK COORDINATEADD command, which will permit Captains to compose their routes remotely. Experienced captains can also export their routes easily with the SHIP MARK DUMP command, in order to easily give their routes to other captains.



The royal cartographers of Auryn have applied rigorous new methodologies to their discipline, and determined that numerous places around Alyria are quite simply not where they are commonly thought to be. The estates in Sigil, Tellerium, and New Rigel are actually on the edges of those city, or else they would (obviously) not fit within the cities' walls. Furthermore, various passages in Tellerium, Vospire, Sigil, New Rigel, Focault, Rune, and Lowangen all turn out to be shaped slightly differently than the common perception.

In addition, GMCP comprehension of Room Ids is changing at reboot, which will necessitate some plugin changes, as well as converting the existing Map databases in your clients. We will have a follow-up news later, explaining that process in detail.

We've got a lot more lined up after this, starting with preparations for the rapidly-oncoming holiday globals. Planning through the end of the year, we're hoping for shorter turnaround times on reboots and continuing the onslaught of player-facing quality-of-life changes.